One of the most interesting characters found in the Harry Potter series is Circe, a powerful witch who is believed to be the daughter of the Titans. She is the only child of the mighty Helios, the Titan of the Sun, and Perse (one of the Oceanids, who are the daughters of Oceanus and Tethys), and is said to have red hair like her mother and father. Through the help of Hermes (the messenger of the Olympian Gods), Circe was able to live on the island of Aeaea, which was removed from the rest of the world by a magic spell and known for its poisonous plants and animals. Circe was able to turn these creatures into humans and it was here that she recruited the

Circe (The Red Witch) is a character from the movie: “The Odyssey”. She is the daughter of the Titans Helios and Perse and the sister of Aeetes, Perses, Idas and Medea. In the film she was portrayed by Caroline Blakiston. So here are the the things you need to know about Circe (The Red Witch):

After a long wait, we finally get the original Batwoman back in the Batwoman TV series… …but with a twist. In an attempt to bring his daughter Circe Sionis, played by Wallis Day (pictured), back to life, Black Mask kidnaps the horribly burned Kate Kane and forces Enigma to hypnotize her into believing she is his lost daughter. In I’ll Give You a Clue, Alice agrees to give the burned woman a new face, and we get a glimpse of the real Circe, who was killed during the rebellion in Arkham Asylum. In the comics, Black Mask is actually related to Circe, who is also deformed and forced to wear a mask….. but she is his (former) lover, not his daughter. Let’s see (and thanks to Fire Hedgehog for the tip).

Not much is known about Circe, not even her real name – the legendary witch was just a stage name. She lived and worked in Gotham City, where she used her beauty to become a model. Her career took off when she was hired by Janus Cosmetics, a rising fashion star in Gotham, but she aimed even higher: She met Vice President Roman Sionis and used her beauty, natural charm and the hypnosis she had somehow learned to convince him to make her the public face of the company. Unfortunately, the CEO of the company, Charles Sionis, Roman’s father, didn’t like her and wanted to fire her….. and firing is exactly what happened to him, as he and his wife were killed in a mysterious arson attack. Roman was the prime suspect, but Circe provided him with an alibi: You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the woman persuaded her lover to kill her parents to protect her love and become Janus’ new CEO. Unfortunately, Roman wasn’t half the businessman that Charles was: Under her tutelage and with Circe as his muse, he launched a new brand of heavy makeup that completely masked facial features instead of beautifying them, and it became a disastrous flop. In a hasty attempt to rectify the situation, Roman launched a new product that failed all safety tests – waterproof cosmetics that turned out to be highly toxic. When Roman’s career collapsed, Circe not only didn’t support him, she betrayed him by working with competitors to sell what was left of Janus Cosmetics: When his work was done, Janus became a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, and Bruce Wayne took over as Roman Sioni. All in all, this turned out to be Circe’s big mistake.

After a complete mental breakdown, Roman has returned as the criminal Black Mask, and his Society of False Faces has begun to take control of all crime in Gotham; however, he has not forgotten the people responsible for his downfall, and is going after Bruce Wayne, the members of the Janus Council, and of course Circe in particular. Enraged at the woman who manipulated and betrayed him, Black Musk doused the mask with a toxic cream and applied it to Circe’s beautiful face, disfiguring her forever. Disgusted with her former lover, Circe, renamed Red Witch, has joined the Society of False Faces, her trauma having made her completely passive towards Roman. When Black Mask was finally arrested, Circe visited him in Arkham Asylum, leaving him with his new face. …But there was no new life waiting for him behind those walls. Unable to continue her career as a model, Circe became a stripper and danced with her face completely covered. She was eventually found by Batman, who offered to atone for the sins of the past: He needed someone very convincing, a seasoned hypnotist as she was, to treat his former friend Harvey Dent, who had turned into the psychopath, Two-Face. Circe gladly accepted the offer. …. But she didn’t want to treat Dent: She wanted to manipulate him into returning to Arkham and killing the Black Mask for her, to give him a chance to at least get the revenge she craved. Unfortunately, Two-Face was much stronger than she could handle, and the madman nearly killed her when her dark side was released by his hypnosis. Now that she was hiding even from Batman, Circe was sinking even deeper, becoming a homeless woman who was slowly but surely losing sense of the outside world, unable to speak or feel anything, the living doll Black Mask had wanted to make of her all along…

Circe is a very intelligent and ruthless woman, a great manipulator who can make anyone do what she wants. As the Red Witch, she is a skilled hypnotist who can brainwash people practically at will by influencing their subconscious. Now the Red Witch is nothing more than a living doll, a broken object waiting for the right motivation to return to the world over which she had so little control.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the goddess Circe?

In the original Odyssey by Homer, Circe is a mysterious goddess who lives in a palace surrounded by trees on a small island. Odysseus and his crew land on the island and are greeted by Circe, who asks Odysseus his name. He, of course, tells her a fake name, as he doesn’t want her to turn him or his crew into pigs. (Circe is said to be a powerful witch who turned men into pigs.) To Odysseus’ surprise, Circe does not turn him or his crew into pigs, and she invites them to visit her palace. Odysseus accepts the invitation and he and his crew go to Circe’s palace. When they arrive at the palace The witch Circe is best known for her associations with magic and the occult, due to her living on the island of Aiaia, and for her ability to change men into beast, as well as for her involvement with Odysseus in Homer’s epic poem. Circe is also known as the goddess of the sun, and is one of the many powerful female figures in Greek mythology.

Did Circe marry Telemachus?

Did Circe marry Telemachus? If so, this means that in the epic poem, The Odyssey, Circe, the sorceress of the island of Cephalonia, was the mother of Telemachus, Odysseus’ son. It has been suggested that Odysseus was the father of Telemachus, and not Circe. In this case, Circe is thought to be Odysseus’ lover, not his wife. If this is the case, then the scepter that Odysseus used to beat his dog with, was a scepter of royalty, and not a scepter of affection. Circe, the goddess of magic, has a long history in mythology. But, did she ever marry Telemachus, the hero of the Odyssey? There is some ambiguity to Circe’s story. According to the Greek myth, she was born from the sea god, Poseidon, and the goddess, Athena. But, another myth states that she was born to the sun god, Helios, and his daughter, Perse. (It’s possible that these two myths have consolidated over time.)

What is Circe’s Roman name?

This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy. Circe is a goddess in Greek mythology who is known as the Goddess of Magic. She is a beautiful and powerful witch, who turns Odysseus’ men into pigs. One of the best descriptions of Circe in Greek mythology is by Homer. In the Odyssey, he described Circe as “the fair-haired goddess whom Perse’s son [Sun god Helios] once caught on the island over the ocean, her mother being the nymph Perses, daughter of Oceanus. She was rearing a great litter of piglets, farrow of a sow that was all white, the others being black as jet. He pitied her, and would have her go home with him, but she would not, and hid him

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