I’ve played the mobile game a few times. Between us and a group of friends we often do this for a couple of hours. Suddenly we noticed that it was already 11 o’clock in the evening and we started playing at 8 o’clock in the morning. The game is fun and exciting, and if you have a good group, it’s a great experience, a high-profile role-playing game that equals most board game experiences.

Despite the fact that the game was released in 2018, its success in 2020 seems to have come from one day to the next. Popular banners like PewDiePie and Jack Septicei play it, while MP Alexandria Okasio-Cortese sends it as part of her exit efforts.

There’s an emperor among us, he said on the opening screen. The game consists of strategy and decoding, in which each participant plays the role of an astronaut on one or more planets, either as a crew member to perform tasks, or as an imposter to kill others and sabotage the mission. Crew members must either perform their duties or determine who is an impostor before they kill everyone or sabotage the mission. The fraudster will often rely on deception. After consultation, the crew and the impostor must vote for those they consider to be impostors. If you’re an impostor, everything seems so incredibly high. If you are a team member, the fear and anxiety you feel when voting can turn the game into a dramatic discussion in the way of the 12 angry men by investigating the location of each person and presenting evidence. (As a nice assistant, I played with my girlfriend’s family, and they compared my style of play to that of a detective – I try to quickly establish everyone’s alibis and determine guilt or innocence from there) For players, the game can be exciting and twisted. If you play for a few hours, you get varied results and go through all kinds of emotions.

In this blog I will sometimes predict that the border is abroad. If I make that prediction and I make a mistake, no one will remember. But if I make a strange prediction, and it’s true, I can reject it and say Look, I was right, just like my grandfather who told me in 2012 that Donald, son of Sauron Trump, could possibly run for president. Now, listen to me…–.jpg

Whether we have a license or not, we have the potential to see a film among us that is directly adapted or partially inspired. This will happen within the next ten years. It will be a sci-fi thriller/puzzle/horror set in a spaceship (The Skeld – the most cult of the three card games). If it is not officially authorized as a movie among us, it will have a R-rating and it will be pretty brutal. If this film among us is an officially licensed film, it will generally be a PG-13 bloodless film in which someone uses the word above, either suspicious or suspicious (in the appendix).

The idea of being stuck on a spaceship in dangerous conditions is not new to science fiction. The film Unter uns can be inspired by films like Die Sonne or High Life, both of which seem to be inspired by extraterrestrial films. Being stuck in a spaceship with people you don’t really trust may not be a new way to go, but it’s often exciting.

On my list is a book by George R.R. Martin Night Flies, which I’ve heard called The Shining, but in Space Checking Goodreads a summary of the book looks like this Nine innocent people are about to find themselves in space, trapped with a crazy killer who can go anywhere, do anything and plan to kill them all, which is about the same as what happens between us. Note in the margin: If anyone’s read Nightflight, let me know what it’s like] Nightflight shows you can make a good, tonal serious story out of this concept.–.jpg

If you read the paragraphs above, you might think I’m skeptical of such an idea. Maybe, but not as much as you’d think. In hindsight, there’s even a precedent as to why a film that was a bit inspired by one of us or not very inspired could work – it would be a Hint film from 1985. A clue that is technically an adjustment… Tip: Hasbro board game.

And the fact is that Clue is a big puzzle of a murder using the iconography and characters that appear in the board game, but it doesn’t depend on the images. The script is rock solid, but there’s also the presence of Tim Curry – potentially the greatest actress of all time – and Madeleine Kahn – potentially the greatest actress of all time. But no matter what, Clue has found a way to be more than just a board game – there’s no reason why a movie among us can’t do the same.–.jpg

By comparison: Among us, the game and the index game are not so different in terms of . Is there a reason why a film among us can’t be like the 1985 Clin d’oeil? Theoretically, no. But I find it hard to believe that a movie Among Us, shot in the void of space, is ready to do the same carefree comedy plot as Clue. A serious tone doesn’t guarantee that a film among us is good or bad, but a film that is based on us or inspires us can’t be as serious as I think. The object is incredibly dark – but if you relate it to us, I’m sure there’s a way to make it look like a dark object. Funny?

Recently we had a movie next to Klau called Angry Birds. Of course, a certain film among us must have a more mature tone, but there seems to be a basis for adapting a film from a mobile phone game. I don’t know anything about Angry Birds, except that, yeah, it’s a movie that exists. Apart from the fact that it’s an adaptation of a mobile phone game, I think there would be relatively little similarity between Angry Birds and this theoretical film among us. Among us, there is a clearer story throughout that Angry Birds just does not have – a movie shot from a level of Angry Birds would be incredibly boring, while a movie shot from a level of Under Us actually has a thread that should be followed.

When I thought about this job, I wanted to grumble and talk: Hollywood is stupid! They’ll probably make us a movie! But as I wrote this, I became more and more enthusiastic about this potential. There’s no concrete evidence that this will actually happen, but wouldn’t that be a hell of a ride? Wouldn’t a movie be so good between us? ! The aforementioned GRRM book Night Vets has been compared to Shining, but in space. And I think there’s a lot of drama and excitement in this environment.

Well, I don’t know. A movie among us is possible – and I think it’s even a little likely in the next decade. Okay? Maybe, maybe not. But on the other hand, I think the game is quite adaptable, and I hope they look at things like the sun, nocturnal creatures and extraterrestrials and create something that conveys the fear and excitement of being trapped in a spaceship with a murder. I think there’s a great movie, but maybe not if they’re focusing on the wrong things.

What about you? Do you think a movie among us would be good or even possible? Is there another mobile game that you think has great adaptive potential?

Here we go:

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