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After a group of strangers has abandoned one of them, he finds himself alone in a strange world. Soon a lonely 10-year-old boy named Elliott finds him and two relationships. Unfortunately, government agents also know about the alien, and they’re catching it. Elliot and his friends join forces to save our intergalactic guest so he can return home before it’s too late.

Summary of E.T. Alien Films

The following summary contains many spoilers and weak attempts at humour.

E.T. Extra-terrestrial (1982) E.T. Extra-terrestrial begins in a wooded area on the edge of a suburb in the United States. An extraterrestrial spacecraft lands as part of its five-year mission: exploring strange new worlds. Looking for a new life and new civilizations. Go bravely where no alien has been before!

While the creatures roam around, one of the crew’s red T-shirts wanders too far away. Suddenly he is awakened by strange lights and chaotic sounds. The spaceship leaves without him, like a father on a treadmill who can’t see that his youngest son is still peeing behind a tree on the side of the road. Only then does the creature travel to a nearby apartment complex to borrow an intergalactic telephone.

In a house, a boy named Elliot (Henry Thomas) goes to get a pizza delivery. When he turns around to go back inside, he hears a strange sound. He traced the trail back to a barn in the garden. He rolls a baseball in it and goes crazy when something makes him roll backwards.

Elliot runs in to tell everyone, but when they all come out to check, there’s nothing in the barn. There are strange footprints, but it must be some kind of coyote hiding in the nearby forest.

Later in the evening Elliot hears other sounds in the garden and goes in search of the source. A creepy guy in an ice cream truck, Elliot runs into a strange creature looking at him and frightens them both. The creature quickly leaves a nearby door and returns to the forest.

The next day Elliot rides his bike into the woods with nothing but a bag of Reese Pieces to save him, because the M&M’s wouldn’t be in this stinking movie if you’d paid them! Elliot is hoping to notice what he noticed last night. But when he sees the man with the keys to his belt loop, he has gone crazy again and runs away quickly.

That night Elliot tried to convince his family he saw something, but they didn’t believe him. He says his father believed him, which is a low blow to his mother (Dee Wallace), who just got divorced from the deadbeat. His older brother Michael (Robert McNaughton) accuses him of being a jerk to his mother.

Later that night Elliot comes out again, but this time the creature comes to him. Elliot uses Reese’s Pieces (screw the M&M’s) to get the creature into the house and into his room. He thinks the creature isn’t evil, but gentle, and he’s as curious about Elliot as he is about him.

Elliot pretends to be sick the next day so he can stay home after school so they can meet. Later that evening Elliot shows the animal to Michael and his sister Gertie (Drew Barrymore). They both promise not to tell anyone about him.

Without Google and computers, children have to take care of themselves. They’ve decided this thing must be an alien, which is why we’re calling it E.T. now. When asked where it comes from, E.T. uses the levitating force of the things that make up the perimeter of the planets in the solar system. Gertie then gives him a pot plant with dying flowers, which he brings back to life with the healing power, and it becomes beautiful again.

The next day, Elliot E.T. hides in the closet and goes to school. While everyone is outside, E.T. wanders around the house, raids the refrigerator, eats his mother’s food, gets drunk on beer and watches TV. Unknown to Elliot, E.T. made a mental connection with him – something like a feeling for him through the Force – and Elliot released a group of frogs that would undergo their major dissection. Then he leaves Elliot the blonde pillow, which is covered in fluff.

After coming home that night, Elliot discovered that Gertie had helped the stranger learn how to talk through Yo! MTV Raps. I’m joking. I’m joking. MTV didn’t allow blacks in their station until the mid-80s, Gertie used Sesame Street instead. Now that they can all talk to each other, Elliot decides to give the alien E.T. a name.

E.T. is trying to explain that he plans to build a machine to communicate with his home planet, and demands that they vote for him after they leave. All Elliot has to do is run to the drugstore on the corner and get the plutonium for the 1.21 gigawatts of power E.T. needs to power the phone.

Because plutonium is still a bit risky in the 80’s, Elliot and Michael dig in the garage instead, looking for other things they can use. If Michael notices that E.T.’s a little pink, Elliot says they’re okay. Then we see shady men hiding in a van near the river, watching the family. You can hear the whole conversation.

Halloween is coming up and the boys lay a sheet over Alien and tell their mother it’s Gertie, dressed as a ghost. However, Gerty had already left with Elliot on his bike to find their secret meeting place. When the boys also arrive, Gertie trades places with E.T. so that Elliot and E.T. can assemble and activate a small communication device we call the etPhone (which Apple would now sell for $2.5 million each without a charger or Airpods).

Elliot puts E.T. in a plastic milk crate attached to the handlebars of his bike and gets out. Unfortunately, he loses control of his bike on a steep slope and rushes to a cliff. When Elliott panics, E.T. uses the power of the levitation to guide her and the bike safely through the canyon. Is there nothing this baby can’t do? ! The alien collects his etPhone and activates it. Immediately it starts sending a signal into space. Exhausted, Elliott falls asleep while the alien watches over him.

When Elliot wakes up in the woods the next day, E.T.’s gone. Elliot went home to find his mother. He’ll ask Michael to help him find E.T. If they find him, he’ll barely breathe.

After bringing him home, the three show Alien to their mother, and Elliot explains that he and Alien are both dying. While she panics, a group of government agents in space suits show up to seal the house, assemble a medical team and examine Elliot and the alien. I bet they want to dissect E.T. like the poor frogs at Elliott High.

Remember the guy with the keys to his belt loop from the beginning of the movie (Peter Coyote)? Well, he shows up again to tell Elliot they have an EtPhone in the woods and he wants to know how to save the baby. The man tells Elliot that he too has wondered about aliens since childhood, and finding this E.T. has been a lifelong dream.

When Elliot weakly indicates that foreigners should go home, the foreigners separate from Elliot. E.T. dies of a disease – Michael notices this when previously reborn E.T. plants begin to wilt and die.

The medical team is trying to restart the alien therapy, but it’s too late. Before he goes to pick up E.T., Keyes gives Elliot a moment alone with her new boyfriend. Elliot thinks E.T. must be dead because he can’t feel anything. He tells E.T. he loves her and turns away. Like him, he sees dying flowers come back to life. Elliot turned to find E.T. alive. E.T. explains that the inhabitants of his planet are finally on their way to him, after stopping by the local Stuckey’s for one of their famous intergalactic Pecan Log Rolls!

Elliot hides the fact that E.T. is still alive and asks Michael to help bring him to the forest. Michael recruits his friends to take Elliot’s bike to a playground on top of a nearby hill. Meanwhile, Michael and Elliot stole the E.T. bus and went to the playground.

After they meet Michael’s friends, they go into the woods with E.T.. Government agents are already in pursuit, and when the children run down the street, they see a roadblock full of armed agents waiting for them. Just as it looks like the cops are going to get them all, the aliens make the children’s bikes float and fly them into the forest.

After they land, night will fall and the E.T. ship will arrive soon. Elliot’s mother and Gertie are here. Gertie and Michael say goodbye before Elliot does. E.T.’s asking Elliot to go, but Elliot can’t. He loves his family, too. The stranger kisses Elliot, puts his finger on the fire and points at Elliot’s head. He tells the boy he’s coming.

Gertie gives E.T. the plant she originally gave him, and he definitely goes into the giant ship. When the ship takes off, it leaves a beautiful chemical trail in the colours of the rainbow. While everyone is watching his miracle, Chemtrail neurolyzes everyone who is not wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses. The unsuspecting among them have no idea what happened to this warm happy ending.

The end.

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