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Gibson Rickenbacker is a wandering survivor of the Great Plague who helps guide people through the wilderness. Gibson agrees to escort the half-human, half-cyborg Pearl to Atlanta so she can deliver a possible cure for the plague to scientists who could do something about it. Pearl has been kidnapped by a scavenger named Fender, the man who murdered Gibson’s adopted family years ago. Today, Gibson embarks on a mission to not only recover the Pearl, but to exact revenge on the man who changed his life.

Cyborg Movie Review

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In the distant future, a plague has wiped out much human life on the planet. What remains is a daily struggle for survival. Two of these souls, a man and a woman named Pearl (Dayle Haddon), are on the run from a group of marauders led by their leader, Fender (Vincent Klyn). A man is killed trying to keep the scavengers away. A lone thief named Gibson Rickenbacker (Jean-Claude Van Damme) intervenes and tries to help Pearl escape. Pearl reveals that she is a cyborg and that she has a cure for the plague stored on her hard drive.

Fender wants the drug for himself so he can control who gets it. Pearl hires Gibson to protect her and bring her to a group of scientists in Atlanta. Gibson fights off many scavengers, but in the end he is overpowered. Pearl is captured by Fender and his men, but Gibson survives. Fender brought Pearl aboard his ship to transport her to Atlanta.

Gibson is freed from the wreckage that held him captive and vows to keep his word, protect Pearl and turn her over to the scientists in Atlanta. He begins his journey in Atlanta and crosses the world. Gibson is joined by another survivor from the village of Nadi (Deborah Richter). Nady offers to help him, but Gibson is focused on getting Fender’s revenge. They go to the slum where Gibson talks to his friend Corn (Jopery K. Brown). Corn tells Gibson where to catch Fender’s boat.

During the trip, Gibson has memories of an old family who hired him to get them out of New York. Gibson takes them to the country, where they settle on a farm. The family invites Gibson to stay with them, which he does, giving up his old life. But eventually a group of scavengers show up at the farm and kill most of the family. Fender is, in part, a treasure hunt. Gibson survived the attack.

Back in the present, Gibson and Nadi leave the slum and are immediately ambushed by highwaymen. Gibson and Nadi are separated in the attack. Gibson kills two men in the woods while Nadi runs to a nearby building. Eventually Gibson enters the building and finds Nadi threatened with a knife. Gibson uses his gun and knife to kill the last of the bandits and save Nadia.

Eventually Gibson and Nadi reach the coast, where Fender must disembark and continue his journey overland to Atlanta. Nadie is attracted to Gibson and offers him her body after swimming in the ocean. Gibson remembers how he gave in to desires that ended in tragedy. Gibson’s declining Nadia’s generous offer.

The next morning Gibson and Nadi find Fender’s boat and follow him to an abandoned industrial complex. Gibson and Nadi attack Fender’s men with guns and knives. Many scavengers are killed, but Gibson is wounded by Fender himself. Gibson tries to save Pearl, but she refuses to go with him. Pearl suggests that she count on Atlanta’s powers to take down Wing and his scavengers. Gibson and Nadi retreat to the sewers, pursued by Fender’s men. Gibson kills most of the waste in the sewers. He and Nadie get out of the sewers and into the field, where they flee from Fender’s men. They are eventually caught by the scavengers. Gibson kills a few people, but in the end he’s subdued. Wing knocked Gibson unconscious, then his men crucified Gibson on the mast of a beach boat and left him for dead.

Clinging to the masthead, Gibson takes one last look at his host family in the country. In no time at all, Big Gibson and her younger brother are tied to barbed wire hanging over the well. Fender gives the barbed wire to his younger sister Haley (Haley Peterson) and tells her that if she can keep the barbed wire down, her family will survive. The wire cuts Haley’s arms, freeing her and causing the family to fall into the pit. Gibson breaks free of the wire and gets out of the pit. But the oldest daughter and her brother are drowning. Jumping to the present tense, Gibson notes that Senior Haley is now a member of Fender’s treasure hunt. Gibson uses all his strength to break the post with a heel strike and fall to the ground. Nady comes back and cuts Gibson off from the post.

At dusk, Fender and Pearl travel to downtown Atlanta. Gibson and Nadi prepare an ambush against Fender and his remaining men. Gibson shoots for a wing shot as he gets in closer, but an arrow lands at the feet of the leader. Fender orders his men to attack Gibson while Nadi slips in and eliminates the two scavengers guarding Pearl. Gibson and Fender are fighting each other. When it looks like Gibson will be defeated again, Haley yells at Fender to stop. Fender wants to kill Haley for her infidelity, but Nadie saves her. Yet during the operation, Nadi is stabbed by Fender and dies. Gibson went out and killed Fender in his anger to beat Nadia by hitting him with a big hook. Gibson, Haley and Pearl mourn Nadie’s death.

Gibson and Haley take Pearl to Atlanta. Pearl asks him to stay with her in the institution, but Gibson says he can help more people on the street. Haley decides to stay with him. Pearl enters and a reinforced door closes behind her. Gibson and Haley are going back to the desert.

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