“Superman is gay!”

The New and Improved Bi-Sexual Superman is ROASTED by Dean Cain.


Dean Cain, as “The Man of Sense,” calls the new discovery of the bisexual Superman what it is: bandwagoning.

Dean Cain

Cain, who played the Last Son of Krypton on ABC’s Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman from 1993 to 1997, slammed DC Comics in an appearance with Fox & Friends on Tuesday morning.

“They claimed it’s a daring new approach; I think they’re jumping on the bandwagon,” an astute Cain observed. “Robin just come out as bisexual – who’s surprised by that?” [BASED] Captain America’s latest incarnation is homosexual. In Supergirl, where I played the father, my daughter was homosexual. As a result, I don’t believe it’s a risky or daring move. Perhaps they would have been courageous or brave if they had done this 20 years ago.” Or, as artist John Timms might say, create a new character who is whatever could be deemed a “pretty big deal.” But how could activists deconstruct institutions if they produced their own goods? What a perplexing situation.

Dean Cain, bi-sexual Superman

“Brave would be having him fight for homosexual rights in Iran, where being gay is punishable by being thrown from a building.” Dean continues. They’re considering having him battle climate change and refugee expulsion, and he’s dating a hacktivist – whatever that means.” That’s an activist who plagiarizes the work of another activist without properly crediting them…

Cain is referring to a section of the narrative that Tom Taylor, the author of this “awake” monstrosity, is discussing. “For Jon (and our creative team), the issue is: What should a new Superman fight for today?” Is it possible for a 17-year-old Superman to fight gigantic robots while disregarding the global warming crisis? Obviously not. Is it possible for someone with super vision and hearing to overlook atrocities occurring beyond his borders? Is he able to disregard the suffering of asylum seekers?” By the way, the answer to all of those questions is an emphatic “YES.” “Jon is the son of the world’s most fearless and effective journalist. “It comes with a strong sense of good and wrong, an innate hatred of corruption, and a strong desire for the truth to triumph over disinformation,” a deluded Taylor concluded. You utter ideologue, have you seen the condition of contemporary journalism?

“Today, Superman, the world’s most powerful superhero, will appear.” You despise seeing it in front of no one.

To sum up, Dean Cain offers some recommendations to the writing staff: if they’re worried about “societal problems,” why not address Afghanistan and its plight? “Why don’t they have him battle the injustices that led to the expulsion of the migrants he’s protesting?” That would take guts; I’d read it. Fighting for women’s rights to go to school, work, and live, and boys’ rights to not be raped by males, under the new nice and cuddly Taliban – that would be courageous.”

Personally, I’m looking forward to Dean Cain’s “Superman” fighting the Taliban when it reaches stores in the not-too-distant future, or if he buys the desecrated IP after DC destroys it.

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