Days of Our Lives - Ellie Horton (Lindsay Arnold)

The spoilers of Days of Our Lives 2021 reveal that Ellie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) knows her memory of the rape is blurred, but still believes Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams) is guilty. The wannabe doctor tells Ellie that if he’s innocent, the real rapist is still out there. She hypnotized the new mother. Will she finally see the face of the man who really attacked her?

Days of our lives – self-doubt and uncertainty

Spoiler DOOL reveals that Ellie insisted that Tripp was the one who had attacked her since she was raped in London. However, the medical student denies having raped her and says it was impossible to get Ellie pregnant because she had never had sex. Sometimes ellie starts to doubt herself and wonders if tripp is really telling the truth. Then she remembers the DNA test of Henry Horton (Jane and Kinsley Fox). Either that, or somebody took her suspicions away and forced her to take away her doubts.

Spoiler DOOL – The wrath of Charlie Dales

The viewers recently learned that Ava Vitale (Tamara Brown) has two children. Charlie Dale (Mike C. Manning) never loved or accepted his own mother. Yet Ava wasn’t ashamed that Charlie would travel halfway around the world to track down her brother. Ava’s mother – and her refusal to acknowledge him as her son – seriously messed Charlie’s head. It upset him enough to rape Ellie, who Tripp’s girlfriend was dating. He let his brother take responsibility for a cruel crime he never committed.

Spoiler Days of Our Lives: They kidnapped the twins, Eli and Lani! Who took the kids to the hospital? #Days #DOOL #Days of our lives

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Days of Our Lives – Tripp Dalton Logic

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives shows Tripp stretching out to Ellie. He tells her he’s innocent, which means the real rapist is still at large and he hurts other women. That statement got Ellie thinking about her accusations against Tripp. She wants the culprit to suffer the consequences. If Tripp is innocent, as he’s always claimed, then Ellie knows he deserves to be purged.

Spoiler DOOL – Ally Horton hypnotized

She decides she needs to know for sure if Tripp raped her or if it was another man. Her memories are very blurry after that night. The only way for her to be absolutely sure of the truth was to somehow remember everything that happened that night. She decides to ask Dr. Marlena Evans (Deirdre Hall) to hypnotize her.

A new song from the Soap Opera Digest reveals that Ellie’s hypnosis will be the beginning of the end of this story. She’ll eventually remember every detail of the night she was raped. She’d be shocked to hear that Tripp was telling the truth all along. He’s not the one who raped her…. The attacker is Claire Brady’s (Isabel Durant) new boyfriend, Charlie! How will Claire handle the situation when she finds out that her super-sweet lover is in fact a dangerous and violent criminal? Would she believe what Ellie said about Charlie, or wasn’t she ready to face the truth?

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