I see you have decided to start with argument.

Last night, when I was looking for Polanski’s Ninth Gate, I saw a movie called Ninth Configuration. I’ve seen it before, and I’ve even remembered it on a VHS rental shelf in the past.

So I thought, what the hell, I’ll take a look.

The films are based on the 1978 novel of the same name by William Peter Blatty, which was a revision of an earlier version of the novel – first published as Twinkle, Twinkle, Killer Kane! 1966.

What I didn’t know was not only Blady’s debut as a director, but also what he thought was a real sequel to the 1977 movie Exorcist.


We’re running out of details on the dead horse John Boorman, the Exorcist II: Heretical, because, frankly, everything’s been said.

For the uninitiated, the Exorcists series consists of five official films, three of which are absolutely unforgettable. In the context of this discussion: Exorcist, Ninth configuration and Exorcist III: The Legion is the only film that exists in this dojo.

The first film is devoted to good and evil, the second to the mystery of good and the third to the human punishment of evil for original sin.

Blatty should have said this:

…is there a God? The exorcist came up with the last question. The ninth configuration approached the problem through what I call the mystery of good. When we are reduced to mindless matter, to atomic structures without a soul, we must always blindly and irresistibly serve our own selfish goals.

Shot on a budget of $4 million and published in 1980, the Ninth Configuration is characterized by a strong cast, strong writing and a refreshingly different perspective that goes deeper than the realities of good and evil – a study of how good can exist in a wretched world.

The first act starts almost comic, my first thought is a difficult restart between One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Jacob’s Ladder (an original, not shitty restart in 2019).

Luckily, I was wrong.

Infinite goodness is the creation of a being that, as you know, will complain in advance.

The conspiracy takes place towards the end of the Vietnam War, when the American government uses the old castle as a refuge for crazy soldiers.

Colonel Kane (Stacey Keach), formerly of the USMC Special Operations Unit, arrives to care for patients with Colonel Fell (Ed Flanders). Kane pays special attention to one patient, namely Bill Katshaw (Scott Wilson), a former astronaut who broke off the lunar launch and was pulled out of the capsule screaming.⋆.jpg

Kane and Katshaw discuss God, God’s plan, and the concept of goodness with Kane in the belief that self-sacrifice is proof of human goodness. Katshaw asks Kane to remember a certain example of pure self-sacrifice from his own experience – which he cannot.

But that’s not what Colonel Kane’s house looks like. From unorthodox treatment methods – enabling patients to fulfill their favorite fantasies – to personal demons.

*** Spoiler signal***

During the war he could not tolerate the blood on his hands, caused by his overzealous murder tendencies. Wrongly sent back to the United States, Kane created a new identity, a good person, to unconsciously heal people as salvation for their suffering.⋆.jpg

It was discovered that his brother, Colonel Fell, had appointed him head of the asylum-as a form of treatment to heal his broken mind-with psychiatric staff to support the deception.

I don’t belong to the club where God lives and hides in Argentina, but I believe in the devil, in the good. Do you know why? Because this idiot keeps advertising!

I confess that I disconnected my laptop and put my phone on this film, which is a personal rarity for me. And I still have to check what I missed because I wasn’t ready for the intellectual challenges.

I suggest you take a look at it, because it’s free now.

And if you think you have a dual function, go to Exorcist III again: The legion. I am happy to report that the hair is still around the neck and that George Scott and Brad Durif pee a lot.⋆.jpg

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