Fear the Walking Dead had a big episode last night, as it brought on one of its most popular characters to date. Cindy Hawkins is back in town and has some important information about the apocalypse that needs to be shared. Check out our recap for all you need to know.

The “Fear the Walking Dead” 7×03 Recap: “Cindy Hawkins” is a recap of the episode that aired on July 17th, 2018. It includes spoilers for this episode. Read more in detail here: fear the walking dead cast.

June and JD spent their days in Teddy’s bunker this week on Fear The Walking Dead, preparing for the day when it’s safe to come out. Dark truths concealed under the bunker’s walls rapidly surfaced, and JD started to grow stir-crazy, unable to let go of his past. When the two learned they weren’t alone, things became much worse.

Let’s go through everything again!

Warning: Let’s go through everything again!


We are only the two of us.

The episode opens with a sneak peek of June’s (Jenna Elfman) subterranean existence (Keith Carradine). They seem to be holding their cool, but in quiet. Chores, energy maintenance to keep the lights on, radio outreach, and, paradoxically, the board game LIFE, are all part of their everyday lives. As time passes, a blemish on the ceiling becomes more noticeable.


The damage caused by the nuclear bomb worsens to the point that it resembles an infected wound. JD and June are both awakened in the middle of the night by an earthquake that forces a shelf to tumble down. JD and June uncover a hidden chamber behind it, which turns out to be Teddy’s secret room, where he has kept women he abducted and murdered before the world ended twice. They’re both terrified, and rightly so. JD reminisces about his pursuit of Teddy (John Glover) and the case.


The Last Woman is a film about a woman who is

JD says that out of all the women Teddy murdered, he never found out about Cindy Hawkins (Brittany Bradford). This makes JD want to put Teddy’s betrayal to bed once and for all. He wants to resume his quest for the lady. JD finally returns to the torture chamber and uncovers Teddy’s murder souvenir box, realizing that the tokens he retained signified that the last lady was most likely dead. Still, he hears a weird sound and is frightened as a woman’s voice screams out for assistance.

June, on the other hand, has been working on a pair of nuclear-resistant outfits in case they need to travel to the top. With the situation of the ceiling, it seems that this will happen sooner rather than later. JD puts one of them to the test on the ground, where he discovers Dakota creeping about like a walker.

When a vision of Cindy confronts JD, his history begins to torture him even more. June is concerned that he was wounded up there. He isn’t bitten, but he does suffer from the effects of the radioactive air. June is almost injured as a result of her visions.


The Other Parties

June and JD each notice three additional persons above ground while dealing with their finding. It’s impossible to tell whether they’re allies or adversaries since no one knows who they are. June and JD are having trouble deciding what to do.

After allowing Cindy’s haunting to overcome him, JD attempts to break into Teddy’s torture chamber, only to cause the bunker’s architecture to disintegrate. June is knocked unconscious as a beam holding the bunker up collapses on her. JD manages to get her out as an alarming message plays on the radio as he recovers from the tranquilizer. Those who see them realize their bunker isn’t going to last much longer. Despite this, JD is adamant on putting Cindy to rest like he promised.


JD is saddened to learn that June lied to him about how hazardous it is up there, but he vows to return for her if he keeps his word. She, on the other hand, finds herself in a gunfight with the individuals who are waiting for them outside. Unfortunately, his blurry eyesight and shaky hands don’t help him keep one of them out of the bunker.

JD does not allow the masked guy to harm June. Cindy’s corpse is discovered behind one of the collapsed walls after her rescue and assistance in getting her out of the wreckage.


It Isn’t Going to Hold

After a period of turmoil for each of them, the two are finally ready to face the world. Unfortunately, just as they are ready to depart, the bunker falls in on them.

In Strand’s Tower, the two of them awaken. While June maintains an awkward silence about it, JD expresses his displeasure with the situation. He didn’t deserve to live after what he did to Morgan. Despite Strand’s best efforts to win them over, JD has no intention of staying. June would have accompanied him on this, but they are unable to go. Not with walkers around the Tower from all sides. They’re stranded.

Morgan is too late to reach them, so he and Strand converse over the radio for the first time. Morgan is grateful for Strand’s assistance and is now on a mission to help others. Strand is warned that if it isn’t his genuine reason, he won’t be living for long. The battle lines have been drawn. Which team are you a member of? Is it better to be on Team Morgan or Team Strand?

This week, our thoughts were blown! Morgan and Strand eventually confronted one other, although from afar, but amazing! What were your thoughts on it? Let’s talk about it in the comments, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @TheSeriesRegs to keep up with other series you’re interested in.

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