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Deadly Manor is a Spanish horror film from 1990 in which a group of young men spend the night in an old, apparently abandoned mansion. Soon the group members start to die, and the panicking teenagers realize that they are not alone.

Directed by Jose Ramón Larras (The Axe’s Edge; Scream – and Die; Symptoms; Vampires) from a script co-written by Brian Smedley Eston, movie stars Clark Tufts, Greg Rhodes (Ghost House), Claudia Frajul and Mark Irish. Jennifer Delora was also in the home for bad girls, Robot Holocaust, Sleeping Eyes II and Frankenhocker. Produced by Brian Smedley Aston and Angel Somolinos

The synthesizer’s unusual soundtrack was composed by Cengiz Yaltaya (curfew).

Blu-ray output:

A video of the arrow was broadcast by Death Manor on the 25th. February 2020 on Blu-ray.

2K restoration of original film elements
High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) Presentation
Uncompressed original mono sound
Extra English subtitles
Audio commentary with Cat Ellinger and Sam Duggan
Recently filmed interview with actress Jennifer Delora
Making a Kill : Recently filmed interview with producer Brian Smedly-Aston
Extract from archive interview with Jose Larraz
Original Savage Lust VHS
Image gallery
Original script and calendar (comic book content)
Folded case with new work by Adam Rabale
Collection booklet (first click only) with new work by John Martin



Two couples, Tony and Helen and Rod and Susan, travel through the state of New York to get to the lake with their friends, a couple Peter and Anne, who follow them on the back of a motorcycle. On the way the group picks up Jack, a hitchhiker who claims to know the area, but is in fact an escaped prisoner.

When it gets dark and they don’t reach the lake, Rod decides to take the way back and spend the night there. At the end of the winding road they came across an abandoned house and decided to spend the night there. In the courtyard the group finds a burned and damaged car, strangely enough parked on a stone monument. Inside is a picture of a beautiful young woman, as well as some clothes; they define it as a strange sanctuary …

Reviews [Click on the links for more information] :

Death Manor has many elements that have become synonymous with the film Slasher. The result is a film that actually owes more to gothic horror than to cracking. And nowhere is this clearer than in the film Death Manor, which spends most of its time creating anticipation. 10K floors

The movie sounds cute, but does it really matter? Death is as lazy as the mountain, and I just wanted the movie to end. If you want to see the best film by the same director, go to Axe Edge. It’s not the best movie, but it’s much better than Death Manor. La Grande Maison du Cinéma

Occasionally one of our main characters is quietly killed by the screen. Or maybe they just started smoking. Savage Lust’s lack of aggressive tension, violence and human flesh could be justified if it was led by a 13-year-old Jehovah’s Witness. But this devastating blow to entertainment was written and directed by euro operator Jose Ramon Larras. A bleeding skull!

One of the elements that cannot be forgiven in this film is the quality of the game, which is sometimes really crucial. Only Amanda Jennifer Delora and William Russell’s Alfred seem to take it seriously, with cannon fodder that is extremely woody. The gothic attitude of the property is another advantage, and it really helps to spread terror as our bodies slowly build up….. Traces of blood

There is nudity, a sexual scene (which the alternative name Lust of course tries to win), just enough blood and a reasonable last flashback to explain things. The property is also one of the most boring and atmospheric American editors of its time, with a decent location, effective art direction inside, and incredibly dark and gloomy photography. It’s stupid, but surprisingly perceptible. A fucking pit of terror.

By the time the real slaughter takes place, it may be too little for some viewers, too late for others, but what can really derail this pursuit is ultimately a total lack of logic when it comes to such a stunning finale… The real villains and their motives are at best rather coincidental and at worst completely useless. Blu-ray.com

Maybe Larraz and the Treasury didn’t end in 1990, because the Treasury just never gets the push it needs. However, Larraz absorbs the procedure in the true sense of the fear, there is a good bit of nudity to strengthen the vibe of exploitation, and as mentioned earlier, it is worth waiting for the final until the meaning of the Death Man for the fans and the completed slaughter of the killer is still visible. Drawing: Overview

The biggest problem is the inactivity, which results in a long period of almost nothing, which becomes quite annoying just by looking at the group roaming from one scary room to another. The device succeeds in creating a strong atmosphere, but it is unlikely that this atmosphere will ever give a significant impulse and develop at a cool pace, where nothing happens. The world of horror and exploitation of the Don.

