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COVID (Cancer of the Ovarian Deltoid) is a deadly (and now rare) cancer that targets women and men. It is fast-acting and aggressive, with the average survival period 6 weeks. To date, there has only been one incurable case documented. COVID strikes with near complete immunity to common cancer drugs. And, it is likely not to be found in a regular mammogram or even a pelvic (uterine) ultrasound.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new movie set in Las Vegas, and we’ve been itching to see what the filmmakers brought up there. When news broke that Doug Liman was making a new film, we had to get on it. So we asked him all the questions we’d never thought to ask, then made a review video to show everyone else what we found.. Read more about how long to quarantine after positive covid test and let us know what you think.


You know how sometimes in movies and TV programs (including Star Trek), you think the good people have triumphed, but then the villain escapes or comes back to life or whatever, and the hero faces an even greater struggle leading up to the thrilling climax?

The summer of 2021 has arrived.

A year ago, “Warp Speed” seemed to be our last chance of surviving this unfathomable worldwide epidemic. Infections, hospitalizations, and fatalities were reaching frighteningly unprecedented proportions, and those of us who weren’t calling it a hoax prayed every day that a vaccine might be produced in time, like Dr. McCoy on Star Trek.


Then we got the vaccine—four of them, in fact!—Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca, and many people took their shot(s). But almost inconceivably, many did not. Actually, it’s not so inconceivable when you consider that the name “Warp Speed” carries with it the implication that the vaccines were rushed out rather than what really happened…which was actually building on a vaccination technology that had been decades in the making and testing and just needed a push over the finish line.

Remember how everything appeared to be going swimmingly this past July 4th, when infection rates and hospitalizations (as well as fatalities!) began to fall to more manageable levels? Many places that had mask laws had previously repealed them for outside activities and were beginning to do so for interior spaces.

But then came the Delta Variant. Doesn’t that sound like something out of a science fiction movie? Delta is the sector of the galaxy where Voyager was stranded for seven seasons, according to Trekkies. And, due to the events of Loki, “variants” are a huge deal in the Marvel Universe. But don’t be fooled by the familiar-sounding words; the Delta Variant of COVID-19 is very serious.

1629066340_217_COVID-takes-the-life-of-a-fan-filmmaker-sends-anotherIn 2016, Michael Sylvester (right) posed with Vance Major.

The news of MICHAEL SYLVESTER’s death from Coronavirus brought home to the fan film community just how terribly dangerous it can be. Michael resided in Huntsville, Alabama, and before you think, “Oh, he must have been one of those anti-vaxxers/COVID-is-a-hoax morons,” consider this: Michael took the virus very seriously. Michael always wore a mask in public (even in a place where such a thing is ridiculed), cleaned his hands often, and was vaccinated, according to his close buddy ERIC L. WATTS.

Michael has long been a part of the fan film scene, having worked on the crew of STAR TREK: RENEGADES in 2014-2015. He later featured in seven of VANCE MAJOR’s early MINARD saga fan films, as well as the two-part MELBORNE fan film “Storm Front” in 2017 and 2018…



Despite the fact that I didn’t know Michael personally, Vance wrote about him:

Micheal was a wonderful guy with a lot of enthusiasm who impacted a lot of people’s lives. He was one of the most kind guys I know, and his death is a tremendous loss. I consider myself fortunate to have known him and humbled to call him a brother.

Indeed, Michael just started his cheerful weekly podcast Geek Review last month, when he would watch and discuss episodes of Vance’s numerous fan shows. Michael remained undeterred, and despite his views never reaching the triple digits, he published four episodes on Vance’s No Budget Productions – FilkFerret Productions YouTube channel. Michael had a great, extroverted spirit that was constantly cheerful and joyful.

He did, however, upload this sad video on his Facebook page on August 5…

The man behind the videography blog “cinematicshadows” was so excited to attend the 2016 Las Vegas Comic Con that his blood pressure skyrocketed the day before the event. He went into a panic,  and passed out in the middle of the convention floor. By the time he came to, he had an ominous feeling that something was amiss. Fast forward to Sunday night: he had a fever, was vomiting, and had a headache that would not leave him be. Conveniently, his dentist was at the convention, so he went right over and scheduled a dental appointment.. Read more about what are the chances of getting covid after being fully vaccinated and let us know what you think.

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