Spoilers and rumors of Peter August (Wes Ramsey) and Cyrus Reno (Jeff Kober) having a naughtyGeneral Hospital (GH)! Will they form a mutually beneficial relationship in future episodes of General Hospital?

Hospital Spoilers– A partnership with Peter Augustus would have brought Cyrus Renault much more than his previous partnership with Julian Jerome.

Viewers of General Hospital will remember that Cyrus had previously tried to establish a business relationship with Julian Jerome (William DeVry). Julian refused several times, nor would he sell him his bar, Charlie’s Pub, so he could use it as a cover for selling drugs. We blackmailed Julian and forced him to put a bomb in the Floating Rib, which he had been told would not explode with the people inside – it would only kill Jason Morgan (Steve Burton).

But when Julian uses the disposable cell phone Cyrus gave him to contact the general hospital, it turns out to be the detonator for the bomb! Jason and Danny Morgan (Porter Fasullo) were already far from the court at the time of the explosion, which Cyrus considered a failure on Julian’s part!

Cyrus also granted unwanted favors to Julian, such as stabbing Ryan Chamberlain (John Lindstrom), one of his henchmen at Pentonville Prison, in the back. We can consider this an indirect mistake by Cyrus because Ryan is not dead! Besides, Ryan is faking it. It could come back to haunt Cyrus in the future if he finds out Cyrus released a hit! Compare the handwriting of Cyrus with that of Peter. Peter also has a network of like-minded people that he probably inherited from his late father Cesar Faison (Anders Howe).

This network of associates was responsible for the disappearance and presumed death of Drew Kane (Billy Miller) to cover up Peter’s involvement in Drew’s kidnapping in Afghanistan, along with Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers). He was also responsible for Jason being held in the Boronsky Clinic in Russia for about five years, until Ava Cassadine (Maura West) helped him escape. He also accuses Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gathy) of his crimes, but it all falls apart, Peter doesn’t know it yet! Looks like Cyrus and Peter have a heavenly bond!

GH Spoiler Updates – Peter August and Cyrus Reno can have many benefits.

Peter and Cyrus could certainly do a lot of business services for each other if they joined forces. Peter is not Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson), but he seems much more technically adept than Cyrus. Cyrus is pretty good at Internet sleuthing, and so he discovers that Laura Collins (Jean Francis) is his half-sister and Martina Gray’s (Michael E. Knight) half-sister, and their rather turbulent pasts.

General Hospital spoilers will show that Peter has access to the DVX killers, and it’s pretty clear from what happened to Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) that the bad guys have infiltrated the BMS again.

Spoiler from General Hospital: Peter’s article creates confusion – it reveals the shocking similarity between Jason and Franco https://t.co/lWmHWNxwS9 pic.twitter.com/RgRwPFBSfe

– SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) 25. January 2021

Viewers of General Hospital will remember how Victor Cassadine (Taao Pengis) ran the BMS a few years ago, before Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner) took over. But since Liesl has taken over the running of his medical establishment in Geneva, Switzerland, it is doubtful that Frisco is still the big boss!

General Hospital reveals that Cyrus has access to drug manufacturers, drug shipping routes, and multiple accomplices and warehouses, and that he also has hit men. With Peter and Cyrus together, the good guys will really have a lot of action to do!

Stay tuned and regularly check General Hospital spoilers and rumors for the latest news, GH episode updates, actor arrivals and departures, and events!

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