Going to church with Mulder and Scully

The most important thing is the castle: Katya Herbers, Mike Coulter.

The creators: Michelle King, Robert King.

This is bad. It’s not a good title for the series – it’s very general. The show is about a group of detectives who are confronted with a disproportionate number of… malevolent. I must have an unpleasant respect for putting the cards on the table at the first word.

Evil is a kind of hybrid; it combines elements of a show I’ve known and loved before, including the X-Files, pulp fiction and many ghost hunts and mythological reality shows. The main characters are Kristen (Katya Herbers), a forensic psychologist with her husband and four children; David (Mike Coulter or Luke Cage), a seminarian with a complicated background and a connection to the church; and Ben (Asif Mandvi, whom I’ve known since the days of the Daily Show) as Ben, a master of technique and a paranormal predator. The team’s mission is to investigate supernatural incidents involving the Catholic Church. Miracles, obsessions, demons, you name it, they’ll definitely look at it.

There is also a complete story that accompanies the individual angels and demons – and this is where we receive evil. Michael Emerson (from the film Lost and Interested) has carefully cultivated both the reputation and the behaviour of the most terrible man on television. He plays Leland Townsend, a rival forensic psychologist and psychopath. Or is it a demon? He says there are big forces in the game and warns the team repeatedly that they don’t know what they’re dealing with.

So it’s all very X-Files. A true believer and skeptic who explores the supernatural, in each episode elements of a larger conspiracy emerge. We also have good old-fashioned criminal investigations such as Criminal Minds against common criminals / traced / bad guys. Kristen’s doing a profile, and they’re moving on. Ben plays the role of ghost hunter/miniaturist – he has the technical knowledge to hunt down even the most skilled impostor or lure the bad guys out of the tree with his gadgets.

The elements of evil are not original, so it depends on the casting if it works. And they’re really doing their job. The chemistry between the team members is in itself an interesting and changeable character, with tensions and differences of opinion, with conflicting agendas. Herbers and Coulter are as strong as the head duo, because their heads are above what God is and what science is. Honestly, Ben is my favorite character. He provides most of the comic relief, and Asif Mandvi is an experienced and versatile actor. His character adds a fun element that makes the series look less like an X-Files robbery and gives the trio a chance to go beyond the endless sexual tension between Kristen and David.

Michael Emerson is fantastic. I don’t know if he was an archetypal scum, but in that role he nailed him to the wall. He seems to enjoy these escapades and enjoy playing this very bad man. Evil wouldn’t be so bad without his sinister and pathetic presence.

My doubts about evil are even more whims that need to be resolved as the show progresses. Kristen’s girls have to stop saying everything at once – sometimes it was good and then it got boring. Exhibition organisers need to understand what is real and what is not. They tend to make the dreams bleed, barely under control this season, and they will have to be very careful not to let this fluidity turn into chaos in the coming season. And the special effects could be better. Some are deliberately clumsy, others are just clumsy. Since a certain part has been done very well, it is clear that they have technical skills – they may need an increase in budget.

In general, I really liked the first season of Evil. There are paranormal things I like, with a lot of divorces (including love) and a strong cast of main characters. The program is on CBS and is currently broadcast on Netflix (and works very, very well). The recordings of the second season have been postponed, but I hope the premiere at the CBS will take place in 2020. Otherwise it’s early 2021. I know I’ll set up the DVR.

Where you can broadcast the programs in this overview:

The links in the magazine go to Amazon, where you can buy shows per episode or season, but you can also find them here:

It’s bad: Season 1 is broadcast on both Netflix and CBS All Access.

Lost: River in Hulu

Secret materials: River in Hulu

Interested: Streaming to CBS All access

Think like a criminal: Seasons 1 to 12 will continue to fly on Netflix, and the last season, number 15, will be broadcast on CBS All Access. If you want the seasons 13-14, it seems that buying on Amazon is the cheapest way to do it right now.

The daily show with John Stewart: You can watch the videos on Comedy Central and YouTube.

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