After some first episodes The Masked Singer introduced us to the artists of bands A and B, it’s finally time to meet band C. In this group we saw scribbling monsters, mushrooms, jellyfish, broccoli and sponges. Of course this group had some interesting characters, to put it mildly. Like other celebrities we’ve met, so far it’s been difficult to determine their identity.

We must pay tribute to the celebrities who show up and perform. They’re not all singers, especially the one who left the night we met them. But they went out and they sang and they had fun. This is the most important part of the show – seeing how they have fun and finding out who’s behind the mask.

Do you have any idea who might be in Group C? Let’s take a look at the first set of clues. Group C-hidden-but-not-minimum.jpg

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Writhing Beast

First we met the Wake-up Monster, which gave us a breathtaking performance. Have you ever seen Kridance Clearwater’s Renaissance rain? Evidence indicating the identity of the crown include a stethoscope, a wizard, a father figure and a penguin. The judges, including Ray Romano and Brad Garrett, gave good advice.


These mushrooms surprised everyone, because at first it seemed that the singer might be a woman, but maybe also a man. Some of the clues concerned the Broadway musical Hamilton and the search for stars, although the jury suspected everyone from Asher to Frank Ocean. We’re still trying to figure out what’s behind this celebrity’s hidden agenda.


This underwater beast can sting you if you’re not careful, but his voice is absolutely amazing. There are some possible clues as to who she is if you know where to look. We saw a tiara and baby powder in the evidence bag. When AfteWritingr heard her song Big Girls Don’t Cry, the judges had several chances to guess, including Gabby Douglas, Sofia Ritchie and Chloe Grace Moretz. Who do you think is behind the identity of the Medusa?


Your favorite green vegetable (don’t try to deny it) gave us some great tips to start his show! Behind his insinuations we saw a car and links to social networks. There has been some speculation, especially by Bill Murray, Steve Gutenberg and Howie Mandel.


Photo on FOX

It is clear that this special celebrity has had a lot of fun. She had some weird hints in her video bag, including ice cream, fries, the west wing and a disco. His performance may not have earned him a place in the next round, but of course the Lips left everyone alone with their singing. It was easy to guess for Judge Nicole Scherzinger, who was sure it was the host of Wendy Williams’ talk show. Scherzinger was right. Although Williams admitted that she was not a singer, she clearly wanted to loosen up and have fun. That’s all we can ask for in these times of absolute madness.

What do you think of the participants in group C? Have you found out who’s who? Let us know and find us on social networking sites for more content!

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