Enola Holmes’ film is such a mistake, in contrast to the announced trailers and the insignificant and useless accumulation. First of all, this is a spin-off that nobody asked for. Secondly, the film has no connection with the amazing things of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or Sherlock. In this review of Enola Holmes’ films we will find out more about this.

The Enola Holmes movie just seemed like something the studios wanted to bring to the big screen, just to warm up a mule, you know, to find something to live on called Sherlock. Although they are clearly trying to feed on his back, the studios simply can’t provide us with something worthwhile.

Find out what worked and what didn’t work in this Enola Holmes report.

Letter and instruction from Enola Holmes

The film, based on Nancy Springer’s book series, is a superficial image without which we could live. There are so many cases in the film that they say it wasn’t made seriously.

Under the leadership of Harry Bradbeer there was a clear attempt to appeal to children and young people. If you’re one of them, you might like it.

Enola Holmes’ biggest problem is that she literally blogs about cinema and takes the time to respond to the camera. The popular phenomenon of the destruction of the fourth wall, which Deadpool witnessed, only works if it’s funny. Unfortunately, coercion was used here.

Reaction to a camera is a bad idea for a serious film. But then Enola Holmes would never have been him. What do you want us disconnected from the main plot?

These frequent well closures eliminate gravity, making concentration much more difficult. To make matters worse, the expressions Millie Bobby Brown uses in a few seconds are anything but cute, which makes the novel difficult to watch.

Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes

Well, that was a good casting choice. Millie Bobby Brown nailed her role to the wall as a child, but she still hasn’t managed to put a good project on the big screen.

The millennial debut of a child on Godzilla’s screen: The Monster King was a loser. But you can give her a little discount because she’s just getting started. When you take your childish steps, don’t be too picky.

If you look at the meaning of the brown character, you can see that everything here is about the film. Brown finally becomes much more complacent with his character and takes him for granted.

By trying to paint Enola the way she wants, she ends up doing exactly the opposite. She sells too much. Sometimes so much that you can see right through it.

Sherlock and Mycroft in Enola Holmes magazine

Sherlock Henry Cavill wasn’t bad. The only problem is that the conspiracy is trying to outsmart the king of deductions. Weak there, just to have an emotional corner for her sister, and smiles when Enola proves she’s worthy of the detective work.

Sam Cloughlins Mycroft is great. He brings this negative arch into history by bringing it out into the open. Sam makes the great Mycroft, although he is another sacrificed pawn, and only adds a few pieces to the story. Deliberately throwing diagonally, throwing obstacles in front of Enola. He and Inspector Lestrade, mostly cheap thrills just to revive elements of a popular book.

Another element of the film that is a great disappointment is the Tewkesbury depicted by Louis Partridge. The man plays a rag that has nothing else to do but play the role of Enola’s love. There are so many cases in the film in which he disappoints you that it is really hard to accept this man.

Tewkesbury is also one of the main characters around which the story is written, but he is often played as a subgroup story that pops up from time to time.

Secret in an Enola Holmes film

Usually a riddle moves history forward. It turns out that the Enola Holmes film has a mysterious plot. He can’t turn his head or even widen his eyes. If you are a fan of Sherlock, you should be ashamed of the fact that an inattentive person is the secret of the film.

What immediately strikes me is that the dizzy Enola tries to haunt the contents of the plot. By deliberately going on a secondary mission and withdrawing from her original goal just because she felt it. You can feel the audience’s helplessness. The worst part is that she rubs it in your face and she’s up against wall four. What a disappointment!

There’s nothing really smart about this pimp they’re giving us. Even the final riddle ends with the discovery of the action of the postulate. They’re not at all impressed by his deductions. It doesn’t seem to exist, so it’s exactly the opposite of what Sherlock used to have. Several things try to draw attention to their ingenuity. That’s sad for a pimp movie.

Look at Enola Holmes’ diary:


Enola Holmes is a big absent. You can’t help but wonder: If a better director did it, would it be worth it? Despite the fact that the makers tried to keep Nancy Springer’s book, they were unable to improve its overall quality.

But if you let your girl’s heart play a little violin, you’ll see it’s not so bad. It’s pretty average, and if you don’t think too hard, you can consider it an adventure. Adventures usually help people to survive.

A few good performances by the other actors prevent it from becoming a total disaster, but if you try to look at an impressive measuring device, there is no good reading. That’s not impressive!

Look at Enola Holmes’ trailer:

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Enola Holmes

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  • A major conspiracy failure.
  • A mystery is not a mystery.
  • The fourth wall looked stupid here.
  • Backhoe
  • Fewer substances




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