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Take the fool. Saving the world.

Hard Kill is an American action thriller in 2020 about a billionaire hiring mercenaries to protect his work and interests. Meanwhile, a terrorist group kidnaps his daughter…

Directed by Matt Eskandari (Night Survival, Trauma Center, 12 Feet Deep, Killer Game, Victim) and based on a script co-written by Joe Russo and Chris LaMont and a story co-written by Clayton Haugan and Nicholas Froth, movie stars Jesse Metcalfe, Bruce Willis, Lala Kent and Natalie Eva Marie as Marie.

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… makes no effort when it comes to creating even the most elementary tension or excitement. It is a kind of siege board in which the sailor is responsible for making the money spent on production look like coins. The products have no new ideas and sometimes no basic skills and remain an imaginative conspiracy that welcomes a deeper sense of escape from the B-movie. Blu-ray.com

After all, Hard Kill is anything but a rough ride, although it is difficult to make an observation without meeting Bruce or former World War II fighter Natalie Eva Marie – who is an excellent interpreter among the many bearded men born. Digital correction

Hard Kill is depressing. It’s Evil Segal. There’s absolutely nothing here. And worst of all, it’s incredibly boring, lethargic, with no sense of urgency, no expectation of high stakes, and no effort by the actors to sell anything convincing, with Rizzuto fearing an international terrorist like Kent Vanderpampa, a scientific genius who invented the game-changing AI program. Mothering Willis in her sleep during the performance is the least of Hard Kill’s problems… A good, efficient meat factory

Hard Kill is right about one thing. The destruction of the world is not revolutionary activism, nor is it nihilistic terrorism. This is not Willis’ best work, but he still has his fighting spirit and a reliable guard dog. Unfortunately, it could have been a little more and better if the villager had been more alive. He’s recommended as a time killer… J.B.’s running

As most of the action takes place in a large warehouse, which requires an endless series of inefficient and poorly staged shots and a number of melodramatic scenes to balance the plot, Hard Kill must be an easy and difficult passage for you to follow.  Even if you’re a fan of Willis, I wouldn’t be too shy lately about the actor and his choice of role. If you miss it, I’m sure in about six months you’ll have another role with a similar name/theme. The man in the movie MN

The synopsis of this movie sounds great, it’s a dynamic action movie with a free plot that gets more intense and detailed when you watch it, but it’s not. What you read in the synopsis is the whole movie. I’d be surprised if the movie had more than 30 minutes of dialogue. Usually it’s a warehouse shooting, that’s all. Folk films

Hard Kill is an above-average indie fighter. Sure, he’s got a con man who can sometimes be over his head, but this is more than just a protection mission. It’s also about the relationship between our heroes and the goalkeeper and his distant daughter, who help make the film. Of course there are also exciting actions and twists in history. world cinema geek


Hard Kill has been broadcast on demand in several countries and is now available for streaming on Netflix in the UK.

The actors and characters:

Jesse Metcalfe… Derek Miller
Bruce Willis… Chalmers
Lala Kent… Eva Chalmers
Natalie Eva Marie. Sasha Qindel
Battle of Texas… Nick Fox
Sergio Rizzuto… Excuse me,
Swen Temmel Dash Hawkins
John Galanis. Harrison Zindel
Tyler John Olson. Lieutenant. Colton
Leslie Emmett… Crystal
Nicholas Petron … Limousine Driver
Abigail Esemen… Waitress (as Abigail Esemen Froele)
Jacqui Nguyen … Gemma
Kathy Groneman… Bartender
Adam Hewel Potter… Drunken Protector (as Adam Potter)
Chris Patty … Forgive Private 1
Timothy C… Sullivan… Rick (Pardon Soldier 2) (as Tim Sullivan)
Alex Eckert… James. (Pardon Soldier 3)

Shooting locations:

Chicago, Illinois
Norwood, Ohio (warehouse)

Technical details :

98 minutes

Here we go:

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