Ibriel is a British actor who started out his career in the television series “Love for Lily”. Since then, he had numerous roles in movies, most of which were in supporting roles. He attended the University of East Anglia, where he studied law. He currently resides in London, England.

Ibriel, a darkforce wielder, was a member of the darkforce nexus and the female of the X-Men. In the comics, she was the first mutant, created by the mad geneticist Dr. Phillip W’son, who experimented with merging humans and mutants. She was later betrayed by Dr. W’son and hunted by the X-Men.

At the age of 24, this YouTube personality has made a name for herself as being one of the most popular and influential YouTubers within the gaming community. With over 1.1 million subscribers, the mother of one has garnered a loyal fanbase amongst gamers and non-gamers alike. Her most popular videos include a guide to help new players understand the fundamentals of the iconic Pokemon franchise, as well as a series of videos about the life of game developer Mark Rein.

To find the last comic book character to appear in the penultimate season of Lucifer, we have to jump to the final episode, A Chance for a Happy Ending, at the point where Michael manages to retrieve Amenadiel’s necklace and recover the flaming sword. One of the angels who helps him and holds T.J. Ross (or at least tries to hold him, since the man now has powers) is a violent and belligerent angel, rather racist towards people in general: he is Ibriel, played by David Anthony Buglione. His image is rather strange, almost the opposite of how he appears in the comics: Let’s see.

Ibriel was created at the beginning of time, a brilliant member of the angelic army, proud to serve God and accomplish every miraculous task He entrusted to him. Since his birth, Ibriel has been a creator: He saw things where others saw nothing, his mind constantly inventing new forms, new contours, new arrangements of things that already existed. His talent later proved useful, but he was first sent out of the Garden of Eden with Samael shortly after the creation of mankind to appear before Lilith, Adam’s first rebellious wife, and give her a warning. Lilith, the intentional mother of all things, mated with demons and gave birth to the Lilim, a monstrous race of creatures that belonged to no domain: This was considered a horrible sin and a deviation from the higher realms, and two angels were instructed to force Lilith to permanently renounce motherhood. While Samael was bored and not interested at all, Ibriel was full of holy indignation and decided to go after Lilith… but things did not go as planned. Lilith was a skilled seductress, she was born for it, and if she had won Samael’s affection by speaking to him about free will and self-determination, she found the more direct approach much more effective with the smug and intolerant Ibriel. Before he knew what was happening, the innocent Ibriel had been seduced by Lilith, and though he was an angel with no real genitalia, he had experienced the pleasure of sex with this woman and had eventually become the father of other Liliths, abominations he would wipe off the face of the earth.

In the moments of intimacy with Lilith, Ibriel learned that all this woman wanted was a home for her many children, for they were not welcome in any possession – not in the Garden of Eden, not in hell, and certainly not in heaven. The angel had just the right solution to this problem: Finally, he put his talent to the test and commissioned him to build the Silver City, a majestic home for the Presence and her angels, a place so beautiful and grand that even the most unforgiving heart would melt. His imagination was even greater than his ambition, and amidst ivory towers and fountains of fire, shining starbursts and walls of pure silver, Ibriel simply did not have the manpower to build a city worthy of his design….. But all Lilith had against her was manpower. Lilith promised her new lover that Lilim would build his city for him, and Ibriel promised in return that he would welcome them all within his walls once the city was completed: After all, it was a simple act of charity, something he was sure would be approved by God himself. The work progressed at an impossible pace, with Ibriel even suggesting new ideas as the city was built, but the Lilim were talented, strong and determined, and they followed the angel’s instructions to the letter. When the construction of the Silver City was nearly complete, Gabriel visited his creator brother and told him that a place worthy of God’s presence could not be the home of a harlot and her servants. Ibriel, conditioned by Gabriel, began to believe that Lilith’s presence would make his work less glorious than expected, and at the very last moment he broke his pact with Lilith and banished her and her children as soon as they had finished their work. It was a serious crime, and two of Ibriel’s children, Briadah and Mazikin, were more than willing not to let it go unpunished…..

Ibriel is an enthusiastic and ambitious angel, so innocent and smug that he is actually quite gullible, but with an incredible artistic sense that makes him the greatest architect of all creation. As an angel, he is virtually immortal, can even fly between dimensions, and possesses superhuman strength, speed and stamina. Ibriel is as strong of heart as he is weak of mind; he is easily influenced by stronger personalities and is unable to form a thought independently of his own….. but all he cares about is his work, on which he focuses all his love and attention: the rest is just unimportant.


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