Dodo Dayao’s second feature, Midnight in a Perfect World, is everything a seamless, sexy, nightmarish horror film should be, and you should watch it with a friend.

from L-R : Glaiza de Castro as Jinky, Anthony Falcon as Glenn, Jasmine Curtis-Smith as Mimi and Dino Pastrano as Tonici in Dodo Dayao’s Midnight in a Perfect World. Image courtesy of Globe Studios, Epicmedia and on instagram: midnight-aperfectworldfilm

Following the success of QCinema, Dodo Dayao’s second film, Midnight in the Perfect World, will be released from 29. January to January 29. February 2021 on The cast of the film includes Glaiza de Castro, Anthony Falcon, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Dino Pastrano and Bing Pimentel.

True to their vision of amateur films crafted by authentic voices and made by real creators, Globe Studios’ latest release, Midnight In A Perfect World, features a solid cast, a compelling narrative, and a first-rate production. The horror film was selected as one of the best films of 2020 by CNN Philippines, Rappler, and by our own Philippine Film Critics Society with over 9 nominations.

Produced by Globe Studios and Epicmedia Productions, the same team that was most successful at the last FFM and won eight major awards. Set in the futuristic metropolis of Manila, the story is about the mysterious disappearances that occur during nightly power outages. Jasmine, Glaiza, Anthony and Dino play the role of a group of friends, Mimi, Jinka, Glenn and Toniki, who are skeptical of what is happening, but suddenly find themselves in a power outage and now must find a safe place to survive.

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The script and direction is by Dodo Dayao, who revealed at a press conference earlier in the evening (at the time of writing) that the concept seemed like a dream to him at first. A lot of people complained that my first film, Intruder, was too dark. So I made a film about the darkness. A few years ago he was commissioned to write a short film about life in the present-day Philippines, in the post-war period. But the project was shelved, so he used this material as the basis for Midnight. A lot of people complained that my first film, Intruder, was too dark. So I made a film about the darkness.

Directed by Dodo Dayao, Behind the scenes at midnight in a perfect world. Courtesy of Globe Studios and Epicmedia, Inc.

A lot of people complained that my first film, Intruder, was too dark. So I made a film about the darkness.

Dodo Dayao, on writing Midnight in a Perfect World (2020).

While preparing for her roles, actors like Miss Bing Pimentel found that she had not initially been told much about her role as Alma. As for Glaiza de Castro, she describes her role as Jink as an enigma. Jasmine Curtis-Smith, on the other hand, describes her role as Mimi as a reasonable one in which she often shares the screen with Soliman Cruz.

It could be a military allegory, but it’s also a haunted house story, according to Dodo. Our house is still haunted. The ghosts are all here, he warns. One of the expected sequences in the film was shot largely in the dark, thanks to his collaboration with Albert Banzon and Lumbera Gym, who also worked with him on The Intruder.

Starting at 29. From January 28th. February 2021 QCinema International Film Festival is one of the most popular films of the past year. Watch it worldwide (with English subtitles) on starting on the 29th. From January 28th. February 2021.

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