Coming Home in the Dark, released in 2021, is a New Zealand thriller about two drifters who terrorize a teacher and his family during a road trip.

The film is directed by James Ashcroft to a script co-written with Eli Kent based on the novel Light in the Dark by Owen Marshall. The lead roles are played by Daniel Gillies, Eric Thomson, Miriama McDowell, Billy Paraten and Frankie Paraten.

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At some point, the momentum diminishes more and more, without ever reaching that heady and brutal first act. Hard revelations and truths don’t have the same depth either, even if they take the wind out of your sails. Yet it is so well played and so carefully crafted that it still leaves an impression. Raw

Impressive, brutal, and relentless, Homecoming in the Dark offers an updated look at documents that underscore the need for just reconciliation. What makes Ashcroft’s start special is that he shows ambition and skill, great potential and a burgeoning, sharp vision. The film shows a past that can never be buried and asks its characters and viewers to think about what they know and what they want to forget. The horror of the good old days

…gets repetitive enough in the final third to slow the pace, and the last few moments aren’t particularly entertaining. The kits vary enough to keep the event interesting to some extent, but not to the full extent. Scenes that look like a naked thriller are way off; they also look like another movie. Movie Episode

Dark, violent, and at times strangely resonant, Homecoming in the Dark is a waiting thriller that’s much smarter than we’re used to, capturing every moment as such. This may not be for everyone, but if you like a good road movie with violent kidnapping, this is the time. The buzzing terror

I love it when a movie doesn’t waste time, but picks up speed in the first five minutes and gets the adrenaline flowing before you even have time to unwind. Though the ending is a bit disappointing, Ashcroft shows promise as a director-in-progress, and if he keeps such a hold on the thriller genre, we don’t know where he might go. The only critic

In the end, Coming Home in the Dark looks like a genre exercise, with impressive bursts of cinematography and performance that foreshadow what Ashcroft will do next, but it’s a nighttime walk through hell that doesn’t end in an interesting place.

Homecoming in the Dark is full of relentless violence that will test your nerves. It’s not particularly memorable, but it’s good enough to recommend it to fans of the genre. If you decide to take the plunge, fasten your seat belt and prepare your emotions for a journey to the darkest places you can imagine. Screen Drivers

The tension in Coming Home in the Dark builds so steadily that you begin to wonder if the film can really keep this up until the credits roll. The answer is no – towards the end, the road takes a few gears and slows down overall, causing the film to lose its abrupt advance. These last parts prevent Homecoming in the Dark from being a complete success, but it’s damn close. /Film


Homecoming in the Dark premiered at the Sundance Festival in January 2021.

The actors and characters:

Mathias Luafutu… The Myriam McDowell Baden… Jill Eric Thompson… HoagieBilly Paratene… Frankie Paratene T-shirt… JordanDesray Armstrong… Officer Alan Palmer… Paul Daniel Gillies… Mandrake Hamon… Male TouristOlivia Shanks … Male touristSam Carter… Bailey Cowan, 10-year-old boy… KynanTimon Zeiss… JoshTyoti O’Donnell… CalebCaira O’Donnell… Jess

Technical details :

Ninety-three minutes.


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