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Enola Holmes

Director: Harry Bradbear

Working time: 123 minutes

Enola Holmes came to Netflix when I really needed her. As a Sherlock Holmes fan, I had lost all hope of seeing Sherlock Holmes on the BBC again, and I thought it might be too early to do an iteration. But when I heard that Sherlock Holmes’ stories and characters became public in 2014, it was very interesting to see Enola Holmes on my Netflix screen. Self-isolation and the general growth of streaming services has made it possible to create excellent online content with stars, and with Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill and Helena Bonham Carter Enola Holmes fits perfectly in this category.

Enola Holmes follows the story of the lesser known Brother Sherlock. If you’re a purist, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, you may be concerned because your character didn’t exist in the original novels. However, the image of this Millie Bobby Brown was so charming and authentic. In the film Enola sometimes breaks through the fourth wall, and although this can be a bit frustrating or embarrassing for some viewers, the image of Millie was so sweet and charming that you feel like you’re communicating with her like an old friend. Enola has some characteristics of an older brother and is smart and gifted in deduction, but unlike Sherlock, she is able to find a good connection with others and become a seeker for lost souls. Her compassion and determination made her a convincing personality. Throughout the film, perhaps because of the power of habit, I expected Sherlock to come and save the day when Enola was in danger. However, Enola has always fought or thought about how to get out of these dangerous situations and has found his own way. It was a great choice for the film because you had the time to fall in love with it and accept that it wasn’t just any Sherlock Holmes film.

Enola’s trip into the movie was unexpected. As a spectator, if you look at an environment from an older era, you easily allow yourself to be carried away by history and forget the historical points of view or problems of that time. Enola Holmes seems happy to solve these problems when a young woman grows up in a society that has certain expectations about her life and her value. Never before in Holmes’ history had the issue of gender equality been so topical and was it fully linked to the presence of Holmes’ wife. Will Mycroft or Sherlock face the same problems as Enola during this period? It is easy to forget that Sherlock was and remains a privileged person in many ways during this period, and that he was an excellent study on the other side of society. This was shown again with empowerment of female characters, such as a combat instructor and her mother. Also, without spoiling the climax, the film offers an interesting conclusion about the protagonist, with a little more reflection on a complete theme.

Let’s face it, we all love Henry Cavill. He’s handsome, charming and cute (and if you’ve ever seen his online video, he’s a bit of a nerd!) However, Cavill’s photo doesn’t offer anything new about Sherlock Holmes’ journey, and unfortunately there were a lot of photos to compare him to. However, I believe his version of Sherlock offers a warmer version that seemed necessary for the success of the story. Enola is his little sister, so the narcotic and cold version of Sherlock Cumberbatch doesn’t work, just like Downey’s raw alcoholic. Sherlock Cavill, always half divided, was kinder, more in touch with other people’s emotions. This could be a conscious choice of the film, because this Sherlock could have shown the behaviour of a brother that a younger sister might have noticed.

The image of Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes is a refreshing change from the original Sherlock Holm, while offering the same clever detective story that makes you fall in love with the Holm in the first place. She is strong and powerful, retains her femininity and carries the film inside her.

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