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Where every scream is a horror!

Howling Village is a 2019 Japanese horror film about a young psychologist who goes to a scary place to investigate the dark history of his family.

Warden: Takashi Shimizu (The Innocent Curse; Shock Labyrinth 3D; Rage 2004 and sequel; Ju-on) : The grudge) of a script co-written with Daisuke Hosaka, Buster Project stars Toei Ayaka Miyoshi, Ryota Bando, Tsuyoshi Furukawa and Renji Ishibashi.


Yuma and her friend Akina leave one evening hoping to reach the village of Inunaku. By following the rules of the ritual that gives them access, they reach the secret village, but something attacks Akina. She goes crazy and eventually commits suicide.

Sister Yuma, Kanae, is a child psychologist and during the treatment of the last patient, she learns that she has the ability to see ghosts, a skill that surprises all the women in her family.

Yuma then tries to return to the village to find out why Akina has lost her mind and is stuck there with her younger brother who has been exploring the village for a school project.

Kanae then visits the ghost of the village that brings her back to save her brothers and learn the terrible truth behind the village and its inhabitants…..

Reviews [Click on the links for more information] :

…seems a little dusty and old-fashioned. The discovery sequence, which depicts the images found (recorded on the character’s smartphone), the urban myth of cursed calls from an isolated phone booth at 2 a.m., the sinister tunnel and village hidden outside the ghosts (man and dog) and the grotesque, paradoxical suicide, is almost played out as a pastiche of the J-choir trophies. SciFiNow

…it should have been easy to do something scary. But we’re not even scared. I watched at night at full volume and didn’t notice anything (not that it’s just a movie about jumping into fear or something, but still). It’s very well filmed with some interesting concepts, but it can’t give us a fear factor: Sci-fi wasabi.

Shimizu’s skilful touch is repeatedly found, with some excellent horror scenes. The film certainly has great potential for the beginning and the middle. Unfortunately, for the last third of the film, he has moved from the creepy and the strange to the stupid and insignificant, ruining the whole structure of the film, resulting in an incredibly flaccid and unsatisfactory ending. Technofor

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The actors and characters:

Ayaka Miyoshi… Kanata Morita
Ryota Bando… Yuma Morita
Tsuyoshi Furukawa… Kenji Narimiya
Ranji Ishibashi… Hayato Nakamura
Takamasa Suga… Keisuke
Hina Miyano. Maya Kagoi
Megumi Okin… Yukokun
Reiko Takashima… Ayano Morita
Rinka Ftani … Akina Nishida
Masanobu Takashima… Akira Morita
Minori Terada… Yamanobe
Asahi Sasamoto. Ryotaro
Ken Tanaka

Technical details :

109 minutes

Names of origin :

犬鳴村 and Inunaki-mura

A big thank you to the fans of Asian films for the summary of the plot.

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