The second season of the Netflix horror anthology series will be available on Blu-ray and digital. The release is a limited edition set with new features that include an audio commentary, behind-the-scenes featurettes and more.

“Creepshow Season 3 Review” is a review of the upcoming Blu-ray release of “Creepshow 2”, which will be released on October 31st, 2020.

Creepshow Season 2 (2020-2021) Blu-ray Review



Season 2 of Creepshow has its share of thrills and chills, but for the most part, it’s a wonderful time. Recommended.


A collection of macabre stories featuring a slew of cameo appearances.



The redesigned Creepshow series on the Shudder network is a wonderful horror anthology series that takes its inspirations from the George Romero / Stephen King feature from 1982 and runs with it. There are seven episodes in season two, however the majority of them are split into two pieces, with each episode lasting roughly 45 minutes.


“Model Kid” is an early ’80s story about a youngster living with his cancer-stricken mother who has an unexpected live-in visitor in the form of his cruel uncle (Kevin Dillon), who despises the fact that he’s a “monster kid” who enjoys horror movies and building model kits of amazing creatures. The kid’s monsters come to life when he orders an unique monster kit that allows him to control everyone he wants to get rid of. “Public Television of the Dead” is the title of the second half of the show, and it’s a doozy! A public access program in the late 1970s is trying to maintain the ratings of its three most popular shows: a puppet show, a painting instructional (like Bob Ross), and a conversation show about uncommon thrift shop / antique store discoveries. When the day’s talk show guest brings The Necronomicon (yes, that one) book on the program, expecting to be informed he has a rare book worth a few hundred dollars, the host reads out loud some cursed lines and summons several Deadites, producing a ruckus that only the studio’s Vietnam vet painter can quell!


The second episode begins with “Dead and Breakfast,” which centers on a failing bed and breakfast “horror home” run by the descendants of a long-forgotten serial murderer who allegedly killed and buried her victims on the property many years ago. The grandkids (C. Thomas Howell and Ali Larter) invite a serial killer devotee / blogger to stay for the weekend in order to drum up business, but the plot backfires when the blogger posts a bad review, provoking the fury of the grandchildren who tap into the evil that resides in the home. The episode’s second half is titled “Pesticide,” and it tells the story of a sloppy exterminator who is hired by a mystery businessman (played by Keith David) to “exterminate” certain human pests from his properties. This episode was a bit of a letdown.


“The Right Snuff:” opens the third episode. Ted (Breckin Meyer) and Alex (Ryan Kwanten) are two astronauts on a vital mission in space, using a special, way-ahead-of-its-time gravity device that Ted invented, when they receive a transmission from Earth that an alien race is closing in on Earth and humanity needs an emissary – just one of them – to greet the aliens, who are proposing a palaver. Ted is picked as the envoy by both humans and the alien species, further aggravating Alex’s resentment of his counterpart’s achievements. Ted will be recognized not just as the inventor of the equipment upon which their trip is based, but also as the first person from Earth to meet an extraterrestrial species. Alex isn’t happy about this, so he sabotages Ted and kills him, using the equipment Ted devised to do it. Alex dresses up and goes to see the aliens (giant, crab-like monsters that can converse in English), and the aliens read Alex’s thoughts to see what he has done: Murder and deceit, and the aliens inform him that Ted was one of them, and that he was employed as a test subject to assess humanity’s capacity to manage its flaws and aspirations. The gadget Alex used to murder his comrade has caused the moon to lose its gravity and will crash with Earth in a matter of seconds as a result of his violent, selfish conduct. Yes, it does. Alex, on the other hand, gets to sit back and watch. The second part of “Sibling Rivalry” is also very enjoyable: A high school student believes her brother is attempting to murder her (which he is), and she tells her school counselor about it (played by Molly Ringwald). But the reality is considerably more shocking: her brother is the only one who knows his sister is a vampire, and he feels it his responsibility to murder her since she killed (drank) their parents and can’t remember it. The conclusion comes as a bit of a shock.


“Pipe Screams” is about a low-rent tenement building whose landlord (played by Barbara Crampton) scrimps on everything, including pest control, but when a creature in the drainpipes causes damage to everyone’s plumping, a plumber is summoned, and what he discovers in the pipes is… really, really gross… and hungry! “Within the Walls of Madness,” the second part of the episode, is about a man who is confronted with a Cthulu-like deity that appeals to him and finally exposes itself to be as awful and perplexing as he imagined.


The fifth episode, “Night of the Living Late Show,” is about an inventor (played by Justin Long) whose troubled marriage comes to a head when his affluent, but loving wife finally learns that he loves his invention more than she does. He’s invented a virtual reality equipment that enables him to live inside his favorite films, particularly the underappreciated horror picture Horror Express with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, and the lovely Silvia Tortosa, with whom he has a virtual romance. When his wife discovers what’s going on, she takes desperate steps to keep her inventor husband stuck in a movie… for the rest of his life.


There’s also an animated special, which resembled a motion comic book strip with continual narration, despite the animation not being aesthetically appealing or “special.” The first part is called “Survivor Type,” and it is based on a Stephen King novella. This one is about a physician (voiced by Kiefer Sutherland) who is stranded on a small isolated island when his aircraft crashes. He painstakingly amputates bits of his body to eat as he slowly starves to death, a little at a time, until he literally eats himself to death. The second half of the program is far more entertaining: “Twittering From the Circus of the Dead” follows a bored adolescent girl on a road trip with her brother and parents, tweeting her antics. They take a wrong turn and wind up at a strange “circus of the dead” event, where the whole circus is a freak show with zombies and actual death. The girl continues tweeting her uncertainty, convinced that the whole event is a hoax, until she discovers (too late) that the whole crowd is about to die as part of the attraction.


The last episode was entertaining: “Shapeshifters Anonymous,” billed as a “holiday special,” follows five shapeshifters who gather regularly to discuss the fact that they are “were” monsters. One is a werecheetah, one is a wereturtle, one is a wereboar, and the newcomer (who has just recently realized he’s a weresomething) is a werewolf. When a demonic Santa Claus and his henchmen disrupt their gathering (presumably because Santa kills shapeshifters), the shapeshifters must come together to fight old Saint Nick.



Season 2 of Creepshow has its share of thrills and chills, but for the most part, it’s a wonderful time. Recommended.


RLJE just published this on Blu-ray and DVD, including picture galleries, a booklet, featurettes, raw video, and a reversible cover included on both discs.


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The “creepshow season 1 review” is a horror film series that was released in 1980. The second season of the show was released on Blu-ray in 2020 and 2021.

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