An overview of the last legacy of one of the best franchises of the time

Bad Boys came out in 1995 led by Michael Bay. This is a first feature film, produced by the legendary production duo Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. Star buddy Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are two incompatible detectives, Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett, charged with recovering $100 million in stolen heroin from their custody.

Blue stripe: Martin Lawrence improves the battle comedy.

The bad guys 25 years later

Bad Boys is one of the best films released in the summer of 1995, and has two charismatic protagonists of the television stars of the time, while we have seen the unequal genre of the partner many times, with Tango and Cash, 48 hours, fatal weapon, it adds a twist to the story, Tea Leonie, who plays Julie Mont, a witness to the murder of her friend Mike Lowry, hears the thieves’ plans for the heroin and only agrees to talk to Mike Lowry, but when he’s not there, Marcus Burnet pretends to be him and a hilarious phrase is added to the story.

This film works thanks to its excellent set, witty dialogue and two brilliant productions of the titles, which the villains are so beautiful to see that Will Smith has shown his status as an action star and has become one of the biggest movie stars in the world.

Will Smith will explain why he gave up leading the Matrix.

Brookheimer meets long rope

Production duo Don Simpson and Jerry Brookheimer, who produced Flashdance, Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun, Days of Thunder and Crimson Tide’s box-office hits, gave this film its trademark: luxurious production design, soundtrack compositions and fast editing.

This is Michael Bay’s first time directing a movie. It is very impressive and follows another brilliant blockbuster of rock music released in 1996, and these two films are his most famous films to date. Michael Bay began his career with music videos and directed a beautiful, colorful, adrenaline and action-packed film, including a foot chase through Miami and the final shoot-out with the Air Hanger and a fast-paced adrenaline car chase in the airport strip.

Armageddon versus Deep Hit: Which one is the most definite?

But how safe is it?

Of the three Bad Boys films, I would say that this is the strongest, thanks to a coherent plot, a good script and great performances, but also thanks to some funny moments, including a scene in which Markus believes that Mike is having an affair with his wife.

The sequel in 2003, although certainly more in terms of sets and action, was far from being as good as the first film, the plot was wide and the chemistry between the two animators was not as spicy as in the first film, but the producers took it all in hand and brought back the franchise with the success of Bad Boys for Life, which was a comeback and is still the biggest gross profit for the franchise today.

The Bad Boys are still an entertainment watch from 25 years ago, and with the brilliant soundtrack they make a great action movie of the 90s.

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