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There’s going to be a trial.

Dredd is the setting for a 2012 science-fiction action film set in a future city where the police have the power to act as judge, jury and executioner. Also available as Dredd 3D

The film was directed by Pete Travis (City of Tiny Lights; Vantage Point) from a script by co-producer Alex Garland (Annihilation; Ex Machina; 28 Days Later…), based on characters from John Wagner and Carlos Esquerra’s 2000 A.D. comic books. The film is based on Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby and Lena Headey.


The America of the future is an irradiated desert. On the east coast, from Boston to Washington, D.C., lies Mega City One, a large violent metropolis where criminals dominate the chaotic streets. The only law enforcement officers are the city’s policemen, the so-called judges, who have the combined power of judge, jury and instant executioner. Known and feared throughout the city, Dredd is the ultimate judge in freeing the city from its new plague, a dangerous drug epidemic that forces slo-mo users to experience reality at a fraction of their normal speed.

During a routine work day, Dredd is responsible for the training and evaluation of Cassandra Anderson, a recruit who, thanks to a genetic mutation, possesses powerful psychic abilities. A heinous crime calls them to an area where other judges rarely venture: a 200-storey vertical slum controlled by drug lord Ma-Ma and his ruthless clan……

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Screenwriter Alex Garland decides not to explore the possibilities of the slo-mo drug and instead focuses on simply shooting video games until the inevitable showdown. One can’t help but think he missed an opportunity to distinguish Dredd from the many superhero movies currently on tour. Dredd’s certainly not a loser, but he’s not as good as he should be. 20/20 Film Reviews

Besides the solid performance of Urban, Dredd offers a lot of crazy action. The craziest of these actions is a powerful assault cannon fired by Ma-Ma herself, tearing apart an entire neighborhood of the Peach Tree, killing dozens of residents. As amazing as this series is, it is only one of many extremely violent and powerful confrontations. 2,500 Film Contest

Like an explosion of action, it ticks most boxes; justice is swift, ruthless, and bloodthirsty, and the consequences are often disturbing. It’s absolutely stunning, and Ma-Ma has released a new product called Slo-mo whose effects produce visually stunning, super-styled slow-motion sequences with blood and parts flying everywhere. But this loneliness is such that it can sometimes become repetitive and tiring…. Alone in the dark

…It’s a simple cat-and-mouse game between Ma-Ma’s legions and the jury, but the filmmakers keep an eye on the action and you’re (let’s face it) cheering on the fascist tool Dredd and his incredibly clever partner. It’s a win-win situation for the public (who probably wouldn’t have expected this level of chaos) and (necessarily) for the judge of the Dredd franchise, which goes off like a 20,000-volt shot through the heart or a splash of Dredd Lawgiver MK II. Absolutely, 100%. The Austin Chronicle

Stylish and charismatic, Dredd proves that the smartest way to approach a story is usually the easiest, while still having enough impact to stand out from the crowd. He didn’t have as much fun as I had hoped with his ideas and location, but he has enough solid resources to bring him to the finish line. CinemaBlend

A common mistake in film editing – not just in comic books – is to shave off all the interesting rough edges and end up with a product that has little to do with the title being sold. That’s not a problem with this movie. The fact is that Dredd is almost an anti character – he doesn’t change and he doesn’t learn – and Urban nails that in an egoless performance where he hides half of his head under his helmet. Guardian

…This is exactly the kind of film the first Dredd tapes deserve: a slimmer and younger Dredd, with an atmosphere of violence and police state pressure, and a total absence of the sexism and misogyny that still makes Dredd great. The actors have fully accepted the reluctance of the characters living in this world.

The background is strong enough to make some of the strangest elements of the film plausible and present the tough Judge Dredd as a paragon of justice. There is also a lot of black humour, often the kind of gallows humour that never seems out of place. Dredd has nothing new or innovative to offer, but the fusion of familiar elements results in an intelligent and intense 90-minute film, which is a big improvement over the 1995 film…… View of the roll

Travis’s recordings are clean and well done, his ability to provide a terrifying spectacle that is unparalleled, and he does indeed find a visual rhapsody in the wilderness. The film is full of frames and shots that not only authentically reproduce colour and brightness, but also the specific tension a comic strip exudes, in the dialogue between the shivering individuality of a single image and its place in a series of illustrations that are always in a hurry, necessarily descriptive. This island tribe

Grim, squeaky and ultra-violent, Dredd recreates the sinister violence that was lacking in the last film adaptation of the iconic British comic strip, Sylvester Stallone’s disappointing 1995 star judge Dredd. A reboot as radical as Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, this hard-hitting sci-fi film by director Pete Travis and screenwriter Alex Garland must find a welcome audience among fans and serious greyhounds…. Variety

…the action is well done, especially given the limited space. The pictures are taken professionally and always keep the camera stable, which is a plus. There are also mountains. Heads explode, hands explode, people are skinned alive and bullets pass through the cheekbones […] Due to the grainy art direction and the old-fashioned aspect of combat choreography, the film often looks more ’90s than Stallone’s version. Vacuum for video

I have no problem with violence in movies, actually I prefer their visceral sensations, but if there’s no meat to chew, or nothing to think about, it can suddenly become very irresponsible. There are times when the violence of Dredd 3D is spectacularly painful (I’ve never seen a man hit his head through a machine gun before), but that’s about it, and you feel guilty for taking advantage of it. We have everything under control.

One of the smartest things about Garland’s script is that it gets rid of any attempt at comedy – one of the problems with the 1995 original was that it used Rob Schneider to lighten the tone. The dense and ultra-violent character of this reboot fits much better with the source material, and Olivia Thirlby (The Darkest Hour) is a much more supportive character than Rob Schneider. The horror of evil.

Dredd 3D is a film that flirts with a fascist notion of law and order, but barely recognizes it as he shoots at his characters without bothering to explain why they are almost never hit. If the film had been a bit smarter or a bit more stupid, it could have been a lot more fun. Packaging

The actors and characters:

Karl Urban… Judge DreddRachel Wood… Managing Partner 1Endil Mngadi … PassengerPorteus Xandau … Driver Jason Cope… twister emma breschi… Hostage Olivia Thirlby… AndersonRakey Aiola… Chief Justice Lena Headey… MaMaMaTroller Burjak… My… my bodyguard, madame grier… Caleb-Wood Harris… KayShoki Mokgapa… A woman with a baby… The girl by the window… … The girl by the window, Lai Lan… eavesdropping oparai… TJ Paramedic Patrick Lister… Controller 2Travis Snyder is… Slo… Mo JunkieChad Phillips… Slo… MoJohnkeeDomhnall Gleason… Clan TehJo Vaz… Big Joe Scott Sparrow… JaphetMarty Kintu… Nicole Bailey, member of the Big Joe Gangbang… Katie Daniel Hedebe… The judge at the gate, Francis Cholera… The judge at the entrance, Junior Shingo… AmosLuc Tyler… FrillLangley Kirkwood… Judge LexAdwin Perry… Judge Alvarez-Carl Tang… Judge ChanMikele Levin… Chaplain Judge

Shooting locations:

Cape Town Film Studios, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa
East City Mall, Colindale, London, England

Technical details :

95 min
3D Stereo Ratio
Appearance : 2.35 : 1
Audio : Datasat | Dolby Digital | Dolby Atmos | DTS (DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1) | DTS (DTS 11.1 Neo : X)

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Dredd has made $41.5 million in theaters around the world on a budget of $30 to $45 million.


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