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In the last 27 years they have never stopped making sniper movies. It may be hard to believe, but so far eight of them have been produced and distributed somewhere, either by cable or directly on DVD. I found the last one, Sniper: Assassin’s End, in my local Redbox and then found their complete set at Walmart (where all the great movies end). Surprisingly, she wasn’t completely buried in a $5 trash can, so I took a bullet and killed them all in a week.

I discovered a largely invisible legacy of international action and intrigue, always involving a rival sniper and a confusing government conspiracy. From Tom Berenger and Billy Zane to Chad Michael Collins and his service comrade, the sniper team has travelled the world for almost three decades, claiming more and more victims. Put on your costume and look at me as I sink into the dark jungle of the B-movie to film one sequel after another.

Top 100 Most popular action films of all time

Sniper (1993)

It’s a little dirty: The first and best game has proven itself with its battle melody, numerous cat and mouse games and the unique Bullet POV action. It amazes the imagination with the hunting aspect of the sniper war and the sound design that allows you to hear and feel every shot. Beckett Berengera burned on silk and hides obvious trust issues with her partner Miller (Billy Zane) and the mission as a whole. How can Beckett be even more tired and cynical after that debilitating jungle foxtrot of Charlie?

Ultimate scope of action : Beckett uses Miller’s nap as bait to neutralize an enemy sniper and makes a direct hit in full view of the enemy. No wonder Miller developed his own trust issues after that episode. It shows how you can create a tense, character-filled and action-packed scene when a single shot is fired. There are other interesting sequences, but this more minimalist action seems more intense.

Evaluation : 5/5 M40A1s

Sniper 2 (2002)

It’s a little dirty: Nine years later, and Beckett hasn’t softened her outlook on life at all. He came back to eliminate a troubled terrorist in the former Yugoslavia, or so he thinks. Federal prisoner and sporadic shooter Cole (played enough by Boke Woodbine) is his new partner and is another reason not to trust anyone. There are so many double crosses that it’s hard to know what is what and who is who, but hey, filmmakers could afford a decent float and action with a production value, even though their budget is estimated at $5 million (it was shot in Eastern Europe, so it makes sense).

Ultimate scope of action : Although there are many explosions and shocking, bloodless shootings to keep you in the loop, the convoy’s escape scene is well executed and offers a skilful combination of traditional action and sniper friendliness that makes it too good to go straight to the video title. But there’s no spherical fist in it! Disappointing, but the rest of the action more than makes up for it.

Evaluation : 4/5 Remington PSS

Sniper 3 (2004)

It’s a little dirty: Beckett is again asked to act, even though he is in the early stages of paralysis and his finger is not quite on the trigger. This time he returns to Vietnam to find his former brother in arms, who has become a villain. The apocalypse is now abundant in this unbiased thriller/spy with a slightly lighter plot. Beckett makes a friend who, as we all know, is only there to develop his character and his career. He’s still a cynical old bastard, but we see a more caring and fatherly side of Ganny, who’s now well into retirement.

Ultimate scope of action : While he and his partner were chasing several thugs in a Vietnamese nightclub crowded by local police, Beckett and his colleagues were ambushed when Saigon, sorry to say, witnessed a large-scale shooting in Ho Chi Minh City. There is a good mix of gunfu and sniper, and counter-sniper for good action. Beckett will deliver another round, but this time with a gun! It’s still cool, but it doesn’t feel right at all.

Evaluation : 2/5 Remington Aix

Sniper: Transhipment (2011)

It’s a little dirty: Sergeant Beckett takes a well-deserved vacation in this smooth relaunch of the sniper franchise. We find out Beckett has a son named Brandon, who was also in the Marines, but he talked about it. He has some problems with his father and he thinks being a sniper is a bad way to fight. Maybe if he comes back and misses a lot, Billy Zane can convince him to learn to love the telescope. This time the rally takes place in Congo, and Baby Beckett’s unit is on a UN mission to protect white farmers from militant rebels and others. In fact, in this more stylized and accelerated casting plan, you get blood and plenty of shots. Standard edition rival conspirator-sniper trophies and sneaky conspirator-sniper trophies continue the sniper tradition in this live-usual (or is it a reboot?) sniper robot designed for live broadcast.

Ultimate scope of action :  Especially ruthless rebels practice their machete skills on poor war orphans, while Brandon shows them his hidden sniper skills. He starts throwing one club at a time and empties about six balls into an overloaded bat that gives no clues. Billy Zane in a Gilly costume provides extra cover as they begin to free the children from the slaves in the way of the Temple of Rocks. Collins looks a lot like Berenger in this scene, because he quietly destroys a small battalion with an old Lee-Enfield repeating rifle.

