A great movie at its base, “Assassination” gives us Charles Bronson’s stern and stern-looking character in what should be a crime drama but turns into a straight up action movie. Complete with gunplay and fist fighting, this should be a great way to spend 90 minutes, but the plot is dull and the characterizations make little sense.

Some of you may know me from my popular blog Revenge of The Blogger, where I obsessively blog about movies, TV, and the like. One of my favorite movies of all time is Charles Bronson’s 1987 flick “Assassination”. It’s an action/thriller starring Bronson as a hitman who loses his memory after an assassination goes awry. As part of his therapy, Bronson is hooked up to a brain scanning machine that is supposed to help him remember his crimes and recall his targets. In this film, Bronson plays a hitman, so he has no problem remembering his targets (which are all dead). What makes this movie so great is the way the director/screenwriter, Lucio Fulci

It’s often said that making a film like Charles Bronson’s “Assassination” (1987) is one of the toughest things a director can do. I’d say that’s absolutely true, but I’d also say that it’s completely worth it. Bronson’s character is a one man army, a hitman who’s on the path of redemption in a story that is as brutally real as it is entertaining.. Read more about assassination movies and let us know what you think.

Is there anything a brother-man cannot do?

Charles Bronson plays secret agent Jay Killian. He combines athletic footwork, marksmanship and expertise to bring his facilities to life. As the story unfolds, the audience is drawn into complex interpersonal relationships as much as the plot itself.

Only a man with excellent education and instincts could walk the difficult path that Jay Killian has indicated; only a man with great composure could avoid an affair with a beautiful woman who finally admits to finding him attractive. Jay Killian is such a person. If you are a fan of good action movies with an interesting plot, you should definitely check out the movie Assassination with Charles Bronson. You’ll be glad you did.Charles Bronson stars in “Assassination” as Sean (who is always called Sean), a professional assassin who is hired by a wealthy industrialist (Pierce Brosnan), to kill his wife, and with whom he has a long-standing feud. As the film progresses, more of Sean’s past is revealed, as he reveals his past as a professional con artist before he was lured into the world of crime by his partner (James Remar), who is now also his nemesis.. Read more about assassination movie 2016 and let us know what you think.

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