This word is often repeated in the bloody town of Riverdale, but isn’t it too early to predict who will be the unifying part of Riverdale? Veronica doesn’t think so, of course, and as she’s told almost everyone who will listen: She thinks she and Archie are gonna be an endgame. But we’re not so sure. Endgame.gifv.gif

Before we think about the next Riverdale season, we have to remember where the last one was. Archie and Betty had a relationship with Veronica and Jughead respectively (unfortunately, because Beronica is the real PDA of this show), but things got a little out of hand after Jughead faked his death and Betty pretended (?) to continue with Archie. As we all know, a fake date never ends well for those outside of a fictitious relationship, and this was no exception. A little flirting and a few staged kisses led to a musical riot between Betty and Archie, which is quite real. This led to a morally ambiguous secret that has now ended – but can this really be true? What’s the point of starting such an exciting story and ending it in a few episodes? No, there’s definitely something else in this story, and if the season in Riverdale had gone as planned – and if it hadn’t been interrupted by the pandemic – we probably would have had a huge climax, probably at prom.

At the beginning of the fifth season Riverdale is planning a huge time jump. Immediately after the show will last another seven years. Even though it’s been corrected, we still think something’s gonna happen to Barcy’s ball story. Whether it’s Jughead or Veronica discovering the affair, or Archie playing a song he wrote for Betty (as Twitter fans assume), this dance will inevitably have a drama on Barchy. This means that the scene is perfectly framed by the adult love story of Betty and Archie.

We are personally convinced that Barcy’s return is largely due to these tweets:.

Now I can sleep soundly

– BarchieUpdates the 28th. November 2020.

Writer Ted Sullivan of Riverdale said that Betty and Archie would be active and that Bughead would have a hard time.

Drama. Lots and lots of drama.

– Ted Sullivan (@karterhol) 28. November 2020.

There’s gonna be a lot, a lot of drama in Varci.

Barchy fans will… Well, you’ll see. But it’s unexpected, exciting and fun.

– Ted Sullivan (@karterhol) 28. November 2020.

Meanwhile, Barcy’s description contains words like exciting and funny.

And this:


– BarchieDaily (@Barchiedaily) 30 November 2020

Jumping during Teen Stage

If a teen drama lasts too long, the actors often look even less like the age of the character they are playing. Some series prefer to ignore this and send their characters to college (see: Gossip Girl), while others make a leap in time (One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars.) You can see how these series have dealt with the leap in time and how the story after the jump differs from both the previous season and the end, to speculate on the future of Riverdale. Let’s take Lucas and Peyton up the hill from the same tree.

For most of the first four seasons, Lucas was torn between Brooke and Peyton. It is worth mentioning that he actually spent a lot more time with Brooke than with Peyton, even though Brooke was not a goal in itself. Also note that Lucas cheated on Brooke with Peyton — not once, but twice. There are obvious parallels here. Lucas and Peyton were in a pretty good position together before the jump, but they were planning to meet in Los Angeles for a long distance. They came together in the middle of last season, which means that for some of them the last great romantic development for the acceleration of time was paired. Betty and Archie could be the same. Of course, they both see their loved ones over and over again. However, just a few episodes before the time jump is a strange time to present the Betty/Archie story, unless it becomes significant in the next season. Peyton and Lucas met just before the time jump to give us something to cheer about for the future, and maybe the same with Barchy. Endgame.gif To be honest I’ve never been a fan of Leighton, but the parallel work is so…

After the time jump Lucas and Peyton move away from each other, live in different cities and meet Lucas Lindsay. Much of the romantic tension of the entire season is due to the return of Lucas and Peyton to each other. She could play a similar role for Betty and Archie. In fact, Barcy’s fans would have to lobby for these two characters not to be together right after the time jump. They’re probably with other people (note: after the spoilers have escaped, it looks like they’re not with their classmates), but that’s good – how many couples end up with the same person they start jumping out of in time? If Riverdale follows the same path as One Tree Hill, Veronica and Jughead (like Brooke) will continue for a long time, leaving that path wide open for Betty and Archie.“Endgame”.gif

This only makes sense in the story.

The other thing that Betty and Archie do for them, and the other ships don’t, is the total lack of a romantic solution. It is one of the most important relationships in comics; it was a relationship that was introduced in a pilot project and has not yet become a real relationship. Barchy is the only pair in the whole show where these parameters also apply, and that’s a huge number. It would be an unforgivable mistake from a television letter, and if… The real reason for all the interactions between Archie and Betty and the fact that they haven’t come together yet increases their chances of staying together. It is rarely the original connections that make it possible – it is the couples who immediately tease, travel together, lasting years and sometimes decades, and bear the spark that ends with the last episode together.

My prediction? After a season of sad looks and heartbreaking crises, Betty and Archie finally admit their feelings for each other and do everything they can. After a while, maybe a few years later, Archie will suggest using the ring he got for Betty as a kid (you don’t put something like that more than once for no reason!) Personally, I think that makes the most sense with what we’ve seen so far. As charming as Bughead and Varchy are (in fact, I find them), they both spent so much time together that it has nothing else to do with them.“Endgame”.gif

TLDR; Barchy is probably an endgame, and it could be:

  • Some kind of graduation highlight, either Veronica/Jughead found out about the scam or Archie played a song he’d written for Betty.
  • The time jump ends with a glimmer of hope for Barchy.
  • The time jump starts with Barchy not being together. Pocket head and/or Varcy are probably together.
  • Jealousy, sadness, drama, etc. – it all happens. It’s complicated.
  • At least after the season, Barcie really gets going.
  • Finally, Archie offers with the ring of childhood – everyone lives happily ever after, except with murder and chaos, and people say things like Endgame and Archikiny are ridiculous.

Finally, don’t kill me for this, and I’m sorry for the number of times I’ve used the term endgame. Let me know what you think in the comments and on Twitter @TheSeriesRegs – and let’s try to avoid outside animosity, okay?

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