First of all, I’m sorry if you really enjoyed STAR TRACK: The tenth episode of the third season of DISQUERY, the closing of the Terra Firma in two parts. I don’t want to ruin it for you. But I have to tell people… Shut the fuck up! I’m talking about a big, big failure, and I’m not kidding. Before we get to the weekly review, let’s go to …… let’s have it.


Okay, I can accept that the Guardian of Eternity is now a pun on the cigar and hat named Carl. Hey, people change. My old friend Nick is now Calista. Why can’t a giant time portal for rock donuts turn into a wooden door and give birth to a comic orator? I don’t mind.

What does not satisfy me, however, is the change in the basic rules of Guardian Forever!

City on the Edge of Eternity is probably the best of the 79 episodes of TOS. Worst-case scenario, he’s in the top three. And one of the reasons this story works so well is that Kirk and Spock are on a mission to literally save reality as we (know it). And to restore that reality, Kirk must sacrifice the woman he has fallen deeply in love with – a generous, compassionate, visionary woman who would otherwise be doomed to greatness if she didn’t have to die to bring time for the good, utopian future she herself dreamed of (ouf…loooong sentence!).

Edith Keeler would die, and we all felt that Kirk was unhappy with the realization of this painful and inevitable truth.

Let’s see how the Keeper works:

  1. If you go back in time and change something important, if you go back, reality changes.
  2. If you then go back in time and repair what you have broken, everything in the present becomes the same again.

My friends, this was not Terra Firm Part II…

In the first part Georgiou goes through the door and we still don’t know what’s going on. What is it, headache? Holo Avenue? Did she really go back to the mirror universe 930 years ago? Some fans thought Carl could be a member of the Q-continuum (I hoped not, because that would be a total deus ex machina movement). Others noted that the newspaper Carl had in his hand – the Star Dispatch – contained the same name and logo as the headline in Spock’s tricorder in the City on the Edge of Forever. These eagle fanatics have suggested that Guardian Forever may somehow be involved in all of this….

ROC fans have, of course, won the bet. And that means that George really travels through time, because that’s what the Guardian of Eternity does (and apparently he can also send travelers through the universes!) We also learn that the Guardian was used during the Time Wars to corrupt the timeline on one side and then on the other side. Of course, we also know about time ships like the American Star Trek: Travel, noose around the sun, Time Ball, Nexus, Chroniton carrier crashes, Q, red matter, and a lot of other handy ways to travel through time (assuming you don’t have a blue police call system at hand) throughout Star Trek’s long history.

But forget all those other methods of time travel. We use the Keeper forever on both sides, which means we have to follow his rules. And the most important rule, the reason why we have to bring everything we do in The Guardian to the future, is that if you change the past in a serious way, you go back to a completely disconnected future.

This means that the story changed when Georgiou returned to the mirror universe to become himself just before he killed Michael Burnham, and then decided NOT to execute Michael-Georgiou. Of course, you could say Michael died anyway, a few weeks later…. so no harm, no foul. But wait! According to Carl, Georgiou’s Mirror is now taking its last breath. She almost died. Like Landry, Stamets, and a lot of others.

But what does it matter if it’s another universe? Who cares who lives and who dies?

We care about you! You see, all this happened before Discovery USA started its first season! So their experience in the mirror universe will be very different. They will never meet the Empress of St. George, neither Landry nor Stamets…. they all had very important interactions with the crew! In fact, the discovery brought George into the universe…. something that wouldn’t have happened if the Empress had, you know, been dead!!!

And of course, if Discovery hadn’t taken MirrorGeorgeow, they wouldn’t have been able to help defeat (and create) control and wouldn’t have gotten out in time. And that way Georgiou’s molecules would never have decomposed (because she wouldn’t have been on board the ship in the first place), the crew wouldn’t have had to follow the yellow brick ball data to see the Wizard (uh, the Keeper), Carl would never have sent Georgiou back, and none of this would have happened.

And that means it had to happen!

Which guarantees it won’t happen…. unless it doesn’t, which means it does, but then…


Anyway, Georgiou’s back and he’s made a big difference. She sabotaged the Coalition’s rebels as a child, empowered the Mirror Kelpins and endangered the Earth Empire a decade before Spock had a chance to do the same. Oh, and without Georgiou to kill Lorca, who knows what evil he’d do!

So when Jorjou walks through the door/entrance, reality must have changed. But it’s not. And it’s just not true when it comes to FALSE capital. Writers don’t obey the rules of Guardian Forever!

I don’t want anyone to think that this nagging obsession with Trekkie ruined my episode. It’s not that. But that certainly didn’t help either!

For me, this episode started out rather uninteresting and barely ended. And the main reason why I felt this way is because I was WITHOUT any UNIVERSAL PRESENTATION OF SOVE WOOD. And to be honest, I never cared for Empress Georgiou either. As I said in my previous posts, I thought of Mirror Georgiou in the same way as Dr. Smith in the original Lost In Space series (not the new series and the new Dr. Smith; it’s much more convincing). But Dr. Smith had no other purpose than comedy, and the only reason the Robinsons executed him not only to make their lives easier (and safer) was because they were good people. I’m not sure I won’t bring it to light. And I feel the same way about Georgie in Discovery.

