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Fred Klaus is the older brother of Nicholas Nick Klaus, a man who knows the world like Santa Claus. Fred spent eternal life in the shadow of his little brother. Fred is jealous of his brother and tired of the constant praise of Nick’s parents. However, when Fred needed help to get out of trouble and finance a new business, Nick offered him a job in his shop at the North Pole. But Fred’s presence in the factory causes chaos and creates problems for Nick, whose efficiency is verified by government officials. Can the brothers get together to save not only Nick’s workshop, but Christmas itself?

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Fred Klaus (2007) Fred Klaus (Vince Vaughn) has always grown up in the long shadow of his much more successful younger brother Nicholas Nick Klaus (Paul Giamatti). The whole world knows Nick as Santa Claus. Nick’s selflessness and benevolence toward the world made him a saint who made him and his family immortal. Fred is very jealous of his brother and is furious that his parents, father and mother Klaus (Trevor Peacock and Katie Bates) prefer their youngest child. This resentment and jealousy has caused a rift between the brothers.

While Nick transforms into a modern Santa Claus, Fred becomes a cop to restore his property in Chicago. Fred lives alone, but is friends with an orphan boy named Samuel Helm Gibbons (Bobby J. Thompson). Fred’s happiness continues to deteriorate after his girlfriend Wanda (Rachel Weisch) broke up with him and Fred is arrested for posing as a Salvation Army officer to raise money for an illegal casino project. Fred has to ask his younger brother for bail and seed money. Nick is willing to give money on the condition that Fred goes on holiday to the North Pole and earns money.

Fred is escorted to the North Pole by Elven Willie (John Michael Higgins). Nick blames Fred for putting children on lists of bad or good children. At the same time, Nick is being evaluated by Clyde Northcutt (Kevin Spacey), an efficiency expert from the State Agency for the Supervision of Supernatural Activities. Northcutt is looking for an explanation for Nick’s poor performance based on three shots. Fred caused chaos in the studio by switching the radio from traditional festival music to classical rock’n’roll, which resulted in a spontaneous party. Insufficient performance leads to Clyde’s first strike.

After a while Fred attends an intense family dinner with Nick, Nick’s wife Annette (Miranda Richardson) and the boys’ parents. The constant greed of the parents for Nick’s performance leads to Fred leaving dinner. Meanwhile, Clyde secretly breaks the children’s letters to Santa Claus and blames Fred. When the missing emails are discovered and the backups are not easily accessible, Clyde hits Nick a second time. Fred continues his analysis of the naughty list. He notes that the helmet is on the naughty list, but believes that the orphan is a good child whose bad behavior is only the result of abuse in the orphanage. Fred puts Slam and every other kid in the world on a good list.

Finally, Nick learns from Fred’s decision and the brothers argue. Eventually Nick injured his back, making it almost impossible to deliver the toys to the world. Worse, Fred’s actions do not allow the North Pole to produce enough toys for all the good children of the world. The elves begin to fall behind, forcing Clyde to launch a third strike, which actually closes the store. Fred collects his money, his things and leaves. Nick gives him a present before he leaves. Back home Fred opens the gift and discovers that it is a copy of a birdhouse he had as a child. Fred realizes that his younger brother really cares about him, so he uses his seed money to go back to the North Pole and help Nick.

Nick’s still recovering from his back injury, so he can’t give the world a gift. Fred overcomes the guilt and decides to deliver the gifts himself. Before he leaves, he reminds Nick that there are no bad children, only difficult situations, and that every child deserves a Christmas present. Fred asked the elves to make simple gifts so that every child would have a toy. Fred and Willie start delivering presents, but Clyde sabotages their efforts again. Nick understands that Clyde was bullied as a child, which led to his agitated behavior. Nick apologizes to Clyde for always putting him on the naughty list and gives him the Superman cape he always asked for as a child.

Back in Chicago, Fred Slam, dressed as Santa Claus, visited Fred and gave him the dog he wanted for Christmas. Fred tells Sam to get better. With every gift and every empty bag, Fred returns to the North Pole, where he makes up for his younger brother. Clyde changed his mind and started working at the North Pole. In the end Slam takes on a loving family and Fred gets his relationship with Wanda back. A year later, the whole Klaus family was happy to be together for Christmas.

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