The final episode of The Flash introduced a few more characters from the comics, the first of which was the usual Monster of the Week. In Growing Pains, Killer Frost is accused of murder by a chilling and manipulative new metahuman, and autonomous alternative personality Caitlin Snow begins her own investigation….. to find the culprit in Mark Blaine, a fake metahuman who uses high-tech gloves to mimic his gifts. The self-deprecating Chillblaine, the villain played by John Core, is handsome, brilliant, highly intelligent … not quite like his comic book counterpart, who retains only the handsome side. In the comics, Chillblaine is a legacy of anonymous handsome men in suits with an affinity not for Frost, but for another famous icy villain: Let’s see.

The super-villain Golden Glider tried to reform and become a bounty hunter, but after her lover Top died, she lost her mind and went back to her villainous ways….. and wanted a new partner. She found it in the handsome, muscular man who had become her new lover and to whom she gave one of her brothers Captain Cold Gun. She called the man Chillblaine and involved him in a plan to have three of the villains, Captain Boomerang, Weather Wizard, and Trickster, compete to steal the Heart of Darkness black diamond from the Keystone City museum, knowing they would keep each other and the Flash busy while she stole the real gem. The plan succeeded to perfection: As soon as she touched the diamond, Glider was possessed by Eclipso, and she immediately killed Chillblaine, who died just in time for her debut. The second Chillblaine was a little happier: He is hired in the same way, but is soon after hired by Abra Kadabra to challenge The Flash on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, the Flash was rather intense and tense at the time, and he brutally beat up Chillblaine in their first meeting; in their second meeting, when Chillblaine was taken hostage by Linda Park, Mayor Lampert, and a dozen others, he was just as quickly eliminated and immediately sent to jail. After this brief and inglorious career, the second Shillbrain was fired from the Golden Hover and his Cold Cannon was taken over to be given to a more worthy successor: ….. as worthy as Shillbrain can be.

The third Chillblaine went solo as soon as he got his cold weapon, and he immediately regretted it. Once when he wanted to rob a bank in Keystone City, he was surrounded by six speeders: Flash, Old Flash, Max Mercury, Jesse Quick, Johnny Quick and Impulse. What followed was not a fight, but a training session for Impulse, who learned to go over solid objects under the guidance of more experienced speedsters. Sent to prison in record time and stripped of his title, the third Chillblaine gives way to a fourth who is very different from his predecessors. Having had enough of handsome idiots who could barely talk, Golden Glider chose a smarter man, , who was also much more cunning than his predecessors, and most importantly, not as in love with Glider. Golden Glider had just jumped the cliff after his brother was killed by the demon Nero, and was becoming increasingly unstable….. This is exactly the situation the new Chillblaine has been waiting for to fill the void left by Snart’s brother. As soon as he got the chance, Chillblane killed Golden Glider, stole all their equipment and tried to establish himself as the new ice master of Keystone City….. Unfortunately, Captain Chillblain had just returned from the dead, freed from hell by the Flash. After regaining control of Gorilla Grodd’s bum, Captain Cold unleashed his team on him and pursued him, eventually pinning him down outside Candyman’s office. In a chilling battle against the ice, Captain Cold defeated Chillblaine by freezing his outer shell and then sending him flying from the roof to the pavement below. The fourth Chillblaine was dead, but the future promised at least two more men with that title, a legacy of criminals with very short and very unsuccessful careers…..

The men who share Chillblaine’s name, costume and equipment have a few things in common: They are handsome, brave… and utterly wacky, handsome bodyguards who blindly follow their boss and get into trouble when they try to do things for themselves. They each have one or more cold rifles with which they can freeze anything (or anyone) they shoot at, and a suit that protects them from the extreme cold. More or less cunning, more or less stupid, Chillblaine has failed in every incarnation, each time attempting to break his predecessor’s record for the shortest criminal career of all time.


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Theft of gold

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