Lead actor: Antonia Gentry, Bryanne Howie…

Creator: Sarah Lampert.

I didn’t have high hopes for Jeannie and Georgia. I thought it was going to be like a mother-daughter relationship, like Gilmore Girls. I wasn’t entirely wrong, but there’s a lot more here than banter and the occasional annoyance.

Ginny and Georgia is the story of the Miller family – mother Georgia (Bryann Howie), teenage daughter Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and 11-year-old son Austin (Diesel La Toracca). After the death of Georgia’s last husband, the Millers move to Massachusetts. Georgia is hoping for a fresh start in the Wellsbury community.

Wellsbury isn’t sure what to think of Free Georgia, with her southern accent and two children from different fathers. The town is used to more… traditional families.

But Ginny soon finds her friends, something that was hard to find in the past as she moved from town to town. Her neighbor Max (Sarah Weisklass) takes Ginny under his wing and gives her some space to feel safe again.

Georgia gets a job where she does surprisingly well, and even befriends Max’s mother Ellen (Jennifer Robinson, Jocelyn from Shitt’s Creek). The past Georgia is fleeing from persists, and the whole family discovers that a new place doesn’t solve all their problems.

It looks pretty quiet. That’s not the case. Teens are open with each other about everything from partying to sex, and adults have lots of secrets. Sexuality, racism, self-harm and abuse are just some of the topics covered in this first season of Ginny and Georgia. The complicated and strained relationship between Ginny and Georgia simmers like a constant undercurrent.

Jeannie and Georgia is a series about teenagers who, for once, don’t actively hate teenagers. The young characters are well developed and complex. There are only a few evil stereotypes that fall into this genre. Each of the teens is a chaotic mix of good and evil, exaggerated for effect but not turned into a cardboard cutout.

Adults are even harder to deal with. Georgia and the people she meets at Wellsbury (as well as some who emerge from her past) have baggage and damage that inevitably comes with adulthood. Again, this is exaggerated because Ginny and Georgia is a TV show, but there is a core of honesty in the relationship that makes the characters more real.

The lead actors are absolutely fantastic. Antonia Gentry as Ginny is so good that she makes the adults cringe by making mistakes that you know will hurt them. We become attached to Brianne Howie as well as Georgia. It doesn’t have to be completely attractive, and it isn’t. Georgia has the advantage of always showing up, and Howie makes no effort to represent her.

The dialogue is honest and sometimes painful. And it fits the personalities of the characters and the difficulties they face in dealing with each other and with the world. This series has more depth than it seems.

I loved the first season of Ginny and Georgia. There’s a lot of room to explore these characters, so I hope it works out in the second season.

Jeannie and Georgia is available for streaming on Netflix.

Sue enjoys taking care of her adult children, riding her bike, and keeping them on a leash. She is the Editorial Director at Silver Beacon Marketing and an aspiring cat lover.

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