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You live with them, you feed them, you’re afraid of them.

Crawler Crawler is an American film of the year 2012 from the Anthology of Horrors that focuses on things that drag and slide in the night.

Directed by John Russell Kring and Tracy Nicole Kring on a script in collaboration with Joshua Owens, the film Uprising stars Anna Shields, Sarah von Uhl, Chuck Girard, Yuri Tsykun, Rayne Brown, Laura Lafrath and Kevin Craig West.


Doug and Alison should have paper, and they hope that the eccentric entomologist will be the keeper of the result. They get more than they agreed when Dr. Tarkovsky (Yuri Tsykun) tells them the story of the old supermodel from Grubby and Denver to keep her figure. Denver Ginger’s best friend introduces her to old eating habits while her boyfriend Rick watches her eat her own vanity.

Reid introduces Dory, a beautiful young girl who is desperate for money and pretends to be a nurse hired to treat a coma patient. It is located in a gothic mansion and begins to dissolve into sleep like a banquet.

Dr. Tarkovsky’s final warning is aimed at Bailey. In Bugger, a lonely man controls online love. Looks like he can’t find a woman to share his six-legged obsession. A colleague has doubts about his motives because there’s a serial killer.

Reviews [Click on the links for more information] :

Cheaply filmed, it looks raw, which also reduces the effect of the rougher beetle scenes, but the worst night scenes are terribly done, so it’s a real struggle to see everything that’s going on […] in addition to the three stories there are interesting, suggestive and frankly brutal moments […] it’s fun to be fun […]. Games, Brrrrraaains and a life to make your head spin

The sound is loud, the night scenes are barely visible, the camera is tilted and the windows in some scenes are so bright that I suspect an attempt has been made to place the goods. Perhaps writers and directors John and Tracy Kring should make better use of their time to bring one of the short films to life. HNN

The camera work and the cinematography was better and much better than I expected. The actors’ skills seemed pretty good, but they actually improved a lot with the development of the film. The effects and makeup were also very good, which made the film stand out even more from other independent films of the genre. Feedback on evaluations

…Crawler Crawler is a fun little genre film… …that takes new, funny, but always justifiably scary twists and turns them into stories that may seem familiar. If you then add a very skilled ensemble composition, a staging that knows when to hold back, when less is more, and add a touch of lightness to everything, you get a pretty funny kind of entertainment…… Going through my garbage.


In the United States, Creeping Crawling was released on the DVD Midnight, which was released on the 30th. June 2016 has been published.


The actors and characters:

Rayne Brown… Janice
Kevin Craig West Richard
Anna Shields… Dory Dixon
Laura LaFrat… Ginger
Chuck Girard… Bailey
Sarah of Ul… Denver
Maria Bianchi… Mother (as Marie Bianchi)
Mike Doraby … Employee
Mark Fallon… Bartender
Gary Flügge… Doug
Mikaela Holmes… Lisa
Kai Issy… Timothy Fairchild
Kate Kenny… Allison
Don Rittner… Night Watch
Yuri Tsykun… Dr. Tarkovsky
Adam Van Der Worth… Hold on to bar
Wayne Wayne. Johnson…
Kenneth McBain, clerk of Officer Baghera (unaccredited)… The person in the club (without accreditation)

Technical details :

113 minutes

Some legends: Games, Brrrrraaains and a life to make your head spin

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