–-Whos-Who.jpeg Another villain in Punisher: War Zone may be the only one to arrive alive at the end of the film: Kristu Bulat, played by David Vadim. Cristu, a Romanian brothel owner and head of a human trafficking company, is a business partner of Billy Russoti. When Russoti is arrested, he informs the FBI of a certain sale of biological weapons to Arab terrorists and betrays his ally in exchange for immunity. Kristu Bulat spends his life in prison, but at least he’s alive, more than his spoiled counterpart in the comic book can say. Let’s look at it together.

Cristu Bulat was born in Romania, on Earth-200111, the son of the famous criminal lord Tiberiu Bulat. During the wars in Yugoslavia, father and son joined the conflict as mercenaries, selflessly killing civilians, and during this terrible period Cristu had a crucial thought: he realized that genocide would make little sense in the long run, while another form of–-Whos-Who.jpg business, such as slavery, could be much more profitable. He shared this idea with Tiberiu, who agreed with him, and the two changed their business from mercenaries to brothel keepers. Cristu led an operation in which he had several young girls kidnapped from Eastern Europe, whom he then turned over to his business partner Vera Constantine, who broke their spirit and forced them into prostitution; eventually the girls were brought to the United States, where they worked as sex slaves for the Bulat family, who had settled in New York. Everything went smoothly, the money regularly flowed into his pocket…..Tiberius. The old man still liked the old way of “doing business” and was a dangerous sadist who loved violence even when it was not necessary: Christou was no saint, but he believed in violence only when it helped business, not when it harmed them. Once, when a bandit tried to trap him, he was caught and would have been executed, but instead of a simple bullet to the head, as Cristus wanted, Tiberius insisted on torturing him and tearing him to pieces; Cristu then wanted to free the known companions of the dead criminal so that they could be a message to anyone who thought they were betraying them, but Tiberius scoffed at his gentleness and killed them all instead. It is clear that father and son approached running a business very differently.

The final straw came when the Punisher began to pursue the Bulatians and their henchmen: Cristu knew that the one who had fought the vigilante was dead and wanted to avoid meeting him, but Tiberius mocked him for his cowardice and–-Whos-Who.jpg urged his men to pursue the Punisher. When Tiberio’s behavior became a serious threat to his cause, Christou joined forces with Vera Constantine, who shared with him the idea of setting up a prostitution network to kill the old man: he knew many gangsters who had long been after Tiberio, and alerted them to his whereabouts so they could do the dirty work for him. Unfortunately, Tiberius Bulat was still a deadly soldier, and he would kill his attackers even if he knew who had sent them. Fearing for his father, and with good reason, Christou decided to leave New York and moved to Indian Lake, where he was protected by bodyguards. The problem was that Tiberius was not the only one after him: at the table with his men, Cristu Bulat fainted, and when he woke up, he realized too late that the food had been poisoned and that all his men were dead. If things weren’t already bad, when he woke up he saw his own intestines tied to a tree, still attached to his open belly. The Punisher had found him, and that was his way of saying hello. When the Vigilante approached him, Kristu was terrified, and although the Punisher expected that he would not retreat so easily into his past as a hardened soldier, he released all the information the Vigilante wanted to know about his prostitution ring, his accomplishments, and his father. However, Kristu eventually died of blood loss, as his injuries were too severe to recover.

Kristu Bulat is a ruthless man, a killer and a slave who treats the girls he kidnaps and forces into prostitution as commodities to be bought and sold at will. With a past as a mercenary, he is still a warrior at heart, but he avoids fighting when he feels it is unnecessary or even counterproductive. Kristu, however, is not as sadistic as his father, but a cruel man who lacks any human compassion: he kidnaps women, tortures them, rapes them, makes them work in his brothels, but behind all this cruelty there is no sadism, and certainly nothing personal. It is just business, and he is a “normal” businessman.

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