The process of growing sugar cane in Minecraft is quite simple. Here’s how to do it, step-by-step.

This guide will teach you how to grow a Sugarcane plant in Minecraft. Sugarcane is a very simple plant to grow. It is very useful in many ways. First of all, a Sugarcane can be used to make Sugar Cane blocks. Breaking a Sugarcane will result in a Sugar Cane block. Sugarcane can be grown on farmland too. You can grow Sugarcane by doing the following:

Sugarcane is one of the most famous crops in Minecraft. It is an attractive plant that can be grown on any type of block that can be planted. The plant has a wide variety of uses, from crafting tools, and food, to creating beautiful furniture. You can also, of course, grow sugar canes in Minecraft PE! All you need to do is keep reading, and we will show you the 6 simple steps to growing sugarcane in Minecraft PE.


You’ll discover a range of useful items in Minecraft to help you improve your gaming. Sugarcane is an example of a raw material. Sugarcane may be used to make sugar and paper in Minecraft. Sugarcane juice and emeralds are also available. Sugarcane will let you to make magical potions, Minecraft rockets, and shelves, among other things, for your gaming. But, in Minecraft, how would you produce sugarcane?

To begin, you’ll need a sugarcane block. Additionally, locate some dirt or sand blocks that are close to water. Place a sugarcane brick on top of soil or sand. Your sugarcane will thrive if it is planted near a water supply. Hold on for a few moments longer. Allow it to develop. A sugarcane plant would take nearly an hour to grow.

In the Minecraft universe, sugarcane is a valuable plant. It is one of the most widely planted crops. Sugarcane may be used to extract a number of useful substances. It will also enable you to operate a profitable sugarcane farm in Minecraft. This raw resource may be used to make money. But first, you must understand how it is made. This tutorial will show you how to obtain the sugarcane craftable goods in Minecraft. 

Sugarcane Production Materials


Sugarcane may be grown in Minecraft using a few materials in your inventory. The following are examples of raw materials:

  1. Blocks of sugarcane
  2. Blocks of Grass (Dirt or Sand blocks)
  3. Near your growth area, there is a water supply.
  4. Bonemeal is a kind of fertilizer that is used to grow plants (Optional)

Growing sugarcane, on the other hand, differs across Minecraft Editions. Bonemeal is required to cultivate sugarcane in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, for example. Minecraft Java Edition, on the other hand, does not need Bonemeal. In Minecraft, water is required for sugarcane to rise. 

Where Can I Get Sugarcane Planting Materials? 

Sugarcane raw ingredients are not difficult to get by. To get these goods, you’ll have to travel about your Minecraft world. Let’s take a look at the origins of each object in the Minecraft overworld.

1. Cane sugar

  • Sugarcane may be found along river banks, ocean beaches, and tiny ponds in Minecraft.
  • In Minecraft, the simplest method is to look for sugarcane along a shoreline.
  • Sugarcanes may be found in a variety of Minecraft biomes (Tundra, jungles, deserts, oceans, forests, etc.).
  • They may be found almost anywhere in the Minecraft universe. 

2. Blocks of dirt or sand

These bricks are easy to get by in your Minecraft environment. 

3. Water Supply

You will need a large amount of water. Make certain that your plants are growing near the water. Otherwise, your Minecraft plants will not grow. 

How to Grow Sugarcane in 6 Easy Steps 

Sugarcane thrives in areas with plenty of water. If you want to cultivate sugarcane in Minecraft, it’s ideal if you have access to flowing water. Sugarcane may be grown in Minecraft using the provided technique, which consists of a few easy stages. Let’s have a look at these measures.

1. Gather the necessary raw materials. 

Sugarcane, soil, or sand blocks, as well as a nearby water body, are required. To cultivate sugarcane in Minecraft, collect these things. Once you’ve gathered all of the basic ingredients needed to produce sugarcane in Minecraft, it’ll be very simple to grow as much as you like.

2. Begin to plant the sugarcane. 

To do so, go to your Minecraft inventory and pick the sugarcane block.

  • Right-click on the block to bring up a menu of options.
  • Place the sugarcane block on the mud or sand bricks. 
  • Make certain that these blocks are positioned directly next to the water source. 

3. Allow it to develop 

Allow the sugarcane to grow once you’ve planted it. It would take a long time for it to mature into a mature sugarcane plant. 

4. Apply a good fertilizer.

Fertilizers are important substances that you may use to help your plant develop faster. Sugarcane would take a long time to develop without fertilizer. In Minecraft, though, you may apply fertilizer to hasten the development of the sugarcane plant. Bonemeal is the fertilizer you’ll use for sugarcane.

However, this fertilizer is only available in the Bedrock and Legacy Editions of Minecraft. To speed up the development of sugarcane plants in Minecraft, different Minecraft Editions need different fertilizers. 

5. Collecting 


After you’ve finished growing sugarcane, you’re ready to harvest it.

  • Break the sugarcane blocks using your gaming controller. 
  • Break the sugarcane blocks in the center and at the top. 
  • If you wish to transplant sugarcane in your Minecraft environment, keep the bottom block untouched. 
  1. Take the blocks and place them in your inventory.

You’ll need to put the sugarcane bricks in your Minecraft inventory once you’ve broken them apart. You will be able to utilize sugarcane in your gameplay as a result of this.

Sugarcane may be obtained in a variety of methods in Minecraft. This includes the following:

  • Sugarcane may also be obtained via trading in Minecraft. Sugarcane is traded for emeralds by Minecraft villagers.  
  • Sugarcane blocks may also be mined in Minecraft. This block will assist you with the cultivation of a sugarcane plant.  

In Minecraft, how long does sugarcane take to grow?

In Minecraft, there are two ways to cultivate sugarcane. You may cultivate them yourself or with the help of automated equipment.  

  • Time needed for manual sugarcane plant growing

Sugarcane in Minecraft In Minecraft, it takes nearly 18 minutes to cultivate a single block of sugarcane. A sugarcane plant, on the other hand, would take almost an hour to grow. A sugarcane plant is typically 3 to 4 blocks tall. At this time, one sugarcane plant may be grown rapidly. 

  • Using automated equipment to cultivate sugarcane plants saves time.

Automatic machines often assist in the reduction of workload. They also make the procedure easier. Sugarcane may be grown in a short amount of time using these devices. These devices can produce almost 20,000 blocks in an hour.

Sugarcane cultivation is not difficult, but it does take a long time in Minecraft. As a result, growing sugarcane in Minecraft is a waste of time. 

How Can Sugarcane Be Grown More Quickly?

You’ll need a good fertilizer to help your sugarcane plant grow faster in Minecraft. In the presence of fertilizer, you will be able to grow sugarcane fast and effortlessly. 

Bone meal, for example, may be used as a fertilizer in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

It is getting late in the year. You have been working so hard to harvest sugarcane for almost a month now. But you still need to have more sugarcane to get ready for next year’s crop. So, how do you grow sugarcane in Minecraft? Read on.. Read more about minecraft sugar cane not growing and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you grow sugarcane in Minecraft?

You can grow sugarcane in Minecraft by planting it and waiting for it to grow.

How do you grow sugar cane in Minecraft 2021?

You can grow sugar cane in Minecraft 2021 by planting it and waiting for it to grow.

How long does it take for sugarcane to grow in Minecraft bedrock?

It takes about one day for sugarcane to grow in Minecraft bedrock.

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