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Battle of the Stars

Dune Drifter is a British science fiction film about a survivor of a crashed spaceship that was left on a distant planet. She must navigate through the harsh conditions of the planet to be rescued before her survival period ends.

Writer and director Mark Price (Handful of Lead; Night Arrows; Zombies At The Door; Colin), Dead Pixels stars Phoebe Sparrow (Inside 9), Daisy Aitkens (The School of the Damned), Simon Dwyer-Thomas (The Schoolroom Massacre); Jäger 2019; Jurassic Predator) and Alastar Kirton (Viking Siege; Monkey Claw Way; Colin) produced by Michelle Parkin.

Reviews [Click on the links for more information] :

Despite the lack of budget in Hollywood, Dune Drifter impressed with first-class effects and a dedicated presenter, making it a must for fans of fiction and horror. central dread

Where the film might be a bit stronger, the viewer can better understand who the opponent is. There are tips and tricks, but there is nothing specific, except that they come from different sides […] Dune Drifter is an ambitious and strong film by Mark Pryce. Pleasure above all

While Adler travels and does his best with Matt Damon in the imitation of Marseille, the film loses all momentum and as soon as he leaves, it is difficult to return. The technically strong and fascinating Dune Drifter project fascinates with its fragile history and weak characters. The award proves once again that you don’t need a lot of money or a film crew to make a film that is perhaps ten times as expensive. Hollywood News

It’s a simple, daring story with a few frills – we don’t need the heroine’s past to worry about whether she survives or not – and a pleasant widescreen feeling.  Given that it is probably cheaper than, for example, the dark space opera Star Wars in Sanctuary, it is a solid victory for Great Britain. Kim Newman’s website

Dune Drifter combines his cosmic opera with a dark touch of realism. When a fighter plane hits the ship, the inhabitants are not only dematerialized with a comfortable purity, but they are also depicted screaming and slowly dying in the fire. In scenes that evoke apocalyptic sharpness, Dawn Anders Elsrud Haltgrin (Morning Speech), the real places of Iceland, is set to work in the arid rocky landscapes of Erebus. VODzilla


Dune Drifter will be on 1. Published in December 2020 on 4Digital Media on VOD, digital and DVD platforms.


The actors and characters:

Phoebe Sparrow… EagleDaisy Aitkens… Years of Simon Dwyer. Thomas… DrekAlastair Kirton… Danforth Richard Corgan… CannerMarcus Scheckoff… Mailn-Charlotte Mounter… Callaghan Caroline Bartholdson… Earth pilot, Claire Burley… CollinsKyle Davis… Battle of Erebus, VocalLinda Louise Duane… Suzy Holly Field… Melissa Osborne (Erebus pilot) Michael Geary… KinnerUsher Green… Richardson James Groom… Hordern-Michael Lagin. Ferrier-Martin Luke… Pilot Erebusa-Jen Nelson. Hawthorn… Nolan… Ackland Abigail Parmenter… Jenna (blue 5) Angela Peters… Danning (blue 5) Chris Rogers… Squadron Commander Peppard-Alexander Toll. Farley…

Technical details :

101 minutes

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