This short magazine for Gemini Man was made available to us by our friends from United International Pictures.

Oscar® winner Ang Lee directs Gemini Man, an innovative action thriller featuring Will Smith Henry Brogan, a former SWAT sniper who became an assassin for an underground government organization. Thanks to innovative visual effects, Junior, a mysterious young agent with unparalleled combat skills, suddenly attacks him in a global chase.

Li, who has worked in a wide range of genres and has imbued them with a skillful balance of humanism and film innovation, immediately recognized the more complex aspects of the plot and its ability to entertain.

There were a few things about the project that really bothered me, Lee says. The concept of a person being confronted with a version of themselves in a kind of existential environment in a combat thriller is a very attractive idea. I think a person who is confronted with his young self or a young self of his future – when he is confronted with this conflict and negotiates by the character of the other what he learns from the other, that this conflict can be existential. It is not only a question of how a person can look back on his life and see what can be restored, what can be improved, not only to think about his life, but also to think about all the other problems. It’s a fascinating idea, very provocative.

But they don’t want to be difficult, we always want to entertain a wider audience, continues the director. It’s an action film, so the audience needs exciting and funny parts of the film. So the tone of the twins is quite delicate. I want drama, I want frivolity, and I need a great sense of humor to confuse them.

During the few months of active pre-sale production – casting for other roles in the film, building a team of leading artists behind the scenes – there was also a tremendous amount of research and development work to create for the first time a historical, photorealistic and fully digital human lead character. He also added a layer of Ang Lee’s solution to film Gemini Man at 120 frames per second, instead of the usual 24 frames per second, and in 4K and 3D, giving viewers, even those watching the film in theaters not fully equipped to project the film in these formats, a completely immersive experience.

This is the director: Technology helps us visualize what we want to see. I think visual effects can be a visual art that we use to tell a story and visualize something abstract. They make the impossible visible. They keep what’s in our heads.

This will certainly change the way films are made and seen, said Will Smith. Scary really goes to the limits of how people consume this kind of entertainment. He does his best to give people in the film world an experience they can’t get anywhere else.

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In Philippine theaters on the 9th. In October the film Gemini will be distributed in the Philippines by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures.


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