Michael Corinthos (Chad Dwell) Spoilers in the General Hospital are joking about the fact that Michael Corinthos (Chad Dwell) might have a flashlight for his ex-girlfriend Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattson), whether he realizes it or not! He seems to have overreacted when he saw Cyrus Renault (Jeff Cober) in Sasha’s room in the general hospital!

hospital spoiler – Jason Morgan called Michael Corinthos and thought he wanted to know about.

Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) called Michael to tell him what had happened to Sasha and decided he wanted to know; and he was absolutely right! Michael was very worried about him when he arrived at the general hospital where his uncle, Dr. Lucas Jones (Matt Trudeau), was present when Sasha was taken to the emergency room.

After Sasha stabilized and the test results came back, Lucas said that the overdose that apparently led to the heart attack was chemically linked to cocaine, but that it might have been done with a pen to increase the dose, or that it might have been a wrong turn. Brando Corbin (Johnny Factor) told her when Sasha arrived in the ambulance that he thought she was taking cocaine.

Brando had a drug problem in the past, and he did the time, so he knew about drugs and overdoses! Mikhail was so visibly concerned about Sascha that one has to wonder whether he carries a torch for her, whether he wants to confess or not. He probably feels responsible for taking this medication because of the bad divorce he was talking about, but his emotions are based on guilt.

SpoilerGH – Michael Corinth overreacts when he sees Cyrus Renault in Sasha Gilmore’s hospital room.

Michael overreacts when he sees Cyrus in Sasha’s hospital room, and he seems to have noticed that he was trying to shut down Sasha’s life support systems! Saving Sasha from closing Cyrus down is one thing, but if he hadn’t been stopped by Jason, he would have literally ripped Cyrus’s head off with his bare hands. He was right to accuse Cyrus of being a dirty drug dealer and blame him for Sasha’s dangerous condition!

But he was more angry with Cyrus, if possible, than with Shiloh Archer (Kobe Ryan McLaughlin), who tried to get close to Wiley Corinth (Eric and Theodore Olson) before he knew Wiley was his own son, and was supposed to be Willow’s child! The audience will remember how Michael flew into Rage Shiloh and fought against him! Michael’s anger was aimed more at Cyrus than Shiloh, it was aimed at him!

Then Michael decided to stay and look after Sasha while Sonny Corinth (Maurice Benard) sent him back to his room while he and Jason did Cyrus. Michael then called Willow to tell her what had happened to Sasha while talking to Detective Garrison Chase (Josh Sweekard) who was drinking at Charlie’s pub. Then they left together to hurry to GH and look at Sasha!

General Hospital spoilers: Cyrus orders Julian to kill Jason, Sam shoots his father to protect him? #GH #General Hospital https://t.co/92QbdhKfvy

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What do you think? Does Michael have a torch for Sasha, or is it just his fault and his accusation that she’s slipping on a slippery slope of addiction and feeding his anger at Cyrus and his concern for Sasha? Keep up to date with GH and regularly check the spoilers of the General Hospital to keep you up to date with the latest news, updates and developments!

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