I hate to say Disney may have spent too much money on this remake. And since many Disney classics seem to be changing (Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, etc.), many of us who grew up with these classics may be stubbornly determined to go from 2D to 3D.

And so we see the story. What’s changed? Why change it? What are we waiting for? Why do we have to recreate the classics anyway? Can’t we just stay home and enjoy the habits? See how cute.

With all due respect for the original, at Tim Burton’s Dumbo, we love a blue-eyed elephant with big ears and blue eyes … Well… the originality you’d expect in a dark world that Burton can only achieve in a playful way with computer graphics. This has revived the kind of stories that accompany the talents of the original, since the original is actually a tribute to the memory of that time.

When an elephant with big, wide ears gets strange, another caricature is enough to explain his magical talents. But with this version we have an elephant that corresponds with time, because he uses a family background and borrows the brothers and sisters Millie and Joel Farrier. In 1941 it would have been difficult to convince the public that an elephant only flew because he could, and that this was due to the fact that he sniffed at a pen. Sometimes stories have to adapt to changing times, especially when it comes to learning a few things about life.

Eren Kruger’s script contains some characters from Helen Aberson’s novel and original characters from Harold Pearl’s 1941 cartoon. Timothy (mouse) is then replaced by Holt Farrier (played by Colin Farrell) and his children (Nico Parker and Finley Hobbins). I love the warmth with which Farrell plays here, and often one almost forgets that he played some of the most treacherous characters in the film. Nico Parker’s striking resemblance to his mother, Tandy Newton, is a pleasant surprise, because she has the same abilities as her parents, whom we all have to take care of.

The whole film adapts some of the strange and melancholic vibrations that most of Burton’s characters assume, defending the stranger as a form of reality. We have the mayor of a trout circus, played by Danny de Vito, who can easily say that this is one of the easiest roles he has ever had to play. Eva Green will always be a favourite, even if she has chosen a path that will not only put her in the position of a bad teacher or assistant. She finally comes from a mysterious nymph to become a second mother, without claiming the place for herself. Michael Keaton easily plays the villain suspect and the theatre director, which is enough to remind today’s children that his talents are developing from one of the best Batmen of all time to a Beer Man without despair. It’s not so bad for this guy to take on the V.A. Vanderve.

The whole story is a tribute to the original, but it shows that he had to make some changes to adapt to the changing times. What’s special about this lens is that even if it were to undergo some adjustments, it will remind us of the same hope that Dumbo always remembers looking at lenses with those baby blue eyes.


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