Spoiler Coronation Streetshows that in Weatherfield Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) and Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) learn that Kelly Nilan (Millie Gibson) has been hospitalized. She collapsed after taking the medicine Simon gave her. Leanne knows what it’s like to lose a child, gets angry and starts caring for Harvey (Will Mellor) herself. But does she have to go up against a murdering drug lord?

Coronation Street Spoiler– Kelly Nilan Fights for Her Life

Corrie’s spoilers reveal that Simon feels hugely guilty for Kelly’s depression. He sold drugs to Asha Alahan (Tanisha Gori), who shared it with Kelly and Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby). Shortly after, Kelly collapsed and was taken to the hospital. While fighting for her life, Asha comes to regret it when she drags her friends into the drug scene.

Street Coronation Spoiler – Simon Barlow Wine

Asha played a role in Kelly’s death experience. Yet Simon is also at fault, because he is the one who sold the goods. Simon fears that Kelly or another of his friends will end up dead, which he shares with Lin. Leanne and Simon were going to go to the police, but when they hear of Kelly’s condition, Leanne changes her plan.

Spoiler for Coronation Street– Leanne Battersby takes action

Coronation Street spoilers reveal that Leanne knows exactly what it’s like to lose a child. Although Oliver Battersby (Emmanuel and Jeremiah Cheetham) has died of the disease, she doesn’t want anyone else to go through it unless they have to. Leanne is furious that a teenage girl could lose her life over Harvey’s drugs. She’s so angry, she decides to take care of Harvey herself.

Coronation Street Spoiler – Turning point of the fight against drugs

Who cares if Leanne gets mad at the junkie boss. It’s not just about Simon doing something illegal or involved in drugs anymore. Today, more teenagers are affected. Leanne knows Kelly isn’t the first to face a drug death, and she won’t be the last. But Leanne refuses to let that continue down her street. She doesn’t want other mothers to have to bury her baby. So she gets close to Harvey and she has to deal with a murdering drug lord.

Coronation Street Spoiler: James Bailey finds love with Paul? Billy realizes the truth too late #CoronationStreet #


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The mother’s anger is a dangerous force, but the drug lord is also quite deadly. If those two go to war, who’s going to win? There’s no news of Danson leaving, so we expect her to survive. She may not be able to defeat Harvey alone, but if everyone on the street joins Leanne’s army, the drug lord will have no choice but to retreat. A man can’t win against a wall of angry locals. We’ll have to keep watching the ITV soap opera to see how this story ends.

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