So there have been two strikes in this episode since the beginning. I don’t have emotional ties with double mirrors. I care about their main opponents, and if the Earthlings threatened my heroes, I’d worry even more because I’m invested in (most of) Team American Discovery. In fact, most of the best mirror universe tours in the history of Star Trek worked because the doubles compromised the good guys, so we knew who to cheer for.

But I didn’t have a horse in the race at Terra Firma, because Georgiou is not exactly a good and honest member of society, and Spiegel-Michael is just as bad, if not worse. So, uh… Fingers crossed for the smaller of the evil twins? Come on! Come on! It’s like watching the least favorite football teams compete against each other and wanting to lose them both! Besides, part of me was fighting Mirror Michael. A friendlier, gentler Georgiou is not exactly what this universe needs. We’ve already learned in Deep Space Nine what a terrible result Prime Kirk’s pep talk with Spiegel-Spock had. The Empire of Earth had fallen, and what came after that was probably even worse. So maybe George was better off than before.

Of course, we eventually learn that it was all a test by the Guardians to see if George has grown as a person. But for half the episode we, the spectators, are content to see the whole plot of the palace unfold in total ignorance. So we don’t know whether to be for or against a reformed Giorgio. After all, everything in this universe is upside down and upside down – look at the opening credits… !

So maybe in the mirror universe good is bad and bad is good. Ignorance of the tests left me in a fog when I saw all those literal stab wounds in the back. And hey, raise your hand if you knew all along that Michael’s Mirror only played her loyalty to the Empress to finally betray her. I knew this would happen as soon as Michael was thrown in jail. No surprise from me.

Oh, and speaking of surprises, raise your hand if you expected to see Lorca’s mirror. I’m going to raise mine and frankly I’m a little disappointed that this is the only time they’ve done something I didn’t expect! I understand that they only had 30 minutes at MU for this episode and that they should have focused on Georgiou and Michael. And yes, Lorca would be a real distraction. Still, the first half of the episode might have been a bit more interesting.

The other big mistake (in my opinion) of the authors is that George’s problem is now deus ex Carl solved! Whenever Scientology authors need a quick and simple solution, they can always create an omnipotent being who swings a magic wand and makes everything right.

The only problem is that it can leave viewers in a state of emptiness and dissatisfaction – even though your magician/host is a really cool donut rock concept from 54 years ago, when the writers decided to come out of nowhere for no other reason than to give Michelle Yeoh a way out of the show so she could play in another show. And let’s face it, the fact that it appeared in Guardian without photos in a time-lapse (which isn’t the way Guardian works either, folks!) makes it possible for the new Yeoh series to be anywhere, anytime. So it was a good tool. My only complaint is that the sorcerer granted Georgiou’s wish because she proved herself worthy. There’s nothing really inspiring about this kind of writing.

Of course, the writers only left a hint at the end of the season (there are only three episodes left). To repair the damage caused by burns, someone probably has to go back in time and prevent this in the first place. But there is no more time travel in future treaties, and a civilization that resists temptation has made it impossible for Discovery to travel through time. There is no machine or method by which they can do that.

Oh, wait a minute. So let me make the following prediction (and we’ll see if I’m right in a little less than three weeks) ….

  1. In the next two episodes, the team will reveal the secret cause of the fire.
  2. The only way to fix it is to go back and fix what went wrong.
  3. Admiral Vance won’t let that happen. Time travel is forbidden in the future!
  4. In a period of malicious rebellion that forces her to really understand Michael for the first time, Saru does not obey direct orders and returns to Carl.
  5. The last episode of the season takes place in the past when the team rushes to stop the Burn. And of course, they’ll manage.
  6. Time differences, Starfleet and the Federation never fall, and the galaxy is again a great place to be.

Right now, I’m taking a risk: I also predict that the solution will not restore the greatness of the Federation, but it will make things PIRATORY. Admiral Vance is still waiting for them in the future, but for now he’s a nerd and the Federation is a brute, quickly draining the galaxy of dilithium as Starfleet begins to pile everything up. If you arrange the transport, you’ll have everything under control!

Hmmm,maybe the crew should go back to the scene to make sure the burn actually occurs by preventing them from stopping the burn themselves….,but I’m not so sure about that part of the prediction.

Okay, one more thing to complain about: the toast at the end. Gag me! It was like a toast to the fungus after I finally got rid of the fungus infection!

The toast scene was actually meant to honour the actress who played Georgiou, the great Michelle Yeoh, but the actors could do it privately, off screen. The fact is that George Mirror was a terrible person, a nuisance to everyone, and he didn’t deserve this toast. In fact, none of them were really honest when you toasted their inexorable honesty, to put it mildly: Honestly, I’m glad she’s gone. Because frankly, I’m glad she’s gone! Although I love Michelle Yeoh, Georgiou had no place in this show and he shouldn’t have been on it.

And by the way, where was the toast when Major Nan left less than half a dozen episodes ago? There’s a team member who deserves a fond farewell!

Okay, I’ve said what I have to say. Hopefully this will be the last time we see the mirror universe for a long, long, long time. Do not ignore the conclusion of the fire story that as a writer you have put so much time and energy into construction. They have fascinated and captivated our fans. You now have three more episodes to impress us. Make them count!

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