Despite a minor imperfection by her death in the final episode of season two, Donna Troy will return to the titans of season three, still played by Conor Leslie. Of course, death and resurrection will change the character’s evolution… And judging by the new shimmering black costume she shows in the new scene shots, we can also see that she will follow the example of her friend Dick, give up her Wonder Girl personality and develop into a new one: Troy. In comics, Donna Troy’s story is quite long and she undergoes several transformations, but Troy’s personality is the one that marks the end of her career as a simple accomplice and her transformation into a full-fledged heroine. Let’s look at it together.

After a traumatic adventure with the titans, Mytha Wonder Girl managed to stop the murderous Sparta Cinriannak, but at the cost of a great loss, like most other seeds, she died with Sparta. But it absorbed many of the Titans’ forces and was stronger than ever. When she returned to her original teammates, the Teenage Titans, she became very mature, and she felt that Wonder Girl was someone from her past: She took the name of the city, which she called by the surname Troy. From there she wanted to start her adult life, - Whos-Who.jpg , but what she got was a series of tragedies: She married university professor Terry Long and gave birth to a son, Robert, but she had to give up her authority because Robert would have become the monstrous Lord of Chaos in the distant future and would have killed thousands of people. That wasn’t enough and her husband divorced her and claimed that as a superhero she had endangered his family and kidnapped Robert; both died shortly after in a car accident. His grief attracted the old villain, the Dark Angel, who appreciated her pain and fed on it, and bound Troy in an endless loop of suffering: A young Amazonian girl is always reborn into another life full of tragedy, and after each death she starts this cycle again. Donna herself didn’t remember anything about her past life, or her friends… with a few rare exceptions: Queen Ippolit of Temiskira and her friend Wally West of Teen Titans, now the third Flash. Together Ippolit and Flash managed to break this cycle and with the help of their memories they restored Troy to a completely different version of the version she had known during her countless cursed lives, but which somehow reminded her of her true face. Donna doubted for a while that she wasn’t herself, but rather an idealized version of herself, fabricated by Wally’s memories and imagination, but in the end she started to accept her new life. Moreover, Ippolit felt a bond with her and he realized that she was a magical copy of his own daughter Diana: So she accepted her as her daughter, and from that moment on Donna was revered as a princess in Temiskir. Maybe the tragedy has finally left their lives forever.

Troy remained a heroine, both in the world of the Temissir and in the world of the people, and ended with four original Teenage Titans that have now become Night Wing, Storm, Arsenal and Flash. Together they decided to rebuild their team and use their new experiences and skills to improve their teamwork. With the Titans, Troy was even confronted again with the Dark Angel, trying to understand their condition and personal hell. Meanwhile, she began a new relationship with her sister Diana and even moved with her to apartment - Whos-Who.jpg in New York City, where she struggled to be the same respected facilitator. Diana belongs to the Amazons of Temiskira and Bana Migdalla, but feels rejected by both groups. All these attempts to find a new place in the world were interrupted by the arrival of the mysterious android Indigo, which was badly damaged: In an attempt to recover Indigo called in the help of all the other androids she could come in contact with, but she accidentally damaged the programming of some of them… including Superman’s replication robot, Superbot. The evil Superbot was activated during a meeting between the Titans and Young Justice, and Omen and Troy both died trying to stop it. Death was not a new experience for Donna Troy, but this time it was different: In another world, in fact a world between worlds, she was permeated by the knowledge of the endless crisis of the Earth and realized that she, like all other peoples of the New Earth, was the result of the merging of all her other alternative phenomena from parallel universes, which have now disappeared. In that limbo, she met her sworn enemy, the Dark Angel… …and realized she was Donna Troy of Earth 7, who had been rescued from the Anti-Monitor and resurrected. After the Dark Angel escaped the merger, he tried to kill Troy to make her the last Donna Troy of the Multiverse, and all Donna experienced was that her missing colleagues were in fact her missing colleagues, which allowed the Dark Angel to deny the merger and try to prevent it. Now, beyond time and space, Troy and the Dark Angel would have fought for the last time for the right to be Don Troy’s only survivor: existence itself was the ultimate prize.

Donna Troy does her best to be the beacon of hope and love that she believes she should be, but she still suffers many tragedies, losses, and even deaths that she has had to endure. Like Troy, she possesses superhuman strength, strength, speed, agility and reflexes, flying ability, sharpened and healing senses, an inhuman lifespan and a constant psychic connection with her sister Diana. The Myth Titans have also given her the power to project human memories into holographic images and manipulate photonic energy to create impenetrable force fields or highly destructive energy explosions; one of her family members finds it almost impossible to lie, but she also possesses a lasso of persuasion that forces anyone who touches her to do what Donna says; after all, her costume contains various amulets and relics of the dead mythical Titans, which give her extra strength. Hardened by several tragic lives, Troy still struggles to understand who she is now and what her place in the world should be: she is a titan, a princess, a warrior, a widow, a childless mother, a magical construction, a source of universal knowledge… and none of these people, whether together or separately, seems capable of fully identifying who she is, after her many resurrections.

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