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First Spaceship to Venus is a 1960 East German and Polish science fiction film about an international astronaut team sent to the planet Venus.

Directed by: Kurt Matzig to a scenario he wrote with Jan Fetke, Wolfgang Koolhaase, Günter Reisch, Günter Rücker, Alexander Stenbock-Fermor and J. Barhauer (without mentioning names), based on the novel Cosmonauts by the Polish writer Stanislaw Lem.

The film stars Joko Tani, Oldřich Lukes, Ignacy Macovský, Julius Ongeve and Mikhail N. Postnikov.


After the discovery of an ancient, long buried spacecraft flight recorder, apparently from Venus, a human spacecraft is sent to Venus.

The crew discovers a long dead Venusian civilization that has developed a device to destroy all life on Earth before the invasion. Before they could carry out their plan, they died in a global nuclear war. …..

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…] The uneven editing takes the film from humorous to vague […] The sets probably hold up best, with impressive Venetian fog and landscape effects that seem to come from Crazy Kat’s nightmares. Report on bad movies.

Silent Star’s images of molten cities and crystallized forests shrouded in swirling clouds of gas are masterpieces of production design. The scene where the three astronauts half threaten to climb the miniature Tower of Babel behind an encroaching sea of mud is not entirely convincing, but it’s still hard to watch. Alex Cox, The Guardian, 30. June 2011.

After arriving on Venus, which is described with some imagination – a fog-covered world where the northern lights illuminate the sky and which is filled with alien geodesic domes, mountains with globes, petrified forests and ruined cities – things really start to happen. A sense of mystery is revealed when the astronauts explore a ruined city, and there’s a nice scene where they’re chased by an ominous oil slick on a tower. Moria

…changes rapidly with the arrival on Venus. It’s still slow, but thoughtful, typical of the best communist fiction of the era. The film also starts to get exciting, almost exhilarating, and there are some truly stunning, almost breathtaking landscape shots showing the Venus landscape. Money in a haystack.

The actors and characters:

Yoko Tani… Japanese doctor / Sumiko Ogimura MDOldrich Lukes … American nuclear physicist / Professor Harringway HawlingIgnacy Machovsky … Polish Chief Engineer / Professor Saltyk / Professor DuranJulius Ongewe … African television technician / TaluaMikhail N. Postnikov… Soviet astronaut / professor … Arsenyev / Prof. Orlov (as Mikhail N. Postnikov)Kurt Ruckelmann … Indian mathematician / professional… SicarnaGünter Simon… German pilot / Robert / Raimund BrinkmannHua-Ta Tang … Chinese linguist / Dr Cheng Yu / Lao Tsu (as Tan Hua-Ta)Lucina Winnika … Television journalist / Joan Moran (as Lucina Winnika) …


Berlin-Johannistal Airport, East Germany
DEFA Studio for Feature Films, Babelsberg, Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany (studio)
WFF Film Studios, Wrocław, Dolnoślaski, Poland (studio)
Zakopane, Poland (location shooting)

Technical details:

95 minutes. Format
Agfacolor | Technicolor (American edition)
: 2.35 : 1 | Totalvision (US version)
Audio : 4-track stereo system

Original title:

The Silent Star

The liberation of the United States:

The film was distributed in the United States in 1962 by Crown International Pictures as The First Spaceship on Venus, in a double bill with Varan the Incredible. The film has been shortened to 80 minutes, dubbed into English, and the score by Andrzej Markowski has been replaced by a collapsible score prepared by Gordon Zahler of General Music Corporation.

Two different versions of the film, Starship Venus – Unresponsive and Planet of the Dead, were also released in the US at the time.

Fun facts:

Stanislaw Lem, whose novel is based on the film, was highly critical of the adaptation and wanted his name removed from the credits in protest: She practically made speeches about the struggle for peace. A worthless script was drawn; the tar bubbled up, which even a child would not have been afraid of.

A short sequence from First Spaceship on Venus was used as a non-film in the low-budget American feature Galactica (1980).

The original, uncut version of the film was finally re-released in the United States. In 2004, the film was re-released under the original title Silent Star by DEFA Cinema at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.


Full movie online free [1080p HD] :

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