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Jake wilkinson didn’t return to his father’s house until years after his mother’s untimely death. His father’s relatively quick remarriage prevented Jake from coming home. But when his father gave him an old Porsche 356 in 1957, on his way home at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve, Jake embarked on a journey through rugged terrain he hadn’t expected. After being kidnapped at school by a bully and left in the desert in Santa’s costume, Jake had to travel across the continent of the United States with nothing but clothes on his back.

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I'm Home for Christmas (1998) Jake Wilkinson (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) is an 18 year old child attending a boarding school in California. After the premature death of his mother, Jake is no longer with his father in Larmont, New York. His father (Gary Cole) continued his life and remarried ten months after the death of Jake’s mother. Jake doesn’t accept his new mother-in-law Caroline (Yves Gordon) very well, which is one of the reasons he didn’t come home.

A few days before Christmas, Jake’s father offers to give him his old 1957 Porsche 356 as a present when he comes home for Christmas dinner before 6pm. His father took a plane ticket to New York for Jake. Jake takes the ticket and exchanges it for two tickets to Cabo San Lucas for the Christmas holidays. He asks his girlfriend Ellie Henderson (Jessica Beale) to accompany him instead of driving back to New York. Ellie, however, refuses Jake’s trip to Mexico. Jake is reluctant to verify his father’s agreement and exchange his tickets for two tickets to New York. Ellie agrees to fly with him because she’s from New York, too.

But school pastor Eddie Taffett (Adam LaVorgna) and his trio of thugs kidnap Jake and leave him in the California desert, disguised as Santa Claus, to punish Jake for not giving a cheat sheet for the exam. Eddie heard about Father Jake’s Porsche bid and Jake’s plans to travel to New York with Ellie. Eddie has an interest in Ellie herself and offers to drive her to New York. Assuming Jake left her, she’ll accept his offer.

In the meantime, Jake only has three days to come to Larmont and fulfill his obligations to his father. It starts with a long drive through the country. He meets a common thief named Nolan (Andrew Lauer), who brings stolen kitchenware to his dealer in New York. Nolan’s ready to drive Jake to New York. They were stopped along the way by a policeman named Max (Sean O’Brien) in Red Rock, Colorado, for speeding. Still dressed as Santa Claus, Jake lies to the officer and tells him that Nolan is his Elf Snopuf, and that they donate goods to the children’s hospital. The officer invited him to accompany him to North Platt, Nebraska, to help him bring it back to his wife Marjorie (Leslie Boone).

At the same time Alli persuades Eddie to stay in a new hotel in Iowa, Bavaria. The news team is live from the hotel. Ellie and Eddie accidentally stand under a mistletoe and push kisses into the camera. Jake watches the kiss on TV while he waits at the bus station in Nebraska. He gets on the bus and tries to convince the driver to drop him off at a hotel in the Bavarian village. He gets a fridge and a piece of meat, writes Ellie’s name and address on the fridge and convinces the whole bus to take the fridge to a hospital in the Bavarian village for a transplant.

As soon as Jake gets to the hotel, he’ll find Ellie and Eddie’s room. Ellie lets him in as soon as Eddie gets out of the shower and only carries one towel. Jake suspects Eddie and Ellie were sleeping together. Ellie has reconciled with Jake, but when Jake expresses his disappointment that Eddie didn’t get him home on time, Ellie concludes that he cares more about the car than about himself. She breaks into a bus and takes Jake’s place.

Jake and Eddie left together in Eddie’s car. Eddie finally realizes that Jake will end up with Ellie and a Porsche when he gets home. Whatever happened, Eddie threw Jake out of his car somewhere in Wisconsin. While he is in Wisconsin, Jake decides to race Santa Claus to win a $1,000 prize so he can buy his own ticket to New York. At the same time, Eddie was arrested after insulting two policemen dressed as Christmas trees patrolling the race. While signing up for the race, Jake meets a nice man named Jeff Wilson (Ian Robison).

Jake barely beats Jeff in the race. Jake immediately gets in a taxi to the airport with the prize money. A taxi driver (Kurt Max Runte) explains to Jake that Jeff is the mayor of the city who usually wins the races every year. As part of a winning tradition, the mayor donates cash prizes to buy food for the needy. Jake feels guilty about using the money for personal use and gives the money to the mayor for charity.

Later Jake calls home and talks to his sister Tracy (Lauren Maltby). She arranged for him to get a plane ticket from Madison, Wisconsin. But Jake can’t board a plane in Madison because he doesn’t have photo ID. Jake takes the crucial step of placing the dog in a kennel on a cargo plane with a very large dog. Upon arrival at New York airport, he took home various means of transportation, including hiding in the train, driving and flying an open sled in a local parade.

Jake’s coming to his dad’s street. He apologizes to Ellie for being selfish, and the couple is fine. Jake then drove his sled home and arrived at 5:59pm. He deliberately waits a few minutes before missing the Porsche. His father, however, is happy to see him and still gives Jake a car. Jake leaves the Porsche, but eventually accepts Caroline as his stepmother. The film ends with the Wilkinson family and Ellie sitting in a sled when the local parade arrives. They join the procession as one big happy family.

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