Entertainment Weekly has new pictures WandaVision.


We’ve had a slightly more accurate look at the new world of scarlet witches. Entertainment Weekly recently spoke with officials from WandaVision. Below you will find some exclusive photos and new information about the show. Basically, WandaVision was filmed live for the studio audience and camera tricks from old sitcoms were used to get a classic television feel; Theona Parris actually plays the adult role of Monica Rambo, although it is not yet known how she fits into the story; part of the series was shot on Blondie Street in Warner Bros. where my father knows best, the enchanted Partridge family and only a dozen of us; WandaVision is based on several comic books and leads directly to The Strange Doctor and The Multiverse of Madness; the series is essentially six movies, as opposed to six episodes of a TV series (which I’ve already heard and will believe when I see it) ; the producers were looking for a Dick Van Dyke TV legend to advise them on how to mimic a winning sitcom formula WandaVision later this year at Disney+, although there is no confirmed premiere date yet.


Most of them aren’t really new. Although we may not have seen these specific photos before, they match the WandaVision trailers and show the sitcom-like world in which Wanda and Vision find themselves. The only possible exception is a picture of Wanda being pregnant; it could just be a sitcom, like when Lucy got pregnant in I Love Lucy, but it could also be a reference to the children she had with Vision in the comics. (Without going too far into the territory of a possible spoiler, the formation of an alternative reality does the trick). I appreciate that they used a studio audience for parts of WandaVision, which is so lacking in today’s sitcoms – most use a fake documentary installation originally made by the board. I’m not buying a whole row. It’s actually just a bunch of movies instead of a regular TV show; it’s the smell of marketing. However, it is disturbing that actress Monica Rambo Theona Parris will surely tell everyone what she said in the series: I hope that by playing this character (a) I will give a group of under-represented people a chance to see themselves and (b) by seeing my black face and body, I will help them to deal with black women and our humanity. I hope this is just his speech and not an indication that WandaVision is abandoning everything to give the public a lecture on racial and gender representation. Anyway, reading is fun, but the information is not very entertaining.

What do you think of the new WandaVision photos? Are you looking forward to the fair? How relieved do you think Disney is to present these shows to most of its so-called Marvel Slate audience? Let us know in the comments and stay Geeks + Gamers to get the news on TV!

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