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One rainy night seven unrelated guests gather in a New England Gothic mansion. To protect the anonymity of these eccentric invitations, a strange butler named Wadsworth and a rich French maid named Yvette gave them pseudonyms: Mrs Scarlet, Mrs Peacock, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, Mr Green, Mrs White and Mr Boddy. At first glance, nothing seems unusual. But when the light suddenly goes out, the blood stains on the floor of the estate. Anyone can now find a potential killer, as each of the equally suspicious guests had both motive and opportunity to kill the victim.

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Note (1985) Based on a popular board game, we first see a car on a dark and turbulent night as a butler (Wadsworth) arrives at the old mansion, feed a few dog bones and then recognize the helper inside. Visitors arrive, first Colonel Mustard, then Mrs. White, then Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green is accident prone, then Professor Plum and Miss Scarlett, who met earlier when Miss Scarlett needed the lift.

After the show, dinner is served with an empty seat at the end of the table for the absent guest, Mr. Body. Discussions about food show little, except that they can all be linked to the government. Mr Bodie appears immediately with wrinkled feathers, his instinct tells him to run, but the dogs stop him. Mr Bodie exposes them all as blackmailers, takes revenge, grabs his bag and gives himself a deadly weapon. Almost immediately the lights went out after Mr Bodie told them to kill Wadsworth, only to drop dead when the lights came back on.

Among them they suspect a cook who runs into the kitchen to discover that she fell out of the closet with a knife in her back. Coming back to see Mr Bodie’s body disappear where it was left behind is actually dead again when Mrs White goes to the ladies’ room to powder her nose instead of writing. With the tension and a high fear factor, the gun is always handy, someone at the door wants to make a phone call because he explains that his car broke down. Almost forgot he was there, the members of the group drew lots to get together and search the house for the killer, always suspecting each other.

During investigations in some areas the caller claims to be a suspect, no matter who is calling, even if he recognizes one of the guests as the former boss, he knocks, also falls dead, and the glove in his hand turns the phone back on.

Finding him dead causes even more madness in the group, including random gunfire and a falling chandelier. Earlier, Wadsworth police reported that another policeman was on duty on the road and knocked on the door when he saw a car parked on the road, possibly belonging to a recently deceased guest.

He immediately becomes suspicious, someone calls, he answers by surprise, then he goes outside, says J.J. is calling, then he goes outside. This is Edgar Hoover. The officer took a big tour of the house. So he dies, like the French girl Yvette with a sung telegram at the door.

Thus begins a crazy explanation of the routine of slapstick comedy and wild antics; Wadsworth sees us until the end of the film three alternative solutions, all crazy and unlikely after the board game.

I get it, I get it, I get it. I get it, I get it, I get it.

End #1

Yvette once worked as a call girl for Miss Scarlet, and she ordered Yvette, the cook, and M. to kill Boddy. Scarlet plans to sell the secrets of the guests and then kills Yvette and the other victims. While Scarlet prepares to shoot Wadsworth, he shows that no more bullets need to be fired, and he disarms Scarlet as security forces invade the house. The evangelist is exposed as the chief of police, and he congratulates Wadsworth, who is an undercover FBI agent. Wadsworth tried to prove that the revolver was empty, but the remaining bullet hit the chandelier; the mustard was hardly missed.

End of No 2

Mrs Peacock murdered all the victims to hide the fact that she was taking bribes from foreign powers. She keeps others at gunpoint as she prepares to flee the party. Then Wadsworth shows he’s an undercover FBI agent sent to investigate them. The evangelist, on his way to his car, grabs Mrs Peacock and turns out to be the police chief. Then his men come to rob the place. After congratulating police chief Wadsworth, he asks if anyone wants fruit and dessert.

End #3

Everybody’s killed at least one person except Mr. Green. Professor Plum missed first with Mr.’s shot. He was strong, but he killed him later with a candlestick. Mrs Peacock stabbed a cook who was her former employee. Colonel Mustard beat the driver to death because he was his driver during the Second World War. Mrs White strangled Yvette out of jealousy and hatred for Yvette’s affair with her husband. In the end, Mrs. Scarlet stabbed and bribed a police officer.

Wadsworth shows that he not only recorded the sung telegram of a girl (with whom Professor Plum had an affair), but is a real Mr Boddy. The man who killed Plum was Mr Boddy’s butler. Now that his spies and informants are dissatisfied, he intends to continue blackmailing guests. Then kill Mr. M. Greene. He’s armed with his own gun because it shows he’s actually an undercover FBI agent. He claims he was there to see Mr Boddy. When the authorities come to arrest someone else, the Evangelist shows that he is indeed the chief of police.

After telling the police chief he was going to kill Mr Boddy with a gun in the hallway, Mr Green… All right, chief, take it! I’m gonna go home and make love to my wife!

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