A murderous romantic comedy.

Thankfully, this is a 2021 American black comedy about a seemingly perfect couple whose strange visit leads to a murder and an Airbnb party.

Written and directed by BenDavid Grabinski. The Common Wall Media-Electric Dynamite-Indy Entertainment production stars Joel McHale, Kerry Bishé, Stephen Root, Natalie Z, Paul Scheer and Brea Grant (The Stylist; After Midnight; Bad Apples).


Tom (Joel McHale) and Janet (Kerry Bishé) have been happily married for many years. But a visit from a mysterious stranger leads to a dead body, a lot of questions and a tense couples night with friends who may not be friends at all…..

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Happy gets a little selfish in the last act when he tries to say something profound about marital unhappiness. The ending isn’t bad, but I feel like a darker, more comedic ending that fits the overall tone of the story would have been more appropriate. The many laughs and the excellent work of the actors balance each other out. …. At the aisle

Grabins likes to play with surreal touches and deadpan humor, and has enlisted the help of a few comedians to give the film a certain improvisational energy. It doesn’t always focus on the actual themes, but thankfully doesn’t fall apart either, and remains an appealing puzzle of dark events and interpersonal feuds, with the material always working better with genuine emotion than flirtatious blandness. Blu-ray.com.

Fortunately, it’s an entertaining black comedy, even if it’s not particularly entertaining in the end […] So while the film isn’t as rewarding as many of its elements suggest, it’s still a decent experience for fans of the cast or curious fans of black comedies. Movie Racket Movie Reviews

Despite a few subplots that never reach their climax, these minor setbacks are ultimately saved by watching McHale and Bush navigate the wilderness destined for them. It doesn’t always deliver a great, solid picture, but Grabinski’s unique style promises a dynamic directorial career. The only critic

Writer/director BenDavid Grabinski says he wants to combine the zany romantic comedy with the Twilight Zone. He had an intriguing concept for the first part of this genre mash-up, but by expanding the second part to include four other couples, he derailed his film. Fortunately, […] starts off very well and promises to keep us on our toes, only to slip into insignificance. Comments on the event

It has something surreal, dreamy, with lots of violence and bad behavior. But while Grabinski certainly deserves credit for his ambition, the juggling act he attempts and Happy ends up being more frustrating than amazing. RogerEbert.com.

The actors and characters:

Kerry Bishé… JanetJohn Daly… DonaldBrea GrantKirby Howell… Baptiste… Madrigal model… Arthur Joel McHale… TomBreckin Meyer… RichardNatalie Morales… Patricia-Steven Ruth… … GoodmanPaul Scheer… ValBilly Wolff… Waitress Shannon Woodward… CarlaCharlene Yee… GretelNatalie Z… Karen

Technical details:

96 min. Aspect ratio
: 2.39 : 1


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