…ends up with a killer whose motive is free at best, and the reason for the murders is that she saw one of the kids riding a motorcycle. Yes, it’s stupid and idiotic, but despite the amount of unintentional comedy, there is very little permanent force that drops it on a pile of dozens of other unimaginable killers born in the 1980s. The cinematic impulse

…there’s a lot of sex and nudity to keep you entertained, and after a while even a scary game appears like a freeze with a strange atmosphere to create something worth hanging at the end. The pace itself really picks up after they’ve walked for 45 minutes through the house that clearly belongs to the mad killer (and yet they want to stay), and have discovered what we, as spectators, already know. Friggfest

Larraza’s penultimate feature film and his last in the horror genre Death Manor of the 90s is a lifeless massacre that, with a delay of about eight years, leads to the Friday feast of the 13th riff [… I think there are a few surprises in the order of their departure – the one who is too careful, who is justifiably afraid and always says that we should get out of here (Claudia Franjul), would normally be the last girl, but here she is the first to bite. A good, efficient meat factory

There’s no logic in the film, and despite some distracting maneuvers, it offers a completely irrational explanation of the murders and one of the most ridiculous endings of the genre. It takes a while for something to happen – too long, in fact – but when the editor in chief finally starts, he moves at a better pace […] Death Manor offers such bad deals that with his horrible dialogues and worst actions it’s a good experience…. The DNA of horror

…a beautiful scary looking mansion… …filled with cobwebs, basement boxes, a motorcycle cemetery and provocative images of the same woman on the walls. It seems a bit slow here and there, but what lacks originality and wear and tear (there are many throat cuts and a very good one), it makes up for the solid atmosphere of 1990, enlarged with the last 15 minutes, so it was worth it to me. Jan West

The scenario is unimaginable, it unfolds in a tragic way, the tension and the horror have hardly been affected, and in fact nothing has happened for centuries (apart from many setbacks). And if he does the anticlimax. There’s nothing to be happy about, not even the murders. And as for the deformed makeup, OMG! A real amateur. Kultguya Shop


In between death scenes, these characters throw up some of the worst dialogues and make some of the stupidest decisions ever made in a horror movie. When people say they don’t like horror because these movies are stupid, it’s Death Manor they’re talking about. The characters do amazing things, they’re so stupid. Life between shots

Although the conspiracy in this film is at best really hairy, it also stands out a bit because of this quality, because you really can’t predict who will reach the end […] the cast is general enough to count the bodies, but they sometimes have a few stupid lines and walk around a lot in the dark […] it’s a diversion with enough atmosphere and eccentricity to deserve a visit or two…]. Mondo Digital

…a funny little film about editing, that despite the (initially) bad acting and the fact that most of the film was wrapped in darkness, was still fun, making it difficult to recognize. The mountain effects were mainly used in the last half hour and they are beautiful […] Moreover, none of the characters were unreliable (except the killers), which makes the film much better. Not this time, Neiland Smith.

Not as inspired and original as Larraz’ best efforts, Deadly Manor is an entertaining low-budget slasher film with some interesting twists and turns and just enough style to work with. These are not the unsung classics of the genre, in fact the story is full of clichés and everything is similar to what we have already seen (and done better), but the place works pretty well and the cinema is not bad at all. Rock! Shock! Daddy! Daddy!

…this time he puts more emphasis on the atmosphere, as with the usual genre tastings, and sometimes at least he hangs around in the grotesque (as in the case of a broken car) and never forgets the excitement and suspense. Of course, to enjoy it, you should at least have some fun with old school cinema, but if you do, it’s a really nice trip. Going through my garbage.

…shows too many scenes in which the characters try to scare each other off in the corridors (several characters use a bad impression of Boris Karlov), or stumble in the dark with flashlights. It doesn’t help that most characters torment the nerves […] Moreover, the flashback that explains everything is pretty lame, and the makeup in Delors is terrible. Vacuum for video

Selection dialogue :

Peter. [Jerry Kernion] What about Uncle Fester on the terrace?


The actors and characters:

Clark Tufts… Jack Greg Rhodes… Tony Claudia Franjul… Irish HelenMark… Rod Elizabeth Baldwin… Susan (as Liz Gitchler) Jerry Kernion… Peter-Kathleen Patan… Ann Douglas Gowland… Jennifer Delora… Amanda-Richard Rour… A corpse falls off the wall (no credit)…

Shooting locations:

Saffern, New York – The film was shot in the fall of 1989 in Hillburn Manor, an abandoned centuries-old mansion. The Davidson sisters, who inherited the house, lived on the top floor for five weeks during the shooting of the film. The house, which was in a state of great destruction, was demolished after the shooting.

It’s a different name:

Wild Desire

Little things:

Originally known in the script as Forgotten Meat.


The trailer:

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Here we go:

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