Evaluation : 3/5 .303 Lee-field

Sniper: Heritage (2014)

It’s a little dirty: The soft-bota sequel offers Beckett’s expected reunion with the war-torn Syrian context. This mission is more about fumigating a bad sniper. He fired members of his former unit, including Thomas Beckett, who was sent to Afghanistan and seriously participated in Operation FUBAR in 2004. Chad Michael Collins returns as a baby Beckett and his former father’s ally in the Home Office to exercise sniper justice and emerge from another alleged and confusing government conspiracy. By eliminating all the emotional problems of father and son, Collins ensures the best possible leadership performance, while Berenger becomes a tired and rusty player who supports the game. It’s relatively simple, without any kind of aftercare. There is also the Big League reunion with Pedro Serrano (alias Dennis Heisbert).

Ultimate scope of action : By giving in to the deadly vendetta of a bad sniper, the good snipers and the coalition fire team lose their mission to destroy a terrorist target. Fortunately for us this resulted in a fierce battle from the city with machine guns on fire, brass snipers hitting the bridge and rocket launchers shooting the wreckage into other debris. This sequence of actions seems impressive given the volume of production.

Evaluation : 3/5 Steyr HS’s .50 Remote control

Sniper: Ghost Arrow (2016)

It’s a little dirty: Berenger takes a nap while Zane, one of Collins’ fathers, goes on a pipeline mission to Central Asia and several teams of snipers full of chess. The Transgruzzo oil pipeline and its director must be protected at all costs, while the terrorist tactical group ISIS is trying to disrupt regional energy stability. It’s a normal plot, but it’s set against a backdrop of snowy mountains, so it’s visually very interesting. Pedro Serrano returns as colonel who controls the flight drones in charge of surveillance, but the terrorists find a way to exploit the technical advantage. Baby Beckett cannot step out of her father’s shadow, especially when it comes to the single entry in this new rechargeable franchise.

Ultimate scope of action : Sergeant Beckett and his group of rabid Georgian snipers are attacked in their hiding place with explosive and moving effects. Waves of winter-ready rebels crash into the hut before being hit in the head by sniper and mentor fire. Again, this is a cleverly filmed action, shot as part of an otherwise unforgettable direct DVD release.

Evaluation : 2/5 .338 Lapua Magnum AX338s

Sniper: Maximum number of murders (2017)

It’s a little dirty: It’s an unexpected breath of fresh air that brings DTV 2010’s hugely successful franchise to life. They even brought shots with a bullet from the original film. From the last introductory series, which contains an opera full of frontal nudity and an explosive headbutt, to Berenger, who really tries to give a delightful performance as commander of operations, this suite is truly breathtaking. Berenger and Zane have finally joined forces again to support Collins, whose mission it is to destroy El Diablo, a sniper hired by the greatest Irish crime boss of all time. Zane glows like a reckless field commander when Collins takes the trash out of the drug trade.

Ultimate scope of action : This film tries to reintroduce the sniper ethics on the battlefield in a scene where an Allied priest, who has become an informer, is hung from a tree in front of his church. The ethical dilemma is clear: Pull the rope and open your position or suffocate it while desperately looking for an opponent. Such a choice never ends well, but this scene reminds the spectator of the bets, while at the same time we have to worry a little more about the characters.

Evaluation : 4/5 Cheitak M-200

Sniper: End of the killer (2020)

It’s a little dirty: The filmmakers seem to have forgotten the last film and returned to different roles to play a master gunman, Sergeant Beckett, as a hermit in the woods who hung up his rifle. Little Beckett is accused of murder when father and son get together to accept broken relationships, evade the law and break a bloody hostile conspiracy. A rival sniper is a yakuza, a trained bastard with a past, passing Lady Death. The Becketts do their best to combat international conspiracies and national intelligence investigations, with the help of a more informed narrative that does not nip actions with a major impact in the bud.

Ultimate scope of action : The triple sniper fight starts when an angry sniper bumps into Becketts in the woods. In fact, it’s a Mortal Kombat where Metal Gear Solid meets Metal Gear Solid as the sniper confrontation turns into a hand-to-hand fight. At least the Becketts are leading the way, but for how long?

Evaluation : 3/5 Unknown recalls

Where do they go from here? I’m sure there are still a few bullets in the magazine, or at least one in the cell before 2023, the 30th anniversary of the president’s death. Birthday of the sniper franchise. Although there have been a few forgotten episodes, sniper movies offer consistent and competent action at a reasonable price.

Although Berenger and Zane eventually ended the series, Chad Michael Collins fulfilled his mission properly for almost 10 years. Future sniper movies could use a shake-up, maybe a genre crossover. The vibrations of the thriller and the mountain effects in the following sequences will get their full extent in the horror story. Whatever they find, I’ll definitely try the red box next to my grocery store.

In case you’re wondering, here’s the best and worst evaluation of sniper movies so far

  • Sniper
  • Sniper 2
  • Sniper: The ultimate murder
  • Sniper: The end of the killer
  • Sniper: Loaded with .
  • Sniper: Heritage
  • Sniper: Ghost shooter
  • Sniper 3

And special calls to the Internet Movie Gun Database to identify the weapons used in every movie except Assassin’s End (but I know they’ll get around that eventually).

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