Spoilers and General Hospital upgrades tease Port Charles, NY as Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) think of their next move, while Julian Jerome (William DeVries) is trapped in a cat-and-mouse game!

Spoiler for the hospital – All by Julian Jerome

Everybody’s after Julian, at least that seems to be it! But the most serious threat to Julian’s life comes from Jason (Steve Burton) and Sonny. (Maurice Benard) Viewers at the main hospital will remember that Julian made a pact with the devil when he agreed to kill Jason Morgan in exchange for Cyrus, removing the threat that Ryan Chamberlain (John Lindstrom) would send Sonny a certain letter.  Besides, Jason and Sonny now know that Julian planted the bomb, and Julian’s time is running out.

The letter was from Julian’s wife (William DeVries), Nell Benson Jerome (Chloe Lanier), who spilled tea because, from what she knew about Julian, she knew that Wiley Cooper Jones (Eric and Theodore Olson) was actually Wiley Corinthos (Eric and Theodore Olson) much longer than he claimed. Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) told Julian the secret of the exchange of the real Wiley Cooper-Jones, who was a child of Willow Tate Corinthos (Catelyn McMullen) and Shilow Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin).

That puts Julian in a difficult position. But not only did Cyrus take care of Chamberlain through one of his henchmen in Pentonville Prison, he also tried to force Brad – but he couldn’t! Brad, if Kir finds out he’s still alive and has Julian in his sights, because Kir knows Jason’s still alive! Sonny knows the truth, and Julian knows it, because Jason had already shown up at Windhammer Castle to look for him.

SpoilerGH – Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan plot

Julian still gets caught playing cat and mouse while Ava Jerome Cassadin (Mora West) scribbles to keep her brother safe! Her husband, Nicholas Cassadin (Marcus Coloma), offered his connections with Cassadin to make Julian disappear safely, but Julian didn’t take him in. Julian can’t hide forever, he’s trapped with a mouse, and Jason, Sonny, Cyrus and many of Cyrus’ followers are cats.

Julian can’t hide in Windemar forever – Ava told him she’d try to help him, but if he doesn’t leave town he’ll be alone! It’s too late to try to return to witness protection – it requires planning and cooperation with the police! By the way, neither Jordan Ashford (Briana Nicole Henry) nor any of the Scorpion brothers is likely to believe a word of Julian! What’d he tell them? Are you confessing that you planted the bomb that Cyrus blackmailed to kill at least two people?

It’s arson and accessory to murder, they have no reason to put him in witness protection! Meanwhile Sonny and Jason discuss how they want to set a trap for Julian to fall in – and they can play rough. They know that his grandchildren Lucas Jones (Matt Trudeau) and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) don’t want anything to do with Julian, even though Sam thinks, to put it mildly, that Jason and his son Danny Morgan (Porter Fasullo) could have died in the Floating Ribs explosion, just like Julian did when he found his baseball cap!

But if they work well, they can make Julian think they want to see him and make an appointment. If she finds out, it could cause a small disturbance between Jason and Sam, but Jason can secretly send a message to Julian from Sam’s phone – and delete it. He would say it as simple as meeting me at a predetermined place and time, rather than answering because it is understandable. Julian falls totally in love with him and thinks he’s going out with Sam, or maybe with Sam and Lucas, and instead he’s going out with Jason and maybe with Sonny and Jason!

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