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Flesh for the Inferno is an American horror film from 2015 about teenagers being persecuted and killed by demonic nuns in an abandoned Catholic school.

Realisation and assembly : Richard Griffin (Seven Nights of Death; Sins of Dracula; Starving Frankenstein; University of Murder; Disco Exorcist; etc.) based on a scenario by Michael Warrati (Tales of Poe; Sins of Dracula; 60 Seconds Before Death). The stars of the Scorpio production are Anna Rizzo, Jamie Duphot, Monica Savilyakis, Jamie Lin Bagley and Michael Terber. Produced by Richard Griffin, Ted Marr and J. Clark. Fish.

The synthesizer score for the soundtrack was written by Timothy Fife (Magnificence of the Fall of Death; Blood Mania Gershell Gordon Lewis; Seven Lunches of Death; Hungry Dead Frankenstein; University of Murder etc.).


At the Catholic school, the Sisters observed that the priest did more than just accompany his students in prayer. The sisters are not satisfied with laziness when evil runs into their halls, but decide to act. Faced with the nuns about his bad manners, the priest took revenge. Because he resisted her, the father took his sister hostage and buried her in the basement walls of the school. Sadistic and deadly punishments have shaken the women’s faith and forced them to take their holy vows at the moments before their death.

Decades later, school is a holiday. Selected by the municipality as a building for urban renewal, a group of young neighbours volunteered to clean up during the day.

Reviews [Click on the links for more information] :

There’s a decent pot in it, but not so much. A lot of forced and not very funny dialogues, made by lesser known actors. I may have seen it before I saw Griffin’s other work, which I liked more, but it wasn’t. He’s done better in the past… Disgusting

Griffin doesn’t drop everything to show off some visual effects or his own twisted imagination; according to Michael Varrati, the script keeps things humble and dirty, if not very clean. True to its name, the meat cannot be saturated with mountain meat and rotten meat. The victims, mostly young people, die of suffocation and filth, according to the tradition of horror films. Some movies are disgusting in the sense that the greyhounds will love them and throw away most of the others… Electronic film reviews

It’s a bloody cruel knockout with a terrible click. In contrast to the grumpy editor, this film proves that it is a real love letter to the spaghetti. The lighting is part of Bav and Fulcha, the plot is the same in many ways (just like the score), and everything comes with a real understanding of the genre. Famous monsters of the cinema

With an excellent script and a very clever instant dialogue, a beautifully directed film and excellent music from the 80s by Timothy Fife, I found myself in a horror paradise. Griffin and Varrati took an idea that had been made before and made it fresh and unique! Bravo, gentlemen! The last boy

There are several supernatural elements in the film that remind me a lot of the most unknown films of 1990, namely Demonic Winds, which then meet films like Lamberto Bavas’ classic demons and Lucio Fulci’s City of the Undead. History can combine some of these elements with stories that became famous in the seventies with classic Italian horror films, with the cinematography and exposure of Giullo’s film. Horror club

Flesh for Inferno (2015) is a huge entertainment horror film that manages to be just as funny, scary and horrible. Griffin always does a lot with little, the production is helped by the good writer Michael Warrati (Sins of Dracula) and the excellent performances of the actors with whom Griffin has worked over the years. MacBastard Mausoleum

In addition to one or two screenings, the acting performance in the film was quite strong. Meredith Jamie Lin Badgley was remarkable. Bagley’s performance as an authoritarian Christian seemed fair enough to me […] The film unfolded in a decent clip until the last quarter of an hour, when the rhythm completely stopped. Unfortunately, the third act was so long. Rock! Shock! Daddy! Daddy!

The cast of actors is pleasant (although their acting performance varies from location to location); the production values are very impressive for the indie filter, taking advantage of elegant lighting with color filtering and a variety of satisfying practical effects; the pace is kept sardonic from the beginning in […] Script by Michael Varrati […] Michael Varrati’s sardonic….. MMS

…the horror of the ’80s combined with the contemporary sarcasm and humour that distinguishes Scorpio films from some other independent horror stories. We have the first refrigerators as different as the Amontillado Barrel and the Original Evil Dead. Pigs with moaning Kents.

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The film was released in the United States on the 23rd. February 2016 as part of the Scorpio movie release program with the following details on DVD

Comments with director Richard Griffin and author Michael Warrati
Comments with actors and crew
Interview with director Richard Griffin and author Michael Warrati

The actors and characters:

Anna Rizzo… Cat. Michael Terber… Mr. MopinJamie Lyn Bagley. MeredithJamie Dufoe… NoahSean Lecher… HalseyMonica Saviviviakis… Nurse MillicentKevin Michael Strauss… IanTiffany Lee Ferris… Sister Louise Ryan Nunes… Patton-Samantha Acampora… Sister IreneLaura Minadeo… Gwen Andrew Morais… Chester-Aaron Andrade… Tretway’s devil… Officer McGrove Andrew Andrade. Agent GeorgeJackie B. Fabian… Becca (as Jacqueline Fabian) Sarah Niklin… Claudette Steven O’Brien… Father RenaultSissy O’Hara… Sister Mary Francis-Michael Warrati… Ethan’s with the police…

Technical details :

85 minutes
aspect ratio : 2.35 : 1
tone : Stereo

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