General Hospital (GH)teases that Cameron Webber (William Lipton) will visit Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) in Pentonville prison and take out his anger on him in an upcoming episode of General Hospital!

Hospital spoilersGeneral – Cameron Webber’s mother is partly to blame for hisanger

General Hospital viewers will remember that it was Cameron’s mother, Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst), who was partly responsible for his anger when he accused Jason of killing Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth).

Franco asked Jason to kill him at General Hospital if the return of the brain tumor would leave him in the dark again, but Jason never really told him yes or no. But Elizabeth knew about the deal, so she was shocked and saddened when she got to her art studio and saw Jason kneeling in front of Franco to check his pulse. It was Jason who called 911 and came out of the art studio to do just that.

The news of Franco’s death hit Cameron so hard that he went to the morgue to see his body, after receiving a hallucination – or perhaps a ghost visit – not only from Franco, but from his own father Zander Smith (Chad Brannon)! These two have never met in real life!

According to spoilers and General Hospital, Cameron did not handle her grief well, and even when her mother began to doubt and Scott Baldwin (Keane Shriner) became convinced that it was not Jason who killed Franco, but Peter Augustus (Wes Ramsey), Cameron tried to convince her that Jason was innocent. Things didn’t go well either, and Cameron’s anger caused problems with her two younger brothers and friends, Josslyn Jax (Eden McCoy) and Trina Robinson (Sydney Mikayla), especially with Joss!

General Hospital Spoiler – Cold Stone continues to be reassuring, let Cameron Webber have his way

By the time Cameron arrives in the visiting room, where the visitors talk to the prisoners through a phone separated by a screened window, Jason can already tell that Cameron is getting angry and hurting them. Jason’s son with Elizabeth, Jake Webber (West Hudson), comes to visit his mother, and he already knows that Cameron is in trouble and is angry with him. Cameron calls and concedes while Jason patiently expresses his anger. When Cameron calms down and makes such a scene that it immediately attracts the attention of the guards, Jason tells him he understands. Jason doesn’t even try to put up a great defense, instead focusing on talking about grief and loss. Jason may be famous or infamous for his lack of expression, but after suffering a traumatic brain injury several years ago, he has regained his emotional faculties.

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Longtime General Hospital viewers will remember Jason’s anger after a traumatic brain injury drastically changed him after he tried to stop his alcoholic brother AJ Quartermaine (Sean Kanan) from driving drunk and jumping in the car with him. They hit a tree on the grounds of Quartermaine Mansion, AJ is fine, and Jason was thrown from the car and hit his head on a rock!

After he recovered, he developed such a hatred of the Quartermaines that he changed his name to Morgan, the maiden name of his grandmother Lila Quartermaine (Anne Lee), and became executor of Sonny Corinth’s (Maurice Benard) will. But as he grows older and his brain heals more and more, he regrets cutting off his father, and after losing his sister, two brothers, and his boss, presumably to death, he understands grief and anger. His calm demeanor and evidence that he understands and cares about Cameron’s anger and grief seem to be having an effect on Cameron, but time will tell if he will stop blaming Jason for his stepfather’s death.

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