The film Extraction is based on one of Ciudad’s most unfortunate graphic novels, which for once has nothing to do with a superhero. Who could make his protagonist more just than the God of Thunder, Chris Hemsworth? The film takes place against a background of wars between Indian and Bangladeshi gangs.

Director Sam Hargreve takes the daily actions, rubs them on the head, finishes them off with breathtaking, continuous shots that make you feel like you’re there, in the middle of the real thing. Flying bullets, collateral damage, a mountain, a pile usually seem to summarize this adventure to transform the story of And Parks into a worthy screen product.

It has the aesthetics of a very good action film, but also here the whole structure distracts attention from the plot. At times like these, you have to ask yourself the question: Why is she in the game? We have to keep the audience in their corner, give them something to bite.

Chris Hemsworth as Tyler right.

Who better to play an uncompromising action hero than Chris Hemsworth himself? Chris is the only reason the movie Extraction has attracted so much attention. He’s nestled in everyone’s brain with his mind-altering trailer. The director will also make the best of it.

Chris Hemsworth's mining in the water.

We saw Anthony and Joe Russo dig up his body in the final of the Avengers. Film The Extraction finds him in his old smoky avatar. Chris is just as cool as Tyler Rake, a hero with a past that has taken his place at the edge of the well, because he carries with him a relationship of nothingness forever.

With some things in the movie you have to shake your head, but because they are played by Chris, everything seems to fit together somehow. It’s the stuff that works for him. The enormous decimation that takes place when it appears on the screen seems very legal. That’s one of the main reasons why the film is going to hell.

Making the extraction film

Sam Hargreaves is an inspired man. He knows how important it is to take long and continuous shots. How important it is to maintain continuity. The longer the shots, the better.

With that spell at the top, Sam crossed the abyss of insanity forever. He makes sure he hides exactly where the action is. So you get every action first-hand.

Some of the car chase scenes are different than you’ve ever seen. It allows you to stay on the edge of your seat forever, because the action is so wild that it goes down the stairs.

Even more striking is the environment as a whole, the context in which the action takes place. Yes, Sam uses the India-Bangladesh facility to give busy streets, not to mention the stupidity of people not to give two rats fighting in the streets. Accidents are like everyday occurrences.

There are many scenes in which the camera is placed in an extremely unstable way, so in many cases one wonders how the camera was able to take the shot. Since the operator has to be a stuntman on the bait of a certain shot. It’s a well staged dance that the whole production team behind the group dances, giving us the chance to experience a dazzling show.

Randip Hood as Saya

The character of Randip Hood Saju is the right answer to the role of Tyler Chris Hemsworth. A man feels like a machine gun that destroys everything in his path. He’s a pervert and a savage, he won’t give up the fight.

Randip Hood as Saya in a film about predators.

The mercury corner, where the film appears as a boomerang, reminds us of the good old days of the Bourne series. Randeep is like the real fight, the dose you give your action heroes, so the audience understands the seriousness of the situation and knows what they are dealing with.

There’s so much talent in this man, so much versatility, that you know you can pick him up anywhere, leave him anywhere, and he’ll feel at home. Do you remember Sarabjit?

Plot and Scenario

The weakest links in the film are probably the plot and the script. With a limited amount of labelled substance in the background, the extraction process is more of a snapshot. How many times have we met a mercenary who says yes to work and puts him back in the game? I’ve heard that story a million times.

Moreover, there is only one good line in the scenario, but it seems to be forced. Writing the film Extraction reminds you of what it is, just an action film that doesn’t care how it’s written. Creators rely on their actions to confuse you.

It seems to me that many of these fighters get carried away trying to keep their only strength. The atomic blonde was one of them, where only her action is remembered. Despite the fact that the creators tried to give his story priority over the plot, in the end it wasn’t very successful for them. Even John Wick – the first part suffered from the same disease, but was eventually saved by the sequel to Chapter 2 and Parabellum, in which the story took place outside.

If extraction is planned in the long term, you can imagine how this gap can be filled.

Other disadvantages of the film Extract

By putting the good old debates on the adaptation of books, novels or comic strips back to the foreground, the written report leaves much to be desired. When we see it appear on the screen in a tangible form, a lot changes for us.

The film is about the extraction of Chris Hemsworth and Ovi Mahajan.

Many of the elements are confused with the original camera angles that were originally projected to make each tape theatrical. We have to feed on the imagination of a director and a storyboard artist, who ultimately thinks differently and scratches the comic reality that created the unique film in the mind of each fencer.

Because of this we see many scary corners and treacherous places where stories can be told. In these melodramatic pieces we sometimes see through the act, where we can’t help but see how everything really happens on the set. Art often shatters like a piece of broken glass so that you can see through the actions. A great movie doesn’t make you that conscious.

Then there were other sections to worry about. The drama of the film doesn’t exist. You don’t feel any emotion. The film wanted to show Tyler Rakes’ soft spot for a child he saves but can’t use on a large scale. You can feel the numbness when your own dead child from the past doesn’t come into the movie properly. That’s why you had nothing to do with this.


But generally the film surprises by its action. Whether it’s hand-to-hand combat, shooting dozens of people in the head or killing someone with props, the protagonist leaves nothing to chance to entertain you with care.

He meets decent enemies, bad friends, even street kids (see where Chris goes to stay out of trouble), anything that could disrupt his mining mission.

The film ends on a rock – a skill Rousseau picked up in the good old days of the miracle. Now we wait.

Watch the trailer of the movie Extraction :


Poster of the extraction film


  • Large-scale action
  • A brilliant transformation
  • Long continuous shooting
  • Chris Hemsworth and Randyp Hooda.


  • Confidential property
  • plastic scenario




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