General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Gives Up On Lulu – Dante Fights To Keep Her Alive? Spoilers at the General Hospital (GH) complain that the family of Lulu Spencer (Emma Rylan) will receive disturbing news in the coming days. As GH viewers know, Lulu suffered a head injury in an explosion on the hover’s coast. Later, in the hospital, she lost consciousness at the hands of Dante Falconeri (Dominique Zamprogna). It seems that Lulu’s condition will remain serious and that her family will be informed that she needs long-term care and should not come out of her coma.

It will certainly be devastating for Laura Collins (Gene Francis) and Dante, who want nothing more than for Lulu to wake up. Lulu has Charlotte Cassadin (Scarlett Fernandez) and Rocco Falconeri (O’Neill Monahan), and Laura and Dante will want to give Lulu every chance to get better and come back to all of them.

Hospital– Laura Collins and Dante Falconeri have a different opinion

However, it seems that Laura and Dante will not agree on how Lulu will develop. In GH’s new advertising video, Dante vehemently wonders if Laura will give up her daughter, giving the impression that Laura can insist that Lulu just feels comfortable taking care of her and moving to an old people’s home. GH viewers will remember that Turning Woods has a long sickbay wing in which Lucas Jones (then played by Ryan Carnes) awoke from his coma.

SpoilerGH – Dante Falconeri withstands

But it seems that Dante can resist the idea of placing Lulu in a long-term care facility. In his fear and sadness, Dante can see this step as a sign that everyone is giving up hope that Lulu can get out of this situation. Of course, Dante is probably strongly responsible for the fact that he hasn’t been with Lulu very long, so some of his feelings probably come from there.

Laura may be able to convince Dante that by placing Lula in an old people’s home, she will not give up, but put her at ease and give her time to heal. However, it can be difficult to sell with Dante, who is probably clinging to the hope that Lulu will come back sooner or later. It’s Dante’s natural instinct, and it probably comes from a place of love.

General Hospital spoilers: Brando is trying to convince Sasha to give up the medication, wants to save his life #GH # General Hospital

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Of course Laura can understand that Lulu would be much better off in an establishment not run by Cyrus Renault (Jeff Cober), and the more Dante thinks about it, the more he can come to that conclusion. It would certainly be unusual for Laura not to really give up on Lulu under any circumstances; she would just think that Lulu would be better taken care of in another institution than Cyrus’.

Let’s see how it turns out, but it looks like Lulu is going to a place like Wrap the Forest to recover for a long time. Do you think Laura Dante will convince you that long-term care is the right way for Lulu?

Stay with us for the ABC soap and prepare the CDL so you don’t miss the latest general hospital spoilers, daily delivery reports and the news.

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