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Galaxy Quest is a comic science fiction film made in 1999 about the stars of a fantasy TV show involved in a real alien war in space. It’s a parody and a tribute to science fiction films and series, especially Star Trek and its loyal fans.

Directed by Dean Pariso from the script of David Howard and Robert Gordon, based on the story of the first. Grand Via Productions with Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub and Sam Rockwell The score of the soundtrack was written by David Newman.


The television show Galaxy Quest (strangely reminiscent of Star Trek) is fed and maintained by a cult of admirers. The most important members of the Galaxy Quest who couldn’t find work have since stayed together for fan conferences at hotels and humiliating bookings, although most of them don’t like Thespian’s arrogant host Jason Nesmit (Tim Allen).

Nesmitu and the group are paid to rehearse their roles aboard a replica of the famous spaceship Protector. The half-breaking Nesmite thinks it’s just a complicated imaginary pleasure, but in reality, due to extraterrestrial misunderstandings, the ship is now real, and are the loving actors in a real war on the high seas between a peaceful race and the conquest of reptiles.

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Remember what you did on the eve of 1999, the popular beginning of the new millennium? (Yes, yes, the new mathematically real millennium began in 2001, but people tend to be stupid; there is enough evidence for that). Well, a lot of Christmas fans wanted to see Galaxy Quest, the release of Hollywood’s promising new super studio, DreamWorks.

The film has a star idea and is certainly entertaining, but is – just like the new 21st century – also a very entertaining film. Century, which was supposedly discovered – it could have been much better, let’s face it.

Imagine an American television series from the early 1980s called Galaxy Quest, which, like Star Trek, will be remembered forever by fans and teenagers alike. His protagonists, who can’t find work anywhere else, dress eerily to mimic their old characters at the openings of shopping malls in California and at weekend fan conventions. Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen) as the protagonist of a fictional program, Captain Peter Quincy McTaggart, ran the spaceship Defender, got his shirt torn in battle, stole the scenes and walked into the flower beds of his Thespian colleagues, who still hate his status.

Then they recruit a team to play again for a bunch of strangely dressed overalls, and create a confrontation with reptile monsters in which the drunken nesmite thinks it’s just a complicated fantasy. But this time it’s real. The advanced and peaceful extraterrestrial race, the Armenians, watched reruns of Galaxy Quest and, because they had nothing comparable to the artifacts or theatrical performances in their culture, they assumed that the show was real, real.

With all his culture revolving around Galaxy Quest and the truly functional The Protector (a nice variation on the same lame tracking device that Gene Roddenberry and his friends used for their show when the sets or costumes seemed to transport the crew of the USS Enterprise to an environment like the Old West, ancient Rome or the jazz era of Chicago), Nesmit and his uncomfortable costumes plunge into a true interstellar war.

How can you be wrong in a room like this? Well, uh… It may be appropriate that director Dean Pariso replaced the original director Harold Ramis, known as Ghostbusters, halfway through. Maybe that’s why everything seems a bit fragmented here, the jokes become the victim of an error of judgement or a failed extradition (Ramis will rather work on a very useless remake of the cult comedy Bedazzled, so no points will be scored there either).

On the other hand, the glitter splinters sometimes puncture the expensive F/X and CGI creatures and forge the ridiculous circuits of The Protector with their overly dramatic channel and self-destruct mode. One of the actors fears that, because his character wears a red shirt and has no name, he will die anonymously, as an extra consumable. The Sigourney Weaver, which is distinguished by its blonde hair and cleavage, is a symbol of the network gender, whose only function on the ship is to repeat exactly what the protector says, what the computer just said.

Alan Rickman plays the equivalent in the series of Spock, a classic actor of vague quality Patrick Stewart, who is forced to play some kind of alien half fish and wear a head make-up machine (which he never takes off himself). Tim Allen, who like Nesmit had the juicy opportunity to play in William Shatner’s Toy Story, is strangely reluctant to do so; he has shown a more appropriate sense of humour in every comic toy story, like the voice of Buzz Lightyear. Again, no one can burlesque William Shatner better than William Shatner himself, as the actor showed at about the same time in the discreet comedy Free Enterprise.

So Galaxy Quest isn’t Ghostbusters, but what is it? Make the most of it and hope there are other excellent satires waiting for you (and by the way, centuries).

Charles Cassady Jr..,

Other exams :

Deceptively sharp, but never cruel, sweet, never influenced and never patronised by his object or fan base, Galaxy Quest manages to wrap up the fandom of his life in his 100 minutes of racing and manages not only to honor those fans and show them that they love, but also to give them something new to love. Craggus

This is not only a brilliant Star Trek satire, but also a respectful (and touching) tribute to fandom in general.  Incredible casting, fast pace, Grabthar hammer, impressive special effects, historical documents, composters, rock samples, tentacles, great history. Galaxy Quest is a great movie that you can enjoy over and over again. I highly recommend it. Lucky amulets

If you buy a contagious (but certainly everyday) spirit, you will appreciate it. Those who expect a high dose of action and adventure or real substance will be disappointed. The search for the galaxy isn’t always fun, but most of the time it is. And in terms of production values, the film looks much better than one would expect from a space comedy. Most special effects are first class. General

The humour of a film works best when the illogicality of a TV programme is disturbing. On board, for example, there is a passageway that is blocked by alternating vertical and horizontal fireworks breaking from one side to the other. Negotiations on this subject can be fatal. Why are they here? No reason at all. It’s not because they look good on TV. Roger Ebert, 24 years old. December 1999.

The crazy thing about Galaxy Quest is that it’s a better breathtaking show than most current Star Trek movies. I’d even say it’s better than twelve out of thirteen Star Trek movies. I was even a little stifled when Rickman said that his most hated slogan would strengthen the spirit of a dying crewman. Vacuum for video

The actors and characters:

Tim Allen… Jason Nesmith,
Sigourney Weaver… Gwen DeMarco
Alan Rickman… Alexander Dane
Tony Shalhoub… Fred Kwan
Sam Rockwell… Guy Fligman
Daryl Mitchell… Tommy Webber
Enrico Colantoni Mathesar
Robin Sachs… Sarris
Patrick Breen. Quellek
Missi Pyle … Laliari
Jed Rees Teb
Justin Long… Brandon
Jeremy Howard. Kyle
Kaitlin Cullum… Katelyn
Jonathan Feyer… Hollister
Blue Corbin… Young Tommy
Wayne Pere… Tower
Sam Lloyd… Neru (under the name Samuel Lloyd)

Technical details :

102 minutes
Technical colour
Aspect ratio: 2.39 : 1
tone : DTS | Dolby Digital | SDDS

Nice facts:

The theatrical version was presented in three different formats: The first scenes with excerpts from television series were shown at a ratio of 1.33:1; the first part of the story, which focused on the Earth, was framed at a ratio of 1.85:1; scenes that took place in space were shown at a ratio of 2.35:1. The DVD contains only the first scenes in full screen (1.33:1) and then shows the rest of the movie in a larger format (2.35:1). This was done on purpose because director Dean Parizo thought it would work better on home video screens